Would like a reading please . . .

  • hello, recently widowed, what to focus on this year?

    Is there anyone who can advise, give a forecast,etc.

    I would appreciate your input

  • I feel like career is your area this year. Have you a business or thinking of one? I am seeing a little cafe.

  • that is interesting . . . I have had a few ideas; yes, that's one of the ideas. Only, the financing and perserverance parts are what I wonder at. . .

  • I feel like you need a business partner.

  • You have good ideas but need someone more practical to deal with business details.

  • hi captain should i hold on or move on.....................................is she pregnant?

  • hey brice no, not pregnant. . . .

    you are right captain, I do need a practical partner have no business acumen, only ideas.

    Some of my ideas have to do with food, drink. Long ago, one of my many dreams was to have my own brewery or 'gasthaus' with one of the big beer names providing the beer (great dream anyway)

    But yes, I dont know anything about business.

    another idea was

    working with american sign language.

    also (when spouse was alive) considered buying a local general store type business, but didn't want to spend the money or have a mortgage. . . . . .again I worry about business acumen.

    I appreciate your time.

  • I feel success around a small boutique style sort of cafe - it looks somewhat upmarket and trendy but comfortable as well (I see a red and white striped awning) - I get the feeling around it of a speciality or emphasis on pastries and little cakes.

  • Briceb, I replied to you in the other thread and yes I believe she is pregnant (or very close to it, meaning you are likely to reconcile. But you must both behave better to each other this time around.).

  • captain, do you think it would be in my town? what ever it is it has to be a 'shoestring' budget. Of course we're talking about an idea right now.

    how will I find the business partner?

    thank you

  • Luckymermaid, I feel you could advertise in the newspapers to find a partner. Put the request out to the Universe as well. I am thinking a business course would help you too. You might meet your partner there.

  • thank you! I appreciate your input.

    very sincerely,


  • Hi Captain,

    I created a new topic to get guidance on difficult publishing partners who are bound to spoil our three years of wonderful publication. They have been very elusive, not answering questions, nor making decisions. What to do with them? How make them move? Why are they doing this? Why will they spoil wonderful opportunity. I hope you could help.

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