How can a man turn silent all of a sudden?/

  • I love this man who is acting strange, avoiding me etc. Why is he not having a discussion with me. We truly were in love and loved each other. How can someone change over a month? How do I knw what's on his mind? I want a future with him, but if there's none want to move on


  • antara2 you can never really know what another person is really thinking, the only way to know is to go and ask and confront him, ask him straight out, and you will get your answer, my guess is he does not want to have a relationship as if he did as the saying goes he would be their for you 100percent, pluck up the courage and ask him and get it settled in your mind so you can deal with your own feelings, i do hope this is of some assistance to you, the only real way to know is to be straight up front and honest, as i said you cannot know what another person is really thinking, doing ,or feeling ,unless you ask, look and see for yourself, goodluck and i do hope you get the answer from him that you are wishing for,. if not mr right will come along, maybe sooner than you think, dont be afraid. peace and many blessings to you.

  • My daddy was a man of few words. My mama used to get so mad at him! She never meets a stranger and he was very friendly, kind,loving just not wordy. As it goes, a man of few words but when he spoke, it was well worth listening to.

    I was once married to a man who talked nonstop. About nothing and everything. It drove me beserk after a while! Guess all I mean is maybe he is more a thinker than a talker. I agree with dotthorey, just ask him. Time will tell. Good Luck 🙂

  • thank you. the problem is he does not want this confrontation. Maybe he himself is in a state of doubt and division.

    should I give him time? Should I be patient? Or does his silence mean he is telling me you move on?

    antara 2

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  • Thanks vapor. you are so kind. He's married, still. That's why am thinking he's having second thoghts?? But what I am hurt is, why he's not meeting me for some sort of discussion and closure.

    thanks again!

  • Is he still married with another woman? Hmmmm....Perhaps he wants two wives? Some men wishes for that. But in those cultures where it is allowed, the men often only chooses one, because of all the problems it is with having two wives.

    If he is having two women at the same time, well, that could be a problem for him. Perhaps he has found a third one? Some men never give up trying a new one. Then a new one. Etc.

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  • Hi

    Sorry if this offends u BUT as some has stated he IS MARRIED. n u my dear are THE OTHER WOMAN. NOW place yaself in the WIFE´s shoes, and ask urself, will i tolerate this behavior?

    Honey as muich as it hurts, move on. nothing great can come of this.

    i do understand the fall in love with wrong person bc love doesnt discriminate. ive been there and i hated it but i moved on. i had to say, he is taken he wont be mine so i need to move on n try to find one that aint married or attached.

    this is particular hard for pisces because once we love its a lifetime emotion, n hard to move from, BUT u need to do it. wish u luck

  • Vapor, Bente:

    thanks you, thank you for your feedback. Wonder what good angels you are ..One thing am curious Vapor, how did you know I was a writer?

    Also Bente, I didnt approach him, and he was the one who approached me to start a relationship, and I knew it would hurt both of us.

    All that i can say, yes it hurts me like hell to give him up. But the the one year i was with him was one of the best. The year of 2009. 2010: I do hope its not full of heartbreaks and sadness.

    Anyway of you know where to look for this other love now?



  • Well at first u need to heal n take time for u n ur emotions. mourning is a phase many forget wether it was great or bad. so take this time to heal weep n mourn. then rebuild n get back out there. there is no statuary on how long this oughta take.

    2010 wont be sadness n heartbreaks unless u so choose it to be. the mind is mightier than the sword

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  • LOL Thanx justavapor ;-D

  • At least I have new friends on this forum. Where are you guys from??


  • denmark and u?

  • India...why that charmed witch thing? Are you married? Do you have a companion?

    I want to find one, but a so crazily scared now of any man, or ever trusting him. I gave my life to this man.

    I have lots of friends here too who are trying to cheer me up. Some are even sending me bottles of wine 🙂


  • Well charmed after my favorote tc drama show Charmed, its about witches, witch because i am one, good white one lol, bente is my name that comes from benedicte which is of benedict that origins from St Benedict who found the nun and munk order the St benedictines.

    married no but i´d lOOOVEEE to be lol. companion hmm not in visibility but i know 2 men i like n love a lot.

    dont be scared of men, this is a mourining phase, u fell in love gave ya heart and he is taken. give urself permission to mourn n rebuild urself n ur confidence. change doesnt happen over night you know.

    nice of ur pals to send wine over BUT do not drink alone. bad for reputation. ;-D

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