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  • my name is brice (2/18/78) and im married to lisa (7/15/81) she was a beautiful person kind hearted the love of my life. we had small problems here and there been together 7 yrs married 4 . in aprill she became the lead singer of a very good band in the area. and now as of 2 months ago she is sleeping living with the fat bassist , the last person i would have ever thought about. im lost and hurt and very confused. i want her back,but dont know if i can hang on cause it causes too much please

  • brice, all I can say with conviction is move on. We are go through it at least once in life, that dramatic break-up brought on by an affair. I went through it last year. I attempted to hold on and fight for my woman and only got more hurt and created more distance between us. You can't understand her actions because what she did is not about you. It's about her.

    Sometimes people are not running to something as much as the are running away from something. In this case the affair may well be a cry for freedom from the relationship she had with you. She is a cancer and if a cancer has gone astray it means she is looking for an emotional connection. You are an Aquarious, so there's little chance you can feel the depths of her emotions. She has probably been frustrated for some time about the way you trivializes her feelings as you think she is over reacting and needs to think things through and stop crying.

    You can try to get her back but here's the thing. What's are you going to do with her once you get her back! How are you going to change the relationship so that the same thing does not happen again next month or a year from now! She's gone now. Go find briceb. Go find your soulmate. She's out there waiting for you just like the bass player was waiting for lisa. If you don't have any options, try on-line dating websites. Bottom line is there will be pain but remember "No storm in nature lasts forever"...

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