Spirits around me?

  • At odd hours of the night if I am up, out of no where, I feel an energy like I am being watched. It happens when I am alone during the day hours. It feels just like how one feels when someone is staring at you say in class or in public. Who or what is it? At times, I feel comforted and alot of times, it makes me feel uneasy or uncomfortable when it happens. If it is a spirit, is it someone I knew and was close to, or someone i knew? The energy is intense.

  • relax, when this happens again, even if you cannot see it ask it what does it want and who are you, if it feels uncomfortable, i would ask it to leave, tell it that its making you feel uncomfortable and could you please go, watch for any pictures in your mind of what this spirit maybe attempting to tell you or any smell , be aware of your surroundings, it maybe a curious spirit, or one that is attracted to your light that likes you, it could be an earth bound spirit, you may need the assistance of some one who can come in and communicate to it and send it to the light, which would include the clearing of your home of which they would either do for you or you may do it under their instruction before they come in, that is if you would like this spirit to leave, dont be afraid as i feel it likes you, just ask it to back off a bit when it makes you feel uncomfortable, if that doesnt work you may have to call on the above that i just mentioned, try smudging and light some candles, clareysage from memorey is very good also, i hope that i have given you some assistance, above all i really think how wonderful it is that you can feel and sense this, start communicating and dont be scared, goodluck and may gods love and peace surround you always

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