For all those still expecting a reading from me

  • Dear LSM,

    I'm happy that some of your forum buddies have been able to life your spirits, if only for the time being. You gave me a reading a few weeks ago which I am still very grateful for! Sometimes it's hard to take your own advice, but you've been pushing all of us to stay positive so I hope that you'll do the same for yourself. Right now it's time for you to rest, cry, and be thankful for all of the other wonderful things that I'm sure exist within your life. You helped so many of us here so don't doubt that you'll be rewarded in some sort of karmic way. I hope you're feeling better...break ups are hard! But you'll get through it. Let us know when you're ready to join the forum again!

    Sending positive vibes your way!

  • Hello LittleSpaceMonkey,

    Good grief, no one is disappointed in you!! You did your best. You need to rest now and take it easy. Look after yourself and eat well!

    Healing hugs to you.


  • you will be in my prayers ...try to be strong iam going through the same as you are going through and the impact i i know is different to each and everyone of us right now i a'm lost and confused but i know it will pass it may take longer but i just have to feel the pain at the moment and i know for sure it will be over...god bless and i will pray for you and your love ones...hope everything will work out for you...

  • i'm still lurking around these forums...can't stay away!! 😮

    it's hard to resist the temptation to start reading again, but I do feel sooooooo much better now. when i return, i will be stronger, and hopefully a better reader as well.

    thanks so so much for the support once again - it means so much to me! ❤

    i really did try my best intrigued - thanks for the reminder 😉 and eating as well as i can - promise!

    i'll pray for you too ajahny - we're in this together 🙂



  • I am glad that you feel so much better! I will e-mail you late tonight to check up on you.

  • just wanted to let you know littlespacemonkey that you are in my prayers. I see all the good things you do here and i hope you get the rest you so despretly need.

  • rmbalcarcel, pilot007 - thank you so much for your support. I'm doing better though not 100% yet. But still, much much better

    It means so much to me, the fact you take a little time out of your day to reach out.



  • lsm,

    I know what you mean, I just can't stay away from all you warm, giving, lovely people. Especially when I'm stuck at home with an ear infection!

    Good to hear your eating as well as you can, it will help make you stronger.

    Take it easy, lots of rest and good food!! Don't forget a nice glass of wine - if you like!!

    love and hugs


  • Bump, Bump and one more for 'luck'...Bump!!

  • HI LSM,

    Here is a spread that you might enjoy doing for yourself. I know of several others that were in a similar position as you currently are and this spread brought some understanding and laughter to them.

    Sending Love and understanding your way!



  • hi eagledove..

    i luv the Bumps ....but OMG i dont understand. i think im soooo missing something. i would like a "luck- bump" too. ill send one to you...... LUCK-BUMP!!....LOL


  • Hi LSM

    Glad to see your back, the best thing I have found is to go on doing what you love and enjoy its the best salve for wounds.

    I hope you can help me, my bf asked me to marry him and gave me a ring. I have been told that our marriage won't work and that if we do get married in 5 yrs we will be divourced. I also was told that my ex husband and i will get remarried soon. My ex is jelious of my bf even though he doesn't say so, he has a live in gf.

    My question is what do you see for me in this messy situation? Hopefully something.

    Thankyou and hang in there

    Toni baby76

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