Questions about being a master number 33 - Life Path #6

  • Hi there!! This is my first post on the forum.... Thank you to all in advance for your responses.. I recently found out that I am master number 33 - Life Path #6. My b-day is 9/21/1974. Everything that I have read online is pretty spot on but herein lies my question........

    I have started to date a man and his b-day is 9/24/1962........ Also a 33!! From what I have read being a 33 is pretty rare so I can imagine that meeting someone else that is a 33 is even rarer. I am wondering about our compatibility.... We are both very strong individuals but we have a great time together and share some of the same goals, aspirations etc... I have this feeling that we are meant to be together.... We both have cusp birthdays, both 33's and both Tigers within the Chinese Zodiac.....

    Am I reading too much into this whole thing?? Is this all just a coincidence??? Looking for insight!!

    Thanks Again!!1 🙂

  • Hi, I am a 33/6 too.

    You have probably met your twin flame (as opposed to soulmate) which means you have come together to support each other in a way that no one else can and to perform a task/life work that will benefit many people. It's a pretty incredible and powerful thing to meet up like this. No doubt both of you have a great desire to be of service to humanity.

  • Thank for the response.... .Funny you should mention that.... He is starting up a Non- Profit and just got his 503 c from the Government. He has asked me if I could help him with the Marketing side (i'm in Sales) and get some things moving...... I feel such a strong connection with him..... I keep trying to fight it but I think I may just let all my worries go and proceed full force...

    Gonna be an exciting ride!!! 🙂

  • Go for it!

  • This is so many many months later, but thought I would still say something in case someone else happens along this thread.

    I think 33's paired together can be a whirlwind of power in this world. Because they're teachers and always looking towards the higher good in all, they will only encourage each other and support each other.

    I'm a 33/6 and I find my support is usually lacking for the kind of questions I usually ask people. Most people find my questions and challenges to be a bit out of this world and difficult to put themselves in my shoes or to attempt to answer them. I usually get the response that it's not something they ever think about or do and don't have a clue what to do. I pretty much have to fly by the seat of my pants on my own in this world. I have been looking for my twin mind my entire life and would feel incredibly lucky if I found him/her. So I say go for it if you ever find someone who can be on the same level as you....this goes for everyone.

    As for me, if there are any 33/6s out there, I would sure enjoy having a chat with you sometime! I think having someone there to bounce things off of who understands the view of the world you have, is a huge leg up.

  • We can be a club of three. 🙂

  • What about an 11 and a 33? What does that mean?

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  • We CAN have a club! Do you think you are living your 33 life or your 6 life?

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  • Hello everyone. I'm a bit confused. Is my life path number 24/6 or 33/6? I was born on August 5 1982. I read that the year has to add up to 22 to make a life path of 33. SO what does that make me?

  • You are a 33, your birthdate adds up to 33, so you don't reduce it to a six. A 22 is another master number as is 11. The same formula goes for these numbers. They are ALL very rare and master numbers.

  • Okay, so who can answer my question?? What if an 11 and a 33 have a connection? What does that mean?

  • Thank you for your answer quenkath! And sorry but I don't know the answer to your question, am learning myself. Hope someone answers though, I want to know too.

  • Thank you myself123!

  • Quenkath, it depends on whether the people involved choose to live up to their Master number vibe or instead live the lesser more earthly double number vibe. If both choose to live their master number vibe, they can do great things to serve and uplift humanity.

  • Thanks Captain! There is a little info on this on this website under numerolgy, an article that includes all 3 master numbers. It still doesn't explain the relationship between 2 people that are master numbers. Check it out and see how accurate you think it is. Let me know!

  • Cheers! I am a 33/ would be wonderful to know more

  • Master Numbers are here to serve mankind on a large scale. It can be a very challenging - but also very rewarding path that calls for much personal sacrifice. We 33s have the gift of seeing life very clearly but that can either make us hypercritical of the ugliness we see or - better - supremely happy about all the beauty there is in the world. It depends on where you put your focus. While it's important not to deny that there is negativity around and improvements to make, it's much more productive to focus on seeing the goodness and beauty.

  • Hello all! I would like to join this thread. I am an11. Could someone give some clue as to what 11 master number signifies? Thank you for your information.

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