All about me,? Wisdom, Woe, Warning, or What?

  • leoscorpion, the closest i can get to the time of my birth was between 4 and 6 pm. Maybe that will be good enough. thanks

  • OK xmasbelle

    without birth time I can't pull out much. But I picked 6 AM and came up with something about your psyche ability.

    Jupiter is in house VIII, you are interested in occult

    Moon trine Uranus, you have good 6th sense, intuitive and possess great knowledge of the world

    The cycle you are in is not particularly good for money and job. You might have lost a job or at least an opportunity for more money not long ago. This cycle will continue another 10 yrs. But it seems your loved ones and family are there to support you so you might need to find ways to cut expenses until you can find a new job or opportunity for more money.

    Again I am basing it on 6 AM birth time so I could be wrong.

    By the way hippie art sounds interesting. Has he patented it? Keep trying. If it's a new thing usually it takes time for people to accept it and by then maybe he'll find a sponsor that can help him market it.

  • LOL am or pm? it was am on your first post

  • leoscorpio, it was AM. so sorry.

  • sample of art.

  • sorry cant send sample right now, have to figure how to re-size. gotta split for a min. be back soon.

  • ok xmasbelle 🙂

    if it's 6 AM that's the reading I can get

    maybe someone with psychic insight can get a closer one for you

    if you need a link for meditation and yoga, or tips for protection and cleansing

    give me a shout

    about the art, the site only takes 400 x 800 pixels

    you need to resize it

  • tryin again

  • one more. So what do you think? He follows the grain with markers, crayons, paints, etc.. The picture is what is already there buried in the wood. He colors both sides, so you can turn it over and rotate it to make 8 different views. I always see animals or faces, he just concentrates on the wood.

  • a couple more

  • Xmasbelle, is your partner having trouble with his eyes? When i was looking at the pic of you two, I felt eye troubles.

  • xmasbelle

    can't find a word to describe them, but he must feel certain attraction to the wood, to be able to do this. The colors are vivid, as if the woods are telling us the stories. Old trees can tell us a lot of things, stories of the lost world, stories the wind carry from faraway land.

    This is what I see in his work. Tell him to keep doing it. Monetary value or not, I feel that it is in him to do this. Keep searching for sponsors, but remember to take samples and take photos of his artworks, to avoid plagiarism - you know someone copying it and sell it?

  • okay, one more try...

  • Captain, I am having a heck of a time with my eyes. It started about a year ago. I chalked it up to the eyes over 40 thing. I have to clean my contacts at least 2 times a day, where I used to clean them once a week. I also think it is the salt and sand in the air thats bothering them. I might even have eye allergies now. I can't afford to go to the eye doctor and get new contacts right now but its on my to do list. He wears glasses and accidently broke them last summer. I superglued them back together and somehow ended up with a small amount of glue on one lense. I made matters worse in trying to remove the glue, so needless to say, we are the blind leading the blind. He needs a new prescription anyway, so yes we will be seeing the eye doctor soon.

    So captain, question. I have a house for sale in TN, Its been on the market over a year now. Do you see it selling anytime soon? I want to buy one here in paradise, but I have to sell the other one first.

  • leoscorpion, yes i have lots of pics.and I am in the process of catologing them. the copyright is in process. He loves to do things with wood. I think he's very talented. He also plays guitar, and harmonica. He has a deep southern Georgia drawl that i think is very sexy. He sings and reads to me a lot. I love the sound of his voice.

    The last pic is named 3 chickens on crack. LOL can you see them? This last one im sending is one of my favorites. I call it varments.

  • varments

  • hahahah chicken on cracks yes I can see them 🙂

    and the varments

    all these are really nice !

    I hope you find buyer for your house, that will help with your finances for sure.

    we are waiting for some buyer too

  • Xmasbelle, did you see my post at the bottom of page two about your talents. What do you think?

    It's imperative you both get to the eye doctor, you in particular.

    Yes, I believe your house will sell. I believe a young couple are considering it as I post this. You will receive an offer within the next month..

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