Discoveries in the World of Tarot

  • The science of Tarot is always expanding, with old spreads being rediscovered, new decks being created, and unique card interpretations being suggested.

    If you have a thought or question about a recent discovery in the world of Tarot, let us know in this thread. If you find a great new spread or philosophy for interpreting Tarot, share it!

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  • Im discovering that it takes years to learn thats for sure .

  • I purchased a couple of E-books online.

    I've had one for over 2 months now which has taught me alot and I personally think that I am a great tarot reader now. It's a beginner guide that focuses on you and how to channel your energy to do what will later come natural to you. If you want to learn more about it here is a link...(might have to copy and paste)

    It was cheap too...only 5.77

    I just bought another E-book last week for 20 bucks that I'm still going through. From what i've read so far, it goes really deep into the mindset of tarot and has taught me a great deal so far.

    If you's the link to that one...

    Just remember that practicing is the best thing to do...just let it come natural with this education.

    I hope this helps...

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