When Requesting A Reading

  • Greetings all....I found this site a few months back, and when time allows, browse through different forums and posts. I've found valuable insight into some of my own questions and issues just by reading advice, tips and support you all share with each other.

    I have a question for those of you who offer readings...is there a type of "protocol" (perhaps not the right word, but can't think of what would fit), or set of requirements in regards to background information that should be supplied shedding some details surrounding a question asked, or does that provide more information than a reader would normally need? In other words, does one simply request a reading about employment, love interest, life purpose (whatever topic is in the mind of the 'requester') and let the reader take it from there, or should past background be included to make the question more 'complete'?

    Would the information to be supplied fit any method of divination used by readers / guides or would the information supplied be tailor made to the type method?

    I apologize for lack of clarity in what I am asking to understand...I would like a reading but wish to do it the proper way or the way that makes it most easy for someone to work with, and appreciate all insight shared.

  • New year, same question...bumping this up hoping it might be seen and answered. Still would love to have a reading / insight but wish to do it correctly.


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