Need and answer badly on a!

  • I am dealing with a slow going group of publishers who are either slow or do not know what they are in. The fact is that the project is done and ready to print but the design needs adjusting. Is there anyone here who could sense which way this project is going? Frustrated me waiting to hear. Help and thanks.

  • Do you have a contract with the publishers? I feel you may have to call in a lawyer to make enquiries and get them moving.

  • I also feel they are not doing things as you want them done or set out.

  • Captain, why wouldn't they not want it? Its insane not to appreciate a win-win situation. I don't understand why the attitude?

  • I don't feel it's malicious - more like incompetence.

  • They do not understand the value of the path you have outlined...I actually see a group of folks just groping around some at the water cooler...two trying to copy different pages from a book...and general need an ally (independent) to get them away from the water cooler....

    Good not be combative...just find another person to speak for you...the energy of frustration creates another layer of confusion...okay? It will resolve eventually...your lesson is to work through to get what you need...including being understood

  • Hi Captain, you are right on the nail about incompetence. thanks for the response. Read on.

    Andherson, thanks for your response. The people behind the wonderful marketing offer emailed me and need an answer. so I answered apologizing for the delay ( which they didn't like so much) but I explained that based on the team's response there isn't much interest in the offer. But I left a door ajar ( so to speak) stating that unless someone corrects me. I cced the entire team. I also mentioned that 45% of the team favor the proposal. And I also counter offered to the marketing group that if this does not pan out to wait for my second book in two years. I hope this weak team changes their mind. Frustrating but I am now ready to move on. You can't make a dead horse rise.

    Thanks to both of you.

  • Good for you - this dynamic action will yield results.

  • Dialogue has started. I hope it keeps up.

  • It will but you may have to keep pushing until the end.

  • Captain, yes, they are beginning to think about it slowly. I understand better now that I am dealing with people who have little experience or information at this. some are just being personal. But, things are moving slowly. Cross my fingers.

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