WHO AM I? INFO regarding the Phoenix Legend.

  • Legends Live Forever. Forever Living Legendary. Triumph over tragedy, turning dreams into reality.

    God has given us eternal life.

    and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life” (I John 5:11-12)

    God’s gift to the world is His Son, it is His personal gift to YOU, but to unwrap it you need faith to believe and receive the message.

    It is a life changing offer, and who of us does not need a new start on life?


    Legends also speak of the phoenix—a bird of beauty from the first paradise. The phoenix legend commemorates a bird that was raised to new life out of the ashes of fire. Some think it is only a myth, but the phoenix bird is mentioned in the Book of Job. The Hebrew word KHOL has two meanings. Many translations say sand but it can also be translated phoenix bird. In this corrected translation it is indicating resurrection hope.

    Job 29:18

    Then I thought, ‘I shall die in my nest,and I shall multiply my days like the phoenix.’

    Job is recalling the fire phoenix legend, wherein the phoenix bird dies in fire and rises to new life from the ashes of death. Job is comparing himself to a bird that dies in the nest—only to rise again at a future time just like the phoenix bird. The phoenix is therefore a symbol of future resurrection to new life.

    We know anything that advances God’s purpose is possible. God can create life when he chooses—green herb, animal, human, or spirit. Any new-life from non-life is a divine act of creation, whether a first-creation or a later re-creation (resurrection). The phoenix bird can be explained as God’s prophetic symbol of future resurrection. From the beginning God has done miracles in all ages, more than was ever written in the Bible or in any other book.

    Job 5:8-9

    ,As for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause.He does great things and unsearchable,marvellous things without number.

    John 21:25,

    But there are also many other things that Jesus did;if every one of them were written down, I suppose thatthe world itself could not contain the books that would be written.

    The phoenix was one of God’s creations from the beginning. Animals do not have resurrection power in themselves but they can be resurrected from death if God chooses—just like humans. God has chosen to resurrect a phoenix bird to serve as a resurrection hope and inspiration for all of humanity everywhere.

    The Significance of the Phoenix

    Various tales abound concerning the mythical firebird, the Phoenix. From east to west, and north to south, many have caught a glimpse of its unrivalled beauty, but few have heard its undying song. Its colour is crimson (Mars) and gold (Sun) with a plume of purple (Pluto). The flames of its funeral pyre are fuelled by frankincense (Love) and myrrh (Law). Eternal symbol of Physical Immortality, the Phoenix makes its nest in the top of the Everlasting Tree of Life.

    The Phoenix is the higher frequency symbol for Aquarius, the Bearer of the Cup containing the Waters of Life. The Phoenix of Aquarius represents the collective or planetary gaining of Everlasting Life. Those who have the Seal of the Phoenix upon them are the torchbearers of Immortality. They have discovered their Highest Purpose is to attain Physical Immortality in this Life and dedicate themselves to directing Immortal energies for the Evolution of a New Planetary Structure capable of supporting Greater Expressions of Life. If you are one of these beings, then visualize the Seal of the Phoenix upon your brow, or third eye, chakra. The Spirit of the Aquarian Phoenix anoints thee! This Touch of the Fire Bird upon your forehead ignites the pyre that consumes all Chains of Mind and creates Perfect Freedom. Life can not confer the Seal or Grade of the Phoenix upon you until you take the conscious Vow to overcome death and to dedicate yourself to the communication of the Immortal Way.

    The Truth and Way of Life Eternal is a most precious Gift to share!

    When it comes to christianity:

    The ultimate gift of christianity is immortality.

    Life is the childhood to immortality.

  • We are all like phoenix's in a way. Always rising from the ashes to become anew. Especially through god and jesus christ, we are always new and beautiful through him.

  • Exactly! Is there anyway i can find out more info on myself?

  • Phoenixlyhenry, let me ask you this - why are you trying to live a legend and not your own life? Ordinary life may be boring sometimes but it is where you will do your work for others.

  • Thats what im trying to do. But it seems as if something wants me to see a bigger picture and see truth within this whole situation yakno? I already have a vision or a path i want to take but i just wanna have the right tools to finish the job.

  • and its not that im trying to follow this but im being plagued by numerous amount of things beyond my control, so im trying to understand. thats all.

  • Phoenixlyhenry,

    I'm sorry you are not getting much of a response, but it seems that the people that I know could help you are all dealing with some devastating personal issues of their own at the moment and not available to just at this time. Keep trying though.

  • Phoenix,

    Heres what I can say for ya man. Your petential is atsronomical, which you already know. The visions you are having are not always conclusive and all your energy seems mixed up atm. Music is a huge part of yor life, as well as your attitude. The people you are seeing are guides, you already know the prayers so use em. Speak with which you are fearful, not to which you can face. Now the phoenix is apart of your soul, your ressurection of sorts. It doesnt matter on the subject of which you face it only matters on your faith. So much is coming through atm man, its hard for nme to say alot of things, im still perfecting my own self atm as well. Your very intelligent and loud, but not until someone gets to know you. The next part of your journey isnt as you percieve. The things you are confused with are also against your beliefs. So i ask you this, If you know which path you are ready for why do you fill your cup all the way? SO please(chris) Be safe and use your bubble. The empathic ways and energy's are very intense now. The path is waging upon us and we have to be ready. The tools are coming your way.

    With gods love and light


    I hope this helps a bit

  • Thanks serious, i really appreciate that. Thanks.

  • no worries man! You got this.

  • Does anyone know how to do compatibility between people based on birth dates?

  • ask the captain

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