Dreams being a portal of communication...

  • For spirits and different planes. I know when I dream I dream in certain locations that are very specific to me. I see people I dont know and people I do know. I get messages all the time as well as Ideas. I believe dreams are portals to different planes and universes, its not just a place in our heads, its a connection between everything, and everyone! any thoughts or expierences?


  • A family member of mine told me once that he used to dream about people whom he in the dream had strong connections with, friends and relatives. Very vivid dreams about being with friends and relatives. The experience he had was that it was real, that the people were true friends of his. But when he woke up from the dreams he always after a while realised that he had not seen these people before. While being in these dreams, he felt more alive, more himself. He was certain that he knew these people from before he came into this life. The people in the dream were happy and they truly loved him like a son or brother or close friend.

  • I love it hanged women. Thats exactly How I feel at times. But what is needed is to incorparate these things in this reality of conciosness. I be lieve strongly that these dreams are like a guidebook of understanding and acceptance. After all we are all connected. 🙂

    Thanks for shring HW! always a pleasure


  • Hi serious7!

    Most definitely dreams are a communication doorway to everything! The best part -- you can enter that state any time, any place. I've followed them for as long as I can remember and I can never understand when people say they don't remember. So sad ....

    Do you only dream in color?

  • I had a dream about saging my house ive never done that before , onlt heard of it and only recently at that, any thoughts about what that means? it also called smuging i believe

  • I believe VERY strongly in dreams, although I haven't really defined my beliefs in how it works or what happens when we dream. Other people have seen ghosts, spirits, feel energy, are psychic, have healing touch, etc, but the only extraordinary thing I have going on is my vivid, real dreams. Years ago when I was in the military I'd gotten to the point where I felt that I could "take myself places" (for lack of better words) when I was dreaming -- I guess like lucid dreaming? For example, I found myself walking THROUGH the sidewalk at night -- you know, like half my body was submerged in the soil, and the other half was above? Very, very cool stuff, I loved it. I've spent the last decade or so rarely dreaming at all, except for just recently. Recently I've had some really vivid dreams.

    Serious I'm so glad you started this thread! I can't wait to read what others say!

  • Interesting thread Serious! I used to have regular dreams...like sequals....they started from an early age too of someone I loved very much.. I was often comforting him in the dreams. He seemed sad and i would have my arms around him. I didn't know who he was, never met the person in real life but at the same time in the dream I did know who he was and would wake up missing him. Kind of like TheHangedWoman's family member who had dreams about people he had never met but he knew them in the dreams. It was very odd. Especially because the first time I had the dream I was a child and he was always about my age as the dreams progressed through the years.

    Also had some regular dreams of a very old couple walking hand in hand through a beautiful house. It was in color and very vivid. I felt like i was part of the couple but not one of them in particular. I knew they were very in love and were equal partners. Had been together for a very long time. i knew that in the dreams and it seemed like it was in the past. Lots of antique furniture and chandeliers. They were the only "in color" dreams I've had. Always wondered if it was a past life memory. Or maybe both dreams are wishful thinking. Wanting to find that unconditional soul mate kind of love.

  • You know, I'm not really sure how I feel about my dreams. Sometimes I get messages and ideas, and sometimes my dreams are just outright insane! They help me reconcile the day and problems as well as give me random insight that I might not "get" right then, but later can look back on and say "So THAT'S what that was about!"

    I tend to dream in color and black and white, and even sepia, lol! I try not to have lucid dreams very often as I feel disoriented when I do "wake" up, the same for the dreams where i am "talking" to someone or information is being given to me. It's weird, like I'm physically here, but not. I call it the NyQuil effect.

    I love that I can remember my dreams and that they are so detailed and vivid, and really hate it and feel like something's missing when I don't dream.

    stclaire, have you looked up smudging? I know sage is usually used to purify an area, maybe something in your waking life needs some sort or purification? Like out with the old, in with the new? Dunno. Purely conjecture.

  • hmmm, think your right about that at least all the signs are there.feeling not ill but out of sorts, too much in my head, im gonna look up smudging and then do what my dream suggests to do MTRIMIER. YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT ABOUT OUT WITH OLD IN WITH NEW! THANKS

  • no prob! good luck! if nothing else, you'll have a great smelling house, lol!

  • I love all this info!

    Yes I always dream in color. Most of the times its lucid but also it can be like a movie. With the comentary as well. Somtimes its also like a recap! I like those dreams. I just recently am getting a handle on the lucid dreaming, but alot of my life Ive also not been able to remember my dreams. I do know about the becoming apart of the earth dreams though Goose. And stony Ive had those dreams as well about feeling the Soulmate love energy. I always have hope! and sometimes my dreams are just recognition to that. Dont stop with these stories yall! I love it. O Ive also dreamt in vibes as well. Those are intense!


  • Hi serious7.

    I do think that these dreams are to remind us of who we really are. To remind us that we are loved by human beings, that we are a part of a society other than just the one we are physically in.

    I think even it can go so far as saying that it is to remind us how it used to be for us in Heaven. Before we were in this physical world.

    That we have someone who love us no matter what we do. And that the dreams remind us of who we really are - without our worries and matters in this world.

    But I have not decided what to believe in this matter. Were we in heaven before we came here in this world? I dont know.

    But if it is true that we are all created of the essence of God, then that should be true.

    It goes beyond my capasity of understanding, really. Although I do like to think it like that.

    And I do in a way believe that. But I dont think so much of it.

    Oh, what am I talking about? I am just discussing from where the vivid dreams could come from.

    Since it feels so very real, I do believe it is a connection between us and people in other galaxes or spiritual dimentions. But I feel I get a headache writing down this - since it does feel abit above my capasity of understanding.

    Thanks for the interest. And thanks for bringing up the topic.

  • hi serious7 !

    I asked about the dreaming in color because somewhere on this site was a comment made in which the poster stated they Only dreamt in blak & white. I'd never heard that so of course I started asking people around me : )

    As a kid, I was so in looove with Superman, lol ! I use to fly with him over buildings and would get very upset when Mom woke me for school. I did the lucid dreaming thing then until she came back a wee bit upset, hahaa!

    Dreams are a Huge part of my life showing me future & past. One thing was pretty hard to deal with when I was younger .... family members would come to me and we would chat. Usualy, they'd give me instructions for other family members. Within, 2 days, I would hear that they had died. These were unexpected deaths after my first dream of that nature, I'd become very, very anxious -- nothing I could do, ya know?

    My ex use to describe his dreams as you have --- like a really cool movie! I use to really want mine to be that way too. Mine are just insight into daily issue or like the above -- precog. I usually know the difference --- now. ; 0

    The whole sleep state is very odd, isn't it? Where do you really go ? I think this is what gets us.

  • Great topic Serious! 🙂

    I'll never forget when I read your post asking for help...I wanted to give you a reading that same day, but didn't get a chance. That night, I had a dream that you were lying in bed and I was taking care of you, bringing you water to drink. Then the next day when I asked "do you really look like this?" and you said yes, I was amazed!! 🙂

    I've experienced other people's past in dreams, oddly enough. Almost like walking in their shoes in dream world. I've spoken with people I knew, with gurus...I've been wanting to become lucid, but I'm usually in this weird semi-lucid state. The couple of times I was lucid, it was so fun - half the time I was walking and it felt like I was underwater. The other half I just flew! 🙂

    Laie, I've also had quite a few dreams predict the future, but usually it's something silly and mundane like "you're going to end up in some random Dunkin Donuts you've never seen before" Never predicted deaths before- sounds very intense! I suppose you can see it more as a warning, to ease the blow of the shock...but I totally understand why they would make you anxious. Quite the gift either way!

    I think a real part of us journeys while we sleep. It's a different kind of reality, no more or less legit than this one. Dream world is a place to learn, to communicate, to explore - I adore dreams!! 🙂 I've heard of some people successfully meeting up in the dream world - they intentionally do it while lucid dreaming, and have a great time! I would love to try this experience once I get better at lucid dreaming~

  • Loving this topic! I always dream in color. Vivid, lucid and yes precognition or as my mama always says, warnings/preminitions. Check out dreammoods.It is a very informative site. Pleasant dreams All! 🙂

  • Laie, I know what you mean about the precognition. I kind of wonder if that's what squelched my dreaming altogether about 10 years ago? After a while you begin to dread... maybe that's also why I have a sleep disorder and have to rely on pills to get to sleep??? Crap, didn't even think about that until this discussion!!

    Here's a question for everyone: for those of you who've dreamed of those recently passed away, have you also ever had follow-up dreams of the same person, except they're now in a "new life"? I had a dream like that. The deceased person was so happy in the initial dreams. I went several years without dreaming about that person and then one night, out of the blue, I dreamed of him. HE WAS UNHAPPY. Totally different situation. He was now living in a small trailer in a trailer park, he was overweight, and very, very unhappy. FREAKY. In the dream I'd driven day and night to get to him. I don't know what the outcome of it was. Poor guy, when I woke up I wanted to go back and help him.

  • LSM!!! WooHOO It is a journey isn't it? I adore it too. I once shared the SAME dream of my ex-husband. He was asleep and I was drifting off. I started getting these beautiful pictures of sunrise or sunset in a desert ... It struck me as very odd & I shook him awake and asked, " Were you just dreaming? " " What were you dreaming about?" He described exactly what I had seen, but there was something different about, like colors or something. Just minor differences.

    Rags -- We WERE separated at birth, LOL ! I'll look into the site and see what's there. Txs!

    My dreams are of the precog type and way to numerous to ever list. Some of these I do see as a warning, but not the death ones. My sole purpose is to recieve and pass along a message from the chats it seems.. The pre-death ones haven't been upsetting, but I have experience with them now. The first one combined with empathy sent me into a tizzy! The dream occurred Friday, Saturday I felt a build-up in "atmospheric tension" ( i really don't have words to describe that sense) and Sunday I began to frantically phone any & everyone at home. ( i lived in DC at the time.away from home)

    GooseMama, I can't say that has ever happened to me. The person's spirit visits, tells me something for someone, then dies. I understand that it must be difficult for you. Maybe you could explore your feelings about death in general? This will sound bizarre, but I have a "good relationship" with it for many reasons. In part, probably because of these dreams.

    I want to share something that just occurred. Recently, a person close to me died. I was typing this and rec'd a phone call to participate(read) in the service. The caller told me of a dream someone had of the deceased. The dreamer boarded a train, sat, and there was the deceased beside him. In the dream, the person was in their 20's ( age at death 70) , beautiful and healthy. The dreamer asked, " What are you doing?" The deceased answered, " I don't know, but I feel good". I'll end that there and leave the interruptation up to you.

  • sorry, the person in my frantic phone call did die that Sunday. I reached someone who had just heard the news.

  • Oh wow. I got chills on that one, "I don't know, but I feel good." AWESOME!!!

  • Lsm, I get that kind of precog alot! just randomness, I refer to that as Dejevu! Laie I like the superman dreams! Thats crazy, and very amazing gift you have. I might have the same I just havnt even come close to perfecting these dreams yet. Im starting a journal and Ill start posting what i write. Could be fun! Goosemama, I do take sleep aids time and time again, when I do i dont remember a dream at all. Its crazy. I like your interprutation HW about dreams, it does make sense though. Our brains our kind of like cars, sometimes they have a governor on the throttle and you can only go so fast.


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