Children as Soul mates???

  • I was told a few years ago that my oldest daughter is my soulmate. The same person told me that my youngest daughter is experiencing her very first life but I feel that she is my soulmate too. Does anyone here feel that their children are their soul mates? I just feel really blessed to have three soulmates in my life at the moment (the other one is my partner) I really do believe that all four of us are connected on a soul level. Sometimes, my children are so wise, way beyong their years and my little one just knows things A lot of people think of soul mates as being romantic partners but they don't have to be. It could be your sister or uncle or just a friend. I'd like to hear what you all think.....

  • i am fairly new to these topics, do not have much knowledge, but do have a high intitution,

    i think our soulmates can come to us, in different forms of relationships, children, friends,siblings,

    we do relate to soulmates in love,

    but in love there are many different forms of loving, it does not go into a female, mate relationship exsclusely., i wish some one with higher spirtual knowledge, would comment on subject

  • i meant female and male, relationship.

  • Hi Emeraldprincess,

    I agree with you 100%.... A soulmate does not have to be a romantic partner. My father was my soulmate. I know that I have others but I've yet to meet them. Yes, you are very blessed to have 3 soulmates in your life. Some people aren't educated on this subject and can easily believe that a soulmate would mean a romantic partner, some are and I consider those who connect with their soulmate in a romantic situation to be very blessed.

    Good subject, I enjoyed this conversation.

    With Love and Blessings

  • Also,

    soulmates can be female and female, male and male or female and male. It's funny cause you'll know when you find your soulmate, the feeling is different than anything that can be decribed. You and the other person almost feel as one being. I know with my father we didn't even have to speak to know what the other one was about to say, it's unconditional love, non-judgemental and knowing when the other is in need. At least it was with my dad and I.

    Hello ramonita,

    nice to meet you.

  • alisa!

    thank you for the warm hello!

    thank you for the enlightment!

  • I totally agree. I have a daughter who lives w/ me and we are very close. She gives me purpose and balances me. Sometimes she just observes my behavior as I'm rushing and frenetically trying to do it all and say's" breath mom" I was told once I am just doing what she has once done for me. Taken care of me before. I don't know what a soul mate feels like but this is s close as I think I've gotten. Our responsibilities shape us.



  • emeraldprincess,

    Yes, of my children, I know that my oldest son was an important part of my past. When that life was shown to me he was my older brother and our father then is my father in this life. ( Geez, that felt complicated to explain. )

    I tend to view the term soul mates, not so much as a romance thing, more as souls that travel together to learn and balance .... what has been left unfinished, to accept responsibility and to heal, for example. Corny, maybe, but ... as mates traveling together for our souls. And, it may not be all lovey -dovey, ya know? The lesson of the soul even from a soul mate, may appear harsh & negative, but it is from a place of love, for growth.

    Its an interesting puzzle. I can guess at the mates of my soul when I look at my life but I am only 100 % sure of four people.

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