Questions about being a master number 33 - Life Path #6

  • I am beyond confused. I am a 33 life path and I really want to start a career helping others. But I am puzzled as to which career to follow. I would love to start a non profit, I thought of going to law school and I really enjoy writing fiction books. Which should I chose? Also, if I start a non profit or any business should i name the business a 33 or 6? I want my business to be successful and profitable. Please help. Thanks! 🐵

  • Lifepath33

    33 is the Master Teacher. This individual’s focus is on reaching the world and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. They are not concerned with personal ambition, and have great devotion to cause. Life Path number 33 is signified by the word 'altruistic'. This number has a high energy and is concerned with doing good in the world. You are blessed with musical talent, as well as talent in the visual and performing arts. However, your creativity may be suppressed due to your willingness to sacrifice or your inability to fully appreciate your talents. This is not to say that you cannot excel in these areas, on the contrary, you have the talent, and with effort you can make success in a number of artistic fields.

    You also have enormous talent in business. You are blessed with a great deal of charm and charisma, which you use effectively to attract the people and the support you need. Other vocations that offer you potential for success are mostly found in the areas of healing, teaching, hospitality, management of apartment complex or government institutions, and anything related to animals. 33s also make very good parents, social workers, designers, writers, actors and artists. Any career where you can use your expressive talents, and your compassionate, sensitive nature is good. Also for your consideration - hostess or host, homemaker, interior decorator, florist, singer, voice teacher, tutor, beautician, dressmaker, fashion expert, musician, performer, herbalist, theater work, marriage counselor, divorce attorney or any humanitarian service to others.

    Those with Life Path number 33 want to use their life to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible. Their concern is the earth and all the people who live here. It’s really a beautiful life path number. As you may have guessed few have it. Below are some key points you might want to take into consideration to help you on your path …

    The 33/6 life path will call you to leadership and responsibility. This may not always please you, but you’ll have to make your peace with it.

    The 33 individuals usually achieve fame through acts of kindness, tenderness and compassion that lead to the transformation of the world’s consciousness. The details may vary. We could be talking about the Pope, we could be talking about a wonderful first-grade teacher. If you are like the majority with life path 6, you will always be the best person to take charge of things. Your other choice is to sit back and criticize, so make your peace and just do it. You have a good chance of being a great cook. You have the vision to dream it, and the organizational skills to do it right. It’s a great way to relax. Besides, you love to eat! You are always coming up with ideas that other people think are a bit “out there.” Follow your instincts, and others will follow you. We’ll end up with a kinder, gentler world.

    Adding up your full name according to numerology will also give you hints at your best career choice.

  • People, George W. Bush is 33. So, let's just relax okay ? The way i see it, it's about potential. It will or will not be expressed. Whatever our number, we can always believe in ourselves and strive to do the right thing. Ghandhi was a 9, Dalai lama a 4. Being a 33 or 63 or whatever doesn't really matter. If a number, a date or a sign or whatever makes me feel important and makes me feel superior then i'm a delusional idiot. A person's worth comes from being humble, being honest and determined to find and express all the finer qualities inside him/her.

  • Numerology is a guide, not a reason to feel complacent. You can either use it to rest on your laurels and achieve nothing, or to point you in a possible direction in which to focus your efforts and hard work.

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