Can use a little encouragement

  • Thank you, leoscorpion and soapmaker. In a few hours I will be meeting with the agency that does referrals to shelters. Not sure how soon I can move into one, but still working on getting things organized on my end. Looking for homes for my pets, trying to get things into storage, and going to sell an armoire on craigslist. I'll be listing that today. The hardest part will be trying to find a home for my snakes. Not everyone is into reptiles. But I am hoping that my son and I can be out of here within the week. 🙂

  • Good to read this news ~ Let us know that it went well D.angel!

  • Well, they want to ask my son some questions too, before they give us a referral. My son is 16, so that's the reason why. I'm not sure what kinds of questions they want to ask him, but we go back tomorrow for another appointment. 🙂

  • probably want to find out how he is and which shelter will be best for you two

    hope for the best darkness

  • Hi darknessangel, I just read this thread. I so hope everything works out for you! Thinking of you.x

  • Okay .... I hope nothing here means its all good and you are so busy you don't have time .... That would be the best news!!!!

    Peace & Joy, Darkness!

  • Hey Darkness Angel! Praying for you and your son. You are such a warm, caring, and loving person. It's time you were returned all the warm, caring love! 🙂

  • Hi Darkness Angel.

    Just a few lines to let you that you are not alone. Many people especially in the USA are

    experiencing hard times right now. We are all doing the best we can.

    Give it all to God and let it blow away like the wind. I have been out of work for a year and

    try everyday on line and still no job. I get disgusted but know in my heart of hearts that in the

    long run, God has a plan for me and have to let Him work it out.

    God loves all of us and we are His children! He has a plan for you and your son too so take

    it one day at a time and ask your angels to help you too!

    Many blessings to you and yours. God be with you. Love, amg

  • good morning my dear what kind of help do you need my knowing of you ,through your words says that, you are intelligent, stong and resourceful. Broken hearts serve to show us how deep our love on earth can run. Why does your divorce have to be vicious? No matter what happened it does not have to be a battle. End the battle in your mind and it will not continue. Create your own life being wonderful. Your higher self to which I speak says that you have so much untapped potential for this lifetime. Your potential is a gift that is given to you by our creator, use it. You will achieve a very comfortable life on your own. Keep moving forward. If the marriage is over, let it be OVER.

    I have been married three times, lol stupid is what stupid does. Each husband proved to be a different lesson in loving. What was your lesson in this relationship. It is not karmic retribution, it is a learning experience.

    Remember this forever: a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

    It is your fear that is your enemy. You ex is not the brightest candle on the cake, he is rough, and immature. He has more bad habits than i can count. You were given the gift of freedom, stop wasting it. That idea you have, I think is a creative one and will work. I smell baking.... could that be it?

    good luck my dear, 2 years is your time frame, work sooooo hard that that rediculous man is but an itchy memory. You will succede. BTW the woman after you will find him cheating hahahah lol.

  • Hello, everyone, just wanted to touch bases and let you all know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the planet, lol!

    I have been busy getting myself organized and packed, and moving steadily forward. My biggest obstacle right now for moving forward is in finding homes for my pets. I want to make sure that they are taken care of, because they are living souls with feelings and needs, and I want to do my best for them. I have had bad experiences in placing pets in the past, and I don't ever want to see that happen again.

    I'm also working on getting my car fixed this week. It's a transmission problem, and I'd rather have it done before I move. I have a feeling that it would be better that way than trying to get it done after the move. As soon as my pets are placed, and my car is fixed, then my son and I will be moving on. Hopefully, I can get this accomplished soon. At least there has been peace in the house lately, and that's helpful. You are all SO wonderful, and I am truly blessed to know such beautiful souls as yourselves!

    Annamg, thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your dear, encouraging words. I know that there are many who are going through their own challenges and hardships, but I also know in my heart that things will get better for all, including me and my son. I recently heard someone say, "Do what you can, and let God do the rest", and I'm trying to do that. I hope and pray that 2010 will bring you the many, many blessings that you deserve. You are a beautiful soul!

    Twinsoul, you are so wonderful. My ex husband is simply a spoiled, vindictive person, and he was the one who made the divorce difficult. He warned me that he would, and he did, lol. But I was the one who walked out on him, and so it's not been that difficult for me. The divorce has been finalized, and I never had any trouble with it emotionally as far as the marriage being over, just had a hard time getting shafted in the divorce. I lost everything and am starting over from scratch. But I keep telling myself that I look at the rubble from my divorce and I see the building blocks that I will use to rebuild my life and my future. 🙂

    You are exactly right about my ex...not the brightest candle on the cake, rough, immature, and bad habits. He's not normally a cheater, so not sure about that, but he can't maintain any relationships because of his selfishness and immaturity.

    And you're also right about me being creative. I'm currently writing a lot...stories and a novel. My goal for 2010 is to get published. I also make jewelry, and am trying to build a business out of that. Baking...I just love to cook, but no desire to make a living doing it.

    As for the broken heart...that's from my last relationship that ended 5 months ago.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom, I had to laugh at "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", lol! And thank you for reassuring me that my life will get better. I know it will, and I'm looking forward to it, and working towards it. I've given myself a time frame of 1 1/2 years, when my son graduates High School.

    Thank you are all the greatest of gifts and the greatest of blessings! Much love, light and blessings to you all! HUGS!!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the Update!

    If we don't hear from you, we will know things are moving along. Chat when u can ...Good luck with placing the animals!

    Peace & Joy ~ Laie

  • Darkness Angel,

    What kind of pets do you have? Currently I am caring for 3 stray cats that have been living with me now for 11 years, 2 dogs that are neighbors but they stay at my house, even sleep in the house at night because the neighbors just let them outside without any shelter and it's very, very cold here. I am a huge humanitarian and have found good loving homes for many animals over the years. I was just curious to what animals you have, maybe I can help you there. I live in Iowa, not sure exactly where you live.

  • Praying for you too, what doesn't kill you will make you stronger! bump!

  • Darkness

    I'm glad you mentioned there is peace in the house.

    I hope things work out for you. You yourself is beautiful inside out.

    You are gorgeous and you respect all lives, be it animals or humans.

    One of the reasons the universe leads me to this site is to meet people like you, because I never thought people like you exist, beautiful inside and out.

    After all the hardship you go through, you will be both beautiful and stronger.

    You will be fine and you will find those who can help you.

    Bye now take care.

  • Hi, everyone, I just wanted to bring you all up to date. First of all, I truly want to thank each and every one of you from the very bottom of my heart for all your prayers and well wishes. Amazingly, some things have suddenly turned's not 100% perfect yet, but things are looking up! The living situation is going to get better, there's peace right now, mom is being very nice (I'm sure that's subject to change, but for now I'll take it, lol), I'm finding help with getting my car fixed (tranny trouble), and there are one or two more areas that looked bleak but are now possibly looking up...those are not set in stone yet, but there's hope.

    As for the novel I'm working on...Amazon just had an open call to writers for a contest. The winner gets $15,000 + a publishing contract with a major publisher. They wanted finished stories, and mine wasn't yet, but I submitted what I had anyway. Even if it gets disqualified, I'm hoping that just maybe someone will like what they see and maybe sent it off to an agent or a publisher anyway. It felt really good to hit that "submit" button. It felt like I did the right thing, so we'll see. They're not accepting any more entries, and the story reviews will go until June, which is when the winner will be announced. As far as I know, there may be up to 5,000 entries, so a lot of competition. The odds are very slim for winning, but I'm just happy to try to get my book out there and maybe noticed. 🙂

  • thanks for the info !

    I know someone who is writing a book too

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