All about me,? Wisdom, Woe, Warning, or What?

  • Good morning folks,

    I just found this site yesterday and I am very intrigued by the accuracy of the readings according to the participants and requestors. I had a reading done 15 years ago by a hairdresser. He hit the nail on the head. I would love any readings, advice, warnings, or info in general regarding myself, past, present and/or future. My dob is 'December 24, 1966. Boyfriend is June 19, 1956. I open myself to your perceptions whether they be negative or encouraging. Thanks to you all -Belle

  • Okay,,... did I do something wrong or is it that nobody is working at home today? This time I'll add a pic of me and mine and see if that will open the doors of communication. I would really love to know what other people see in us and for us and I do have one immediate question burning a hole in my head. We were out of town for the holidays and our house was burgularized. Not much was taken but I would like to know who did it and if any of the items will be returned. Any info will be greatly apprediated.

  • again, i submit our pic.

  • still tryin...

  • Hello, hello, hello

    Is there anybody out there?

    Just type if you can hear me.

    Is there anyone at home?

    Relax, sit back and , concentrate

    I would like some information first.

    Just the basic facts.

    Can you tell me if I'll be hurt?

    As I sit and wait are you receding.

    A distant ship's smoke on the horizon.

    Am I only coming through in waves.

    Your lips move, but I can't see or hear what you say

    When I was a child, I was very curious

    Grown now, I know a little about a lot of things

    Now I�ve got unanswered questions

    You could explain, you would probably understand.

    Is This really how I am.

    I have become comfortably numb.

    [guitar solo]

    I have become comfortably numb.

    OK, OK, OK

    Just a little pin prick.

    There�ll be no more, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,

    But we may feel a little sick.

    Can you stand up, stand up.or sit up and type,

    I am ready to recieve your comments now

    That�ll keep you going for some time

    Come on, it�s time to go.

    When I was a child, I caught lots of fleeting glimpses

    Out of the corners of my eyes.

    I turned to look, but it was gone.

    I cannot say pull my finger now.

    The child has grown,and realized that the joke is dumb

    I have become comfortably numb.

  • lol! Xmasbelle. I can't answer your question but will give you a bump to the top. See if anyone else gets something for you. I love Pink Floyd too. 🙂

  • By the way...for what it's worth, you and your boyfriend look like a really lovely couple. Very happy and well matched. Nice smiles. 🙂

  • Thanks so much stonyeye. I was starting to worry that maybe everyone perceived gloom and doom and were being kind by not telling me,...and... If that may in fact be the case .... please enlighten the ill-fated one so I may prepare to do battle with the beast. And stonyeye, thanks for the compliment about smiles. I fell head over heels in love with him the minute he smiled at me 11/2 years ago. Higher powers were hard at work that enchanted October day. We feel very blessed.

  • Good Grief guys and gals. I need your gifted guidance, gutsy guesses or gracious gospel, whichever you feel suits the occasion. I've been here all day and I believe my chair might have become a permanent fixture to my gluteus maximus.

  • It's odd no one has responded.. I feel your agitation!

    I can only agree, my first instinct when I see your photo is to smile. beautiful lighthearted energy, beauty is the word that keeps coming to mind. Why so nervous? 🙂

  • Ah, I just saw your comments about the burglary.... no wonder. I get no feelings about if things will be returned or who it was, other than to share my own experience. Someone broke into my car a few months ago and took my old car stereo that hadn't worked in ages. It affected me materially less than zero, but it affected my trust and safety in the world a great deal. I chuckle about that stereo now. I hope they got whatever they needed from it....

  • I'm just wound tight here lately. Momentary monetary matters mostly and of course, being the typical inquisitive female, I'm wondering what the future holds for the love of my life and myself. You know .... just being female.

  • You two relate very well on intellectual level. He is full of ideas, inventive. You are both intelligent and ambitious. He is full of ideas, inventive, sometimes even ahead of his time. You are optimistic, but in a calculated way due to your need for security. His mind is very active, always inventing, but he needs a strong emotional support when things are rough. You also need support when things are rough, but you find that taking care of others does help you forget about your problems at least momentarily. This sense of responsibility sometimes exhausts you for you tend to take too much on your shoulder. With age you have gained wisdom and balance, therefore you can form mutual understanding and build a long lasting relationship with him. This is perfect for him, since to him, love is based on friendship and understanding.

    You are both intelligent, but his is more of inventiveness. He can get lost in the clouds of ideas, but you will bring common sense to the relationship and bring him back to reality. You enjoy his company, he is pleasant to be with. None of you aim to restrict each other, which works well because restriction can suffocate him and will back fire on you. One thing that may need to be watched is that your tendency to take too much responsibility on your shoulder. It does say that as you age, you can balance your need and others' needs. Hopefully this is true in your case.

    This is as much as I can see based on your dob. I might miss something. but it doesn't seem there is much problem in your future together.

  • Thanks so much leoscorpion. You are sooo right. His degree in english literature is covered in cobwebbs while he operates a painting and handyman business, although, his real talent is in art. He has invented/created a form of art that is amazing. He calls it 8-Wa-Rt. I call it hippie art, "Cause he's just an ole hippie, an I'm an old hippie lover." I'm trying to help him get it out to market and out of this house. We're tired of dusting it and tripping over it. "Its Ever-ware!" One things for ure, you can't eat it.

    I do take on too much, and I'm very aware of that fact. I could kick myself in the dierarre at least once a day for taking on things that should have been deligated to others. I have to get out of the mindset that I am the only one that will get it done right. I have a few hang-ups I'm working on.

    I call him my boy-man, cause sometimes he's just like a little kid, yet he can be a rock for me when necessary.

    Anybody got anything to add?

    Again, my thanks leoscorpion. -belle

  • leoscorpion, I'm trying to find out the time of our births so that I may humbly ask you to do our charts,. I am astonished at the amount of information you have so graciously provided for so many.

    I was born in the in the early morning hrs between 3 am and 9 am in Nashville, TN. I believe I am gifted with some abilities, however I'm not sure of which. I do want to know about them and use them to help others. I'm not afraid I just need to learn how to develop them so that I may use them for the good I believe they are intended for About 15 years ago i discovered rune stones and I do read them for friends occasionly, to their amazement, I always tell them what they need to hear at the time I find my rune casting very accurate. I also find that sometimes I have knowledge about things that its impossible for me to know about. I like to say that I know a little about a lot of stuff.

    I have been looking up info on empaths because we are both have those traits, and he has been told that he was a shaman in a past life. When we met, it was like I was seeing a long lost friend We both just laughed and smiled and kept repeating "I know you!" I know You too, I don't know where from i just know that I know you! We were so happy to see each other again. He's been told he is an old soul as I believe I am..

    I have a close connection with birds, redbirds in particular. My grandmother always told us to be nice to the redbirds and dont ever let our kids shoot them cause she was gonna come back as one, and I truely believe she has. She takes on many bird forms though, cardinal, dove, blue heron, and sandpipers to name a few. I have some sort of connection with rabbits too.

    I believe everything happens for a reason. If its bad, than learn from it, so it don't happen again. I've learned to I try to put on a happy face about I drown in worry.

  • Xmasbelle, you have an unusual relationship that will have problems in the short term but is looking good for the long term or marriage if you put in the effort. Together you search for beauty and balance. You have different temperaments but share a need for intimacy and extreme privacy. There is a danger of loss of individuality so make sure you both have some different interests or pursuits. Problems with communication can occur because you Xmasbelle tend to turn silent and hurt, expecting your partner to understand you while he prefers to keep things cool and avoid problems altogether. These things can be worked out if you both try.

    I feel a young man was involved in the burglary and was more curious and bored than malevolent. No, I do not see most of the items being returned as i feel he has gotten rid of them. but there is a possibility that one item might 'surface' later in an unusual way. Be careful - he will come back if he thinks he can easily get away with it when you are away. He is very clever and cunning and quite without conscience and lives in the area - a local. You need to do a cleansing ceremony on your home (search the internet).

  • Ahoy Captain, Thanks so much for the info. I agree about us having an unusual relationship, but I believe it is meant to be. I've never felt so loved, or felt love for someone as with him. I'm in it for the long haul.

    While we were away our neighbor and her "SON" were evicted for not paying their rent. Come to find out He is supposedly a thief and stole the rent money from mom . Their landlord was also robbed that week. Its very possible and likely it was him, although we never saw him or even knew who lived there with her. I didn't like her the one time I met her so we didn't befriend them. We are extremely private people so we didn't even try to be neighborly with them..

    Boyfirend found one of my earrings outside last night in between our yards. It was one of the missing ones that was in one of the two jewlery boxes that were taken.

    We believe there had to be 2 people because the tv is so big 46' lcd flat screen.. Could the other person be a female? We don/t know where the people moved to so theres a chance he is still in the area,

    Thahks again Caption.


    Do you feel anything about financial matters? Also I'm not really working, except doing the bookwork for his company. Tell me do you see a career move or opportunity coming anytime soon. I really just don';t know what i wanna be when i grow up,

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here is the link to Goldenhill's post about empaths grounding

    we all need to ground ourselves now and then, to connect to nature

    since you are empath it is even more important

    so here is the link for grounding

    go to page 8 and 9 Goldenhill's posts

    About nurturing your psyche. I do yoga and meditation and enjoy some good spiritual articles which are soup for the soul. If you are interested to do the same, I can give you a link. You can also go by your religion or belief. I am sure meditation won't go against any belief, but I heard some religions despise yoga. I will leave it to your decision.

    Let me know if you need tips for protection and cleansing.

    I will pull out something tonight based on your brith info. Bye now.

  • Xmasbelle, yes I do feel that was the young man I was picking up and yes I do feel a female involvement although reluctantly and fearfully - she is completely under the thumb of the young man. I feel like he hid/buried a lot of the items he took until he retrieves them later on when the 'heat' has died down. But I feel there is also a message for you that you did not need those items. People are always more important than things. Eg. the TV represents contact with the outside world which you should get more of in person rather than isolating yourselves.

    In regards to career, I am getting you have a talent for movement and balance like dance or athletics, and a natural feel for interior design or Feng Shui - even some craft or hobby could be turned into a job. I am thinking a course of study might be needed to bring your skills to commercial levels.

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