Need a reading from anyone willing to help.

  • I am in school, program extremely difficult. I took my first exam today, low score despite weeks of studying. This is grad school. I have gotten through difficult before. I am so worried if I will be able to make it through program. I would appreciate any guidance. Thank you.

  • Hello Olson21,

    You are so young! You sound to be working so hard. I don't know about the American system. Is it just the one subject you scored low on? Just the one exam?

    You say that you're gone through difficult before. I'm sorry I don't read cards or anything, just hoping to give you some helpful and constructive advice. It's just the wisdom of getting older and having had lots of experiences.

    How much longer do you have to go on this programme? It is very important that you stick with it. You're obviously doing your best, and studying hard.

    I know so little about your situation. You can get through this, it's only a short time in the grand scheme of your life. The tough times will pass. Life will get better. I hope you're taking care of yourself too, eating properly and resting. It will all help to keep you strong both physically and mentally. I hope this helps a little.

    Good luck Olson21 and take care


  • Intrigued,

    How wonderful to get your advice and words of encourgement. I am acutally a older student in grad school. 7 years old ago I changed my life and got my BSN (the program was difficult). Now finding myself in grad school, a much older student than most. It kinda of through me for a loop to score low after trying so hard. Yes, it was my first exam.

    I am feeling somewhat scared and appreshensive about it all. I really appreciate you taking the time to post.

  • Sorry Olson21 that I haven't got back to you before now. I lost track! Wow, you're amazing, you are working so hard to get qualifications. I do admire you. It can't be easy being a much older student than most, your life must be so interesting. You'll be meeting all sorts of people. I imagine the other students look to you for guidance and you can have a bit of fun with them. It must have been tough scoring low after trying so hard, and it's made you stumble a bit. You will get through this Olson21, it was just a temporary setback. It isn't easy knowing sometimes what they're after in exams. I feel for you. It will get easier, it was your first exam. You're taking such great steps in improving your life. Remember that you are great and you can do this. Try not to be too hard on yourself. You're really trying. I wish you much luck and success, you deserve it. Keep your chin up (as our British saying goes!) and keep smiling. Thinking of you.

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