Goosemama, I am worried about your mother!

  • In regards to that bad dream you had about your mother, Goosemama, was anything I said in that thread relevant?

  • Cap I need to find the thread now, I'll have to go back and check it. After I started the thread I went to visit Mom. She said she felt fine, but her brother is dying of cancer. Mom's the only one left of four kids who hasn't been diagnosed with cancer: two have already died from it, and the third one is circling the drain. He will probably pass away this year, but man he is a fiery determined Aries... Also, just recently they found a lump in MY breast, so maybe I was projecting that to my mom, who knows... anyway let me go back and read that thread and get back to you.

  • Goosemama, I am still getting noxious fumes of some kind around your mother - and possibly your father. I hope there is not some sort of leakage where they live.

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