Newbie Question

  • hello everyone 🙂 I have always been interested in astrology and the mystic things of the world. i was fascinated when my grandmother would do tarot readings and such and have always wanted to learn so i bought my first deck and have a question if anyone can help.

    So here goes. Can you get acquainted with someone else's tarot cards?

    I purchased two decks of cards and am wondering if I sleep with one under my pillow but decide i like the other set better, can I send the deck I have already slept with, under my pillow, to my grandmother and she still be able to get acquainted with the deck after I have?

  • wow nobody knows an answer to this?

  • I am certain someone here can help you. Many,many smart people here!

    bump :-))

  • I wish I had the answer for you. Have patience! I know someone here can answer you 🙂


  • where are the admins ? -Bump-

  • OptimisticMe,

    I say, Yes! Just think of how many handle it before you get it. ; ) I would try to make a decison as early as possible though, on which deck you prefer.

    The deck will then attach ( for lack of a better word) to your Grandmother. She can simply allow You to come off the deck by clearing and then imprint herself. G-mom isn't a newbie so she'll know if its working for her or not. Correct?

    Enjoy the wonderful journey!

  • thanks so much for the answer! 🙂

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