Need help intepreting a reading. Can U help???

  • I often do, yes or no tarot readings for myself. I shuffle deck, cut cards, then pick 7 cards, yes = upright and no = upside down cards. What does it mean when I got three different pages in reading, Page of Pentackles, Page of Cups and Page of Wands. Also Ten of Wands as the significator. These four cards were up right = yes. Three cards were updside down = no. Any insight on the paticular lay out? What is the signifcance of all the pages?

    I would love your input if you have the time. Thank you!

  • You are overburdened and have too much stress. The significance of all the pages is the missing page, the page of swords. That is that what is needed for you. Keeping more distance, being more cautious, more critical. You are going for your heart affairs, your career, your desires, going and going, much too much, you have to find your rhythm of rest and activity, active and passive, yin and yang. Watch yourself and and your thinking. The keyword is distance.

    Life itself is rooted in freedom. We are not machines, we are not preprogramed. We are utter freedom -- now it is up to us what to make of it. All the alternatives are open, we can choose any alternative, that is our choice.

  • O21,

    Are you over 30? the page is also a card of a person 30 or younger. Oftentimes when one or one face cards are selected , it is an indication that you are in the midst of changing values, situations, and /or careers.

    Pages are also messengers. 10 of wands can indicate physical travel, rapid spiritual growth.

    If you find you are getting too much imput from the cards,just take a deep breatgh and ask for slower,clearer guidance. hope this helps

  • Yes, I am overburdened and over stress right now in grad school. I am grateful for your response. Your post is making me rethink what is happening.

  • Yes I am well over 30. I am going to take your suggestion, just relax and simply ask again. Your post reminded me that all is well. Thank you!

  • When you are no more, you are in meditation. Meditation is not more of you; it is always beyond you. When you are in the abyss, meditation is there. Then the ego is not; then you are not. Then the being is.

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