Tale of Two Aries

  • Hi All,

    I am on my second Aries man and want to know if anyone has encountered this:

    03/22 - Aries was controlling, manipulative, always jealous (accused me of cheating almost daily) chronically sad and had delusions of gradeur about his past.

    04/04 - Aries is more confident, expresses his feelings and generally pleasant. This Aries questions me from time to time but I don't see that green eyed monster like the 03/22 Aries.

    I know personality plays a role but it's kind of weird. Any Gemini/Aries people who'd like to share their war stories? Lol.


  • hi coffeegem, i'm a gem female and my ex is an aries. My aries ex i found out is very secretive, jealous and also has issues with the past and can be a lot in his had even at times i thought he is depressed but this is only when he goes in this weird place when things are bothering him otherwise he is really sweet,funny and basically a cool guy to be with. It's kinda weird coz he can flip from being nice to fire in a second also from being shy to overly confident. I don't know he is a bit strange to be honest i haven't figured him out :). Now it's a bit weird between us coz we are trying to be "friends". There is this connection and we are very attracted to each other but i guess a lot has been said and done since we split up.

    I don't know how is your relationship with Aries but for me is def one of the most passionate i've had. But i don't know many other Aries men tho so this is basically my whole experience with that sing in a relationship.

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  • I am also on my second Aries man....I think....they are very similar and the mind games are very self-esteem reducing! I have found that Aries men ARE jealous and accuse you of sleeping around etc...YET they are doing that very thing. This is POISON for a Leo woman. The same story...he wants me captive but doesn't want to commit to me. He treats me so wonderfully one minute..taking me places and showering me with attention and gifts...then I find he is in an online sex relationship with someone all the way across the continent. While seeing me. We haven't slept together yet and I only accidentally found the emails. He didn't tell me. I think I should abort this mission and wait for someone to love me as I deserve. I am starting to doubt this Aries greatly...yet I am attracted to this crap...help!

  • I meant I think I am on my second Aries male as in I think we are headed into a relationship. I KNOW he's an Aries...LOL...RUN!

  • I was flirting with an Aries earlier this week, but he didn't answer my text yesterday and hasn't texted today, so I think he's bored of me.

    But it was fun while it lasted. (I love me some Fire Signs!)

  • Hi...I was married to an Aries for 10 years and jealousy is a major characteristic - same scenerio too (always accused me of cheating) haha because I'm a Cancer so wouldn't think twice but him commiting the act was the utimate death of our marriage. Now, go figure - I'm with another Aries! Hmmm...something about the "grand" appearance lures me in but the tongue lashing these boys can give out cuts...ouch!!! Different bdays - 4/6 & 4/17.

    These egoccentric (typically) personalities have a drive that will send you over the moon but it dissipates as fast as it culminates - hence the feeling of high/low constantly. Since they are the "babies" of the zodiac they come very self-pleasing/demanding which presents a loud high self-esteem appearance, yet my experience is that is the mask indeed to cover the very needy, sensitive, lower one they really have.

    My Cancer sun, Leo Venus, Mars Aries makes for a great high energy atmosphere but when the party is over reality sets in and our difference in thought process rears its ugly head and the "fun" fighting turns vengeful. A continual hard-working relationship - hopefully there is great learning to be made.

  • just curious,, did you cheat? lie? that might be it

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