Im lost... can someone give me a reading?

  • I'm an Aries/Taurus (april 20th) and Im so confused about my love life... I feel like I'm cursed or something.

    I can give some details if someones willing?

  • Bless you, I can't give readings but I'm hoping that this is just a short phase in your life whereby you're having difficult times. Are you a youngster? In your 20s or 30s? Things will get better. We have our down times, and sometimes they seem to last forever - we need these times to appreciate all the good that comes to us. Nothing lasts forever, and everything passes. Good times will come again in your love life. I have always found that if you focus too much on something it never happens. If you just let it be, something better comes along without you even realising at the time! Life has a way of working out xskittlex. You take care and focus on getting yourself healthier and fitter in mind and body. You'll be stronger for it and love will touch you. Obviously I don't know your full details but I do hope that you can move forward with a healthy approach in all ways. Stay positive, there's always hope.


  • Hello intrigued

    will you do me a reading ive had people tell me my life is useless and things wont turn around for me ive been going thru hell for some years why is this happening to me will things get better my b-day 6/28/1957

  • Intriqued,

    you did a wonderful job. You sure know how to give advise sweetie, I can feel the sincerity and love coming from your words. Your very wise and loving. It was a pleasure reading your post.

    Hi xskttlex,

    First of all sweetie there are no such thing as curses unless we bring them to life and I don't feel as though you have done that. You have a spirit around you that watches over you all the time but you don't seem to follow direction. This spirit feels like a motherly figure, possibly a grandmother but mother comes really strong.

    You have so much stuff that you hold onto from the past that it's not healthy at all, this is why you may feel that your cursed. You have been through more than most could endure at your age, you have had to grow up before your time and take responsibility for things that others should have taken care of. I also see a younger man in spirit, he's sorry. There's a lot of things going on with you and I'm not going to bring them all up, some of this stuff is personal and not meant for me to write but you know what it is. Sweetheart, you have to let the past go, leave it where it belongs. You can't change it, and regrets and fears only empower it, the only thing that keeps the past alive and in the present is you. It's time to let go and move on.

    Work, I see you struggling at the moment, have you ever considered massage therapy? You have very good energy under all the yucky stuff that you carry with you right now. You care about people, your kind and loving but have no idea what real love is. Which leads me to relationships. Boy oh boy honey, you have a radar for jerks. Stop being so nice and stick to your guns. Stop letting them take advantage of your kindness. Do not let them treat you badly. I see a guy that really has brought you down, this guy likes to do this so he can have control. You see once a woman is told over and over that they're not good or that they're lazy, stupid, no one would have you and anything else that they can say to belittle one that person starts to believe them. This is not the case with you, your much stronger than that and don't ever think that you are worthless. I know that once you start believing in yourself and you can see the beauty within you that I see, a wonderful man will come into your life and love you the way one is suppose to be loved. Hang in there sweetie, I see things changing around April.

    Question: Why do I keep seeing a baby?

    Hope this helped you some.

    Love and Blessings

  • Hi xskittlex,

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  • xskittlex, why do you let people walk all over you? That is no way to attract a decent mate.

  • Oh my goodness, sorry its taking me a little longer to respond. I just got off of work...

    Wow! You guys have made me feel much better just from your responses....

    Intrigued- Thank you so much for your advice. You are completely right, I'm still very young, it just feels like I lived so much life already that I feel older at heart. Love has just never been a positive thing for me.. and its hard sometimes because I give so much out only to get little back. Your right though. I do try to live in the here and now, its just sometimes I get backtracked because what I really want is someone I can share my love with. Thank you so much for your response!

    Alisa922- I teared up a little reading your message, You basically just described me to a T. Your right, I have been through more things than a girl in her early 20's should have ever had to go through, and I think thats why I thrive for love. I want it so bad and I think thats where I get stuck. I really care so much about other people that sometimes I forget to worry about myself. Actually massage therapy is close, Im actually a hairstylist. I love my job because I really get to meet all kinds of people and help them feel better about themselves... thats my favorite thing in the whole world is to be able to make other people smile and feel good. I love that I'm able to help people with that. I've been told before, and always felt that my grandmother is watching over me. Ive never met her but sometimes I can feel her. I saw her spirit once when I was a little girl. I have a hard time following direction because I am not exactly sure how to find it. Its like I'm always second guessing myself. Its been this way most of my life due to the lack of reassurance but I am working on fully loving my own self to where I dont need it from other people. You said you see a younger man in spirit and hes sorry? Could you tell me more about that, Im really intrested! Im trying to think of who that could be. As far as the love part, I got married when I was really yound to a man that basically mentally abused me everyday of my life and made me feel completely worthless... but I think Ive smartened up by divorcing him and believeing more in myself. It was a hard road but I think Im overcoming it. Theres someone that was brought into my life a while back and Im really confused as to why I met him. I dont know if it was for guidance or what. I felt an extreme connection to him, and i thought I fell in love. Im not quite sure if its the idea of how amazing of a man he is, or if its real. He lives really far away and we dont talk often, but since Ive met him Ive really learned more about myself than I thought, and I got more of an idea of what exactly I am capable of and that I can do anything I set my heart to... It hink Im just confusing a mentor as a lover? I dont know. With the baby thing? I'm not quite sure. My ex husband had a baby with this girl and it really broke my heart. That could be what it is.

    You have been so insightful and I appreciate your response so much. Thank you so much for writing to me!

    TheCaptain-I really think the reason why people walk all over me is because I care so much about people that I forget to care about myself sometimes and I'm really trying to change that. Thank you so much for your reply also!

  • Baebae - I'm very sorry, I am not able to give readings. I only wish I could. I would definitely try to help you all. I only speak from my own experiences and the wisdom of getting older! You can turn your life around. Don't be governed by what other people say. You need to take yourself to a good place, and only you can do it. Get rid of the negative vibes around you. I read earlier in a post to imagine a purple light to cleanse the negative thoughts. Positivity breeds positivity and hope. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and move forward from this moment on. Try different tactics. Look for simple pleasures as I mentioned to xskittlex. Smile and don't take yourself or life so seriously. You need a fresh approach, the old one wasn't working. I hope this helps and I haven't been too hard on you. Obviously, I have no idea of your life experiences but I do know that you can help yourself to overcome very sad and terrible events in your life. Sending you healing hugs and many happy smiles.

    Alisa 922 - Thank you so much for your lovely and kind words. You've made me smile and feel good inside. Wow, your advice and guidance is brilliant. You are able to help so much more, you can see so much more. I see that you're a good soul with a kind heart. Thank you Alisa 922. Sending you hugs.


  • Hello xskittlex,

    Thank you, I really hope that we've helped you. You sound a lovely person who deserves a happy, loving life. I'm thinking about you and sending you some more hugs.


  • Hello xs kittlex,

    I'm glad that I was able to help you out with what little I did. The baby was from your ex, this must have bothered you alot for it to show up in the reading. I'm sorry that you had to go through these things. I am very proud of how far you have come. Please don't second guess yourself and you'll do just fine.

    The man that you spoke of that lives far from you was sent to you as a guide, he was sent to open your eyes and make you realize that your worth so much more than you were giving yourself credit for. You will meet someone that will love you dearly, I'm still getting around April.

    If the younger guy in spirit wasn't for you I wonder if anyone else can relate to him. Sometimes when I do a reading other spirits will pop in so if anyone can relate to a younger man about 6 feet tall, 190 lbs with dirty blonde hair please let me know.

    You are on the right track, stick to it and always follow your instincts. Your going to have a very happy, loving life.


    Thank you sweetheart, your an amazing, loving soul that really knows how to make others feel better about themselves.

    Love and Blessings to each and all


  • Hello xskittlex, wow what a smashing reading that Alisa922 gave you. Sounds like you're on the right track and looking forward to your very, happy loving life! Enjoy!!




    Thank you! You're an amazing soul yourself. I love your messages for xskittlex . Extremely heart warming and positive. It was lovely to read.

    love, peace and happiness to you all


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