I have a few suggestions

  • Well I was unable to find an area where I could place my suggestions so I thought I would make an area where everyone can contribute. My two suggestions are for this form. As I have discovered this form quite a bit busier than I anticipated I think it should be upgraded with...

    1. Person to Person Emails; I think users should be able to email one another, what do you guys think?

    my other suggestion

    2. A reward system for those who help others with readings, or any form of advice. The system would work like this (but this can be changed if need be). Say there is a person giving out good readings for people and they are really helpful. Perhaps the people benefiting this work can return the favor with a few karma coins (not sure on amount). Perhaps there might be a little button that says "Thanks!" and you click on it and it gives them a few coins. However to avoid being abused you can only do it once a few hours (2-3?).

    Well that is what I think would really help us out, what do you think? Feel free to say if these or bad ideas or if they need some change to them.

  • I like things just as they are,prefer to keep things as they are

  • I have joined many forums, not just tarot.com

    the other forums have that email system you mentioned

    I think it's a good idea rather than posting our own email address

    I had bad experiences after doing that some years ago

    I've deleted that email address and using new ones now

  • I think it would be great to have an "on site" msg system, so members could send each other private messages. I have belonged to many different sites that are built that way.

    You know how you can click on a member's icon and see a list of threads that they have started or participated in? This would be an ideal place for a "button" that could be clicked to send someone a "PM" (Private Msg). This would alleviate the issue of people sharing their personal email addy's, which evidently is a "forum no-no".

    Another idea that I would love to see implemented, is a "delete/edit post" button! We all make mistakes while writing or posting and but as it stands, after you hit the "submit post" button, your msg is there to stay. There is no way to add to a post that you submitted too soon, or correct one's grammar or spelling if they wanted to, or delete a duplicate post. This may not be a major concern for some people, but it would sure come in handy for many of us!

  • Oh, and btw, if someone did not want to be sent "private messages", there could be a function where each member gets to choose to be available to receive them or not. OR, another option is to set it up so that each member is able to input a list of names from which they would accept "PM's", that way a member couldn't get inundated with PM's from people they don't know.

  • Ahh yes, the ability to choose to accept PMs at all from anyone or specific people would be a great compromise. Nice thinking Sacogirl!

    That would solve the problems (good ones I might add) brought up from previous posts.

  • I think rather that there should be an e-mail system where one can e-mail one another through a tarot.com mail system. In that way our private e-mail addresses will be kept away from the public and also that we dont even know each others personal mail addresses. There is a system like that on youtube.com for the members there.

  • I agree completely TheHangedWoman, if only we could get their attention and get that done. Most people seem to want an in form email system.

  • I like the idea of a message system. It would be nice. I also like the idea of karma coin rewards...admins...? 😄

  • How can we get admin's attention?

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