My husband cheated...

  • Hi there. I've been married for almost 8 years ...we got married young due to pregnancy. We've had a lot of stress due to having three kids young..we're only 27 and 29. But we've been best friends and lovers for so long and I never thought we had a problem. Last month, my husband told me that he had cheated on me with a subordinate at work. We are both desperate to work it out because there is much love between us as well as three kids. Is there a psychic out there who sees anything in our marriage, for the future? Thanks to anyone who replies.


    he's a scorpio, i'm a cancer

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  • if you both want to work it out work it out just watch out for the cancer in him he always need attention my cancer wife just did the same but i had to pry it from her and i think she does not want to work through it im still hopin though you will always have to pay attention to him more so than you think we were 7 yrs to me if the love is still there and hes not hiding in his shell go for it

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