• G'day all,

    I'm posting up a complete DOWNER of a thread. Yep, a downer. This new year has started off, for me at least, like last year and the year before that and the year before that as one of total hard work, sweat, no play, no fun and generally a slog so far. I have made a few major changes in my life recently (ended marriage, moved house, started a new job) and am so damned exhausted I'm doubting my ability to "do it" alone.

    Also in Australia, we're suffering a pretty long-winded heatwave and like a lot of us rather roasted souls, I don't think I can go on anymore. I'm sick of feeling tired, heartbroken and generally inadequate to meet the challenges placed before me.

    Am I on the right path? That is the question burning my rather sunburnt and blistered lips right now. I honestly feel like I've stumbled right off it if I was ever on it in the first place.

    I guess I'm just wondering - impatiently in case you haven't noticed - if the happiness I saw for myself (seemingly a long, long time ago) will actually happen and am I doing what is needed to find it?

    Thanks for any insights here 🙂

  • Cris1962 I have always heard 'misery loves company' and your thread took the words right out of my mouth. It's almost like you read my mind!

    Except for the job, (no work) and the weather, (38 overcast) here, You got me to a T.

    I have always tried to do good by, and for everyone and rely on my faith for strength and wisdom and whatever may be necessary but it seems, life just keeps yanking the rug out from under me and I am wondering how many more times? How much strength do I have left?

    I was once told that no matter what I always seemed to bounce back. I feel like I have no bounce,energy,strength,resolve anything left in me. Sorry to go on and on.

    I'm not meaning to make your hard time any harder by reading my do do! But when I saw the post, I just thought.....W O W

    Hope you get the answers you seek and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for letting me vent! 🙂

  • Hi Cris1962

    It's Gamby here and I'm not psychic but you gave me some really great advice in November last year. You said that I need to make it on my own and become stronger before I meet my soulmate.

    Well, from what you are saying, you are already making it on your own. I am also doubting finding happiness at the moment but I read somewhere that you have to trust and believe that it's on it way to you. It's just a matter of time.

    Hope you start feeling better and may good things come your way.

    Lots of love :)))


  • Hi all,


    I have always tried to do good by, and for everyone and rely on my faith for strength and wisdom and whatever may be necessary but it seems, life just keeps yanking the rug out from under me and I am wondering how many more times? How much strength do I have left?

    That is me! I am still in trusting that the universal flow will respond. It just takes patience and when the rug is pulled, look for another way to deal with the situation. That is what is keeping me going.

    Cris I sure wish you were in the usa. I make all natural mint soaps that cool the body. Try shea butter and a vinegar rinse on your sunburn and if you have any fresh aloe vera plants, the juice from the leaves will ease it.

    Blessed be

  • Thank you soapmaker. I so admire your many talents. Yes, each time, I dig a little deeper & a little deeper it seems. Some days it just gets overwhelming. In my faith, I know He says He will not put more on me than I can bear.

    That being the case, we should be a couple extremley strong women!

    Days like this....... uuuuuugh! 🙂

  • Thanks all for your messages of support. I tried not to go into the new year expecting too much, but this heat wave and very long working hours, plus exhaustion have taken their toll on littleoleme I think 🙂

    I can see I'm not in this boat alone either. It seems we're all being tested - some more than others - and maybe that oft-used saying applies here: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    Gamby, it seems that I've done a few readings throughout 2009 wher the messages have been as much for me as those I've read for and it doesn't surprise me that what I said to you, applied to me also. In so many ways though, I feel like I've spent the greater part of my life alone; only asking for help when things have been desperate or I couldn't solve the problem myself, yet I find myself feeling like nw is the time I'd love some true support from true friends and guess what - those friends are either on the other side of the world emailing me, or talking to me on here!!

    ragbag, I'm not going to give you platitudes about how it'll get better, but I hope it's of some comfort to you knowing that you aren't the only one and we're all in this together. It should bring ME some comfort to, knowing that ... ???? This could all simply be a test of patience, fortitude and commitment to the paths we've chosen and I feel that once we wake up and sense that peace we know is coming, those elusive answers will present themselves. So chin up and thanks for your kind comments 🙂


    Thanks for what you've said! Though, I was being "metaphoric" about those sunburnt lips ... 🙂 Still, you've given me a nice, natural remedy for sunburn should it happen to me or my daughter should we experience that painful state.

    Again, thanks all for responding to this "downer" of a thread!! :)))))

  • Hey Cris hang in there, it sounds like you've just worked through a lot of endings... maybe you're just perched there awaiting some new beginnings! Okay okay, you can slap my chipper lil face now... 😉

  • Hey Goose

    • slap * :)))) nah, you're right methinks. I feel like my life's been hanging in the balance for some years, hence the incredible impatience I'm currently displaying! Thanks too, btw :))

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