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  • my birthdate is 6/11/59 born Montevideo. uruguay and significant other is 4/2/75 uberlandia. brazil. He is very compulsive &.has several daily addictions weed, media (all day & night unless out with friends) porno, Not interested in doing things alone with me although said is a mistake that will change but nothing yet. Believes in spirit and wants personal growth but seems stuck in that area to.He is very defensive and ego driven. hard to communicate my needs as I am wrong or if he doesn;t clean after himself and I point it out somehow I should clean it up even I am doing 95 of the housework and have full time work.If you could give me some communication as to why these addictions any way of overcoming them,any way I can communicate more effectively given his pices mercury i have it in gemini. appreciate it

  • Hmm, what exactly do you see in this person? What do you get out of this relationship?

  • He is very affectionate and I can see that he loves me.He is faithful.I do see the childhood issues of having narissistic parents from which arise fear of abandonment, that I am 100 percent responsible for the relationship and therefore tolerate such behavior from him.I am setting some boundaries with him & not isolating myself by creating a group of supportive friends so if I continue to see no change I will be emotionally ready to leave him.But I thought until then I could maybe improve our communication and get some insight into his need for these addictions .Thamks for your reply

  • It sounds more like a parent/child relationship than an equal partnership. Are your dates 6th November and 4th February or 11th June and 2nd April?

  • June 11 April2 yes I was noticing that . I think both him and myself to a degree and moreso him behaving as the child

  • Saraswati69, there is a jarring, explosive quality in this relationship - a longing to reach for the stars can translate into a taste for daredevil exploits. The combination can consequently prove unsettling to any partner with conservative or pragmatic attitudes. Any romantic feelings that manifest here will be hard to control, making a love affair extremely exciting and dangerous, particularly if one or both of you is already in another relationship. Despite the upset this relationship can cause, it also has the capacity to teach you both something of great value.

    Making the radical nature of the relationship worse is the fact that your friend has a particular tendency to cheat in matters of the heart, while you can throw caution to the winds when prompted by your more tumultous feelings. You two may enter into a torrid, perhaps destructive love affair, after which it is unlikely that you will form a permanent relationship. The prupose of the whole relationship may only be that it serves to get one or both of you out of your other established relationship.

    Saraswati69, I think the danger and excitement of this relationship is what attracts you. I think you would lose interest if your friend gave up his living-on-the-edge lifestyle. You would grow bored. But I think this is a bad relationship for you and you should break away as soon as you can. Before your friend does it to you.

  • Neither one of us was in a relationship when we got together.He did tell me he had never been faithful before but said he was tired of meaningless sex and wanted a long term relationship: a marriage.He says he wants to be with me even after death.He is a Spiritist in the Allen Kardec tradition.I see he has a very spiritual side and can be very sweet and helpful (his mom and siblings side) and then he has his other side influenced by father (got him drunk when 11 for a weekend)where the good life is being high,carnal sex(porno masturbation) and unconscious hence media addiction.I think due to drug use he is emtionally undeveloped and we'll see if he realizes he needs to give up his addictions if he wants to save the relationship and have a mature relationship .Could you give me the backround information for your interpretation, I am assuming it is astrological info,I appreciate your time and input thank you

  • Being unfaithful is also in the thoughts eg. looking at porn.

    Yes I base my analysis on astrology.

  • por*n.

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