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  • Hi Captain,

    This is my first time in the forum, please forgive me if I am out of place, but I was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding a relationship. I am so confused, should I let go or wait, I have many sleepless nights trying to figure it out. Thank You

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  • Faith1107, this relationship has been an emotional minefield for you and you have put up with too much. Take what self-esteem and respect you have left and get out as soon as possible. No one deserves to be treated this way - he is an emotional bully and you keep enabling him.

  • Shorty1028, I do feel you should change your product. Incense is nice but it is a non-essential in today's rather desperate times. You have it in you to find something that people need at the moment, something very essential to their wellbeing. It is your fate to bring forth a spiritual idea that is of service to others. You have the observational and investigative talents to figure out what this product is. Just look around and identify the need. It will involve taking a risk but you can do it.

  • Hi TheCaptain, I've read your responses/reading/advice on this thread and they are very nice and complete, respectul and impressive. I want a future reading involving my personal life and my career... my DOB is May, 19, 1978. Thanks in advance!! 🙂

    P,S, you do give male vibes, with some of your postings I have read before (the one of not waiting and soulmates and stuff)...

  • Lonelydoc, I feel you tend not to listen to your intuition enough and end up making impatient or impulsive decisions you later regret. You need to slow down and work through the steady processes of life, not look for shortcuts to your goals or try to skip a few steps. You also tend to do what you think you 'should' do rather than what you really want to do. Your fine asthetic sense and love of beauty can be useful on your career path.

    Listen to your gut feelings when it comes to relationships and life in general. Conversely, you are very good at advising others. You have a strong attraction for raising a family but your feeling of responsibility for others can often come across as aggressiveness, meddling, or controlling. Tension or energy blocks can adversely affect your relationships and sex, so relaxation and stretching exercises can help. Your work must be service-oriented to satisfy and fulfill you. You may suffer commitment issues in both work and relationships, finding it hard to stick to anything for very long. You also tend to be very stubborn and you cling to the past, finding it hard to let go of old relationships, old ways of doing things, or old events. But it just brings you pain so let it all go and look forward, not back.

    This year of 2010 should see you doing just that, letting go of everything and everyone that does not serve your best interests. It is a year of ending and a year of beginning, a time to cast off old attitudes and habits and let go of things that are no longer valid for you. For example, you might have an urge to "spring clean" both in a literal and a figurative sense. Let go of friendships, jobs, or even homes that no longer serve your greatest good. The lesson is to do so with grace and gratitude. You are getting ready for the new and cannot be burdened by the old.

    This is a year of force and change, and a year when decisions will have to be made. This can be an emotional and stressful year and the best way to deal with it is to practice spiritual surrender. It will bring a wide variety of experiences and opportunities if you open yourself to them. The last three months of 2010 - if you have done the work of letting go - should bring a sense of freedom, enjoyment and awakening. You are bringing to a conclusion what you have learned and created, and are now integrating it into your present life.

  • WOW TheCaptain, thanks so much, it's all true...

    I have learn that about my impulsive and impatient side over the last couple of years the hard way- thank God- even though they have been real lessons no one but "mostly" myself has gotten hurt... I've been involved with a person the last two years but is far from a real relationship- he has real commitment issues and issues regarding my career- I'm not sure if it's my impulsive or impatient side wanting to leave this behind... I've tried before and when I'm with someone new (after knowing this person) I feel an emptiness inside my soul and I think of him (the person I've been in this non committed way).

    But after this two years and the tension and energy blocks are there as well... I cant hear my gut feeling of telling him off one more time, before it was my hurting pride, impulsive side who would send ultimatums, explanations of my feelings etc etc and the end result was a separation between us for three months and then going back to the same...

    I also know I have commitment issues it's true (I've also learned it the hard way), but with him I'll be willing to give them up I think... sometimes I feel I dont know him that much anymore, he's very quiet- wasn't like that when we were together at the beginning...

    I did brake up with him after an argument, I felt hurt and judged by him, I apologize and tried to talk to him but never got us back to where we were....

    I'm trying to talk to him again this year, I was hoping for Feb but havent seen him, perhaps March... but dont know what to say or how to approach the subject without being an ultimatum... sometimes I decide not to say anything others I feel I HAVE TO SCREAM! dont know what to do and my gut feeling... I cant hear it...

    I know I feel really sad when I decide I have to forget about him and get him out of my life...

    Sorry if this is beyond you wanting to help, I actually find myself explaining this situation the best way I've ever had before... any insight can help, I know at the end I have to make the decision and live with the consequences... well i have to go my sweet dog (picture) needs to go out... LOL

  • Lonelydoc, no situation is ever worth feeling so bad about it. Time for a fresh start in every way, I feel. Your 'friend' (and I use the term loosely as I don't see what he does for you) is the past - let him go.

  • Captian

    I have read some of your readings and find them very straight forward and was wondering if you could tell me what you see in the cards for me in my future love life and if that will be with taide and also in my new businesses that I have started. my bday is feb. 22 1973. thanks

  • THANKS TheCaptain, it might be time to give up the illusions...

  • Thanks Captain,

    It is draining your right. He is married, we have not physically been together. He claims he trys to enjoy and get along with the family. Can you tell me I am curious is he unhappy and is going for a divorce. I have been through so much it's like my life is a roller coaster and I am being treated like a yo-yo. Was he at least honest about his feelings and not making me feel like a complete fool. Sorry I'm looking for clairity, not all of it was a lie.

    Thanks for the response

  • Borra001, no I don't feel your friend Taide is your ultimate partner. You have an attraction to the dark side which he satisfies but he is tied to your past and not to the future person you are becoming. Your greatest problem is your personal sensitivity but you are gifted with the kind of gritty determination to overcome even the most overwhelming of obstacles. Because of your sensitivity, you can shut down emotionally to concentrate on career interests and you can develop a harsh even ruthless attitude towards others as you armour yourself against intrusions on your inner world. Thus your interior life can be far removed from your worldly or vocational interests. Highly observant, you have a unique talent for seeing things in a different way, and your ideas and opinions are always original. Your great challenge is to risk expressing your intutitive and idealistic insights in order to better integrate your personality.

    You will need to grapple with your commitment phobia if your relationships are to improve. Find the courage to be vulnerable and remain true to yourself.

    You have the determination and vision to succeed in business, but this year you must first finish up the old before beginning the new. At the moment you are being held back in having a successful life by things that are like an anchor around your neck. Get rid of all that does not serve you or represent you, and be brutally honest and objective about it. It is time to spring-clean your life. Remove that which you have outgrown - attitudes, people, business ideas, and then you will be able to move forward in a much more liberated and easy fashion. You have an original mind - don't be afraid to use it or to surround yourself with free thinkers like yourself.

  • Faith1107, he has indeed been lying to you all the way - and deep down you knew that but chose to ignore your intuition in favour of giving in to your infatuation. Next time listen to what your gut is telling you.

  • Thanks thecaptain

    you are correct that I center around my finacial endevors when my love life is bad, it seems that when someone gets to close I start shutting down I am afraid of being hurt. He and I talked again tonight and we share so much in common and we talk so easily together I feel like I could start letting my guard down after all he was not the one that walked away it was me but for the same reasons, for fear of being hurt or just not being ready for a commetment at that time. could you do a reading for his Bday is October 19 1971. Maybe it will shed some more light or maybe its just my wishful thinking. at any rate thank you so much for your straight for answers.

  • Your friend is brilliant and creative in the extreme, gifted with a strong mental orientation and passion, but with a deep need to be popular. There is a tendency for him to fall in love with his own capacity for authority and leadership and to strike out on his own in search of personal satisfaction and fuflillment. He can confuse freedom with wildness and will want to find intellectual freedom at any cost. Since it is not human contact but a field of scientific, artistic, or even economic study he is really seeking, he has difficulty maintaining a steady relationship with anyone.

    The choice of an intimate partner is problematic for him because he bores easily and although unassuming and stable individuals would be the best type of companion for him, he looks instead for someone who is as unusual as he. His partner will have to show great tolerance for he has a tremendous need to become involved with other people (frequently the wrong ones because unstable people will just feed his own reckless fire) and will chafe at any form of restraint. Sudden, sharp and somewhat painful breaks in relationships are the norm for him. For example, he might be forced to cut ties with his relatives in his struggle for freedom. He rarely allows himself to be consistently happy since he finds contentment a rather boring state.

  • Sorry, that answer was for Borra001.

  • Hi Captain,

    You are a wonderful soul! Thank you so much for helping us...

    I am wondering if you can help me in regards to my future - what to expect in my love life or career life (or both) very soon?

    I care a lot about someone, but nothing with him yet. Or maybe there is someone else out there for me?

    In regards to career/work, I have been confused. I want to become a writer though, do you think I could succeed? Any timeframes that you can see in regards to my questions, I would be greatful...

    My DOB is January 4, 1979... I don't have his Bday though. But he is about 5-6 years older.

    thanks heaps... hope to hear from you...

  • Plutomoon, you have wonderful creativity and would make a good artist or writer, and you are also good with technology and science. You have a philosophical leaning that causes you to ponder the big questions of life. You have great faith and believe anything is possible. The problem comes in the practical application of your gifts. You need to develop the mental discipline to achieve a practical mastery in some profession/craft in order to manifest tangible results. But your tendency to be absent-minded, to rush and make mistakes in your work, and to flit from project to project can hold you back. You need to ground yourself in reality and strive to be as pragmatic as possible. Stick with one craft or profession and devote yourself to becoming expert at it rather than scattering your energy over many things. Common sense and paying more attention to details is what you must develop.

    Mental discipline will also help you communicate more effectively. Presenting your plans with clarity will be essential in garnering support from others. Your path is not about fame or riches but of making the world a better place. You have spiritual leanings so you already incline towards a life of service to others. Thus you will allow yourself to be tied down to routines, schedules, and deadlines for the greater good of mankind. Whatever you produce then must be of benefit to others. You may feel the urge to work alone but you will find you are better able to give birth to your ideas through the input of others, particularly those whose strengths complement yours.

    Love is often not the most important consideration for those on your lifepath. However since you are oriented mostly to matters of the mind and perception, your best partner is a person of intelligence, understanding, and independence since any trace of possessiveness or cloying behaviour will eventually push you away. I feel that with your present attraction it is his very lack of interest that draws you. I sense a romantic partner appearing who is both your boss in the professional sense and your equal of mind in the personal sense.

    Grounding and disciplining your body as well as your mind is essential - physical activity like running or some other form of solitary exercise that allows your mind to wander at the same time will benefit you. You need some solitude in your daily routine in order to give you free mental time and plenty of space for creative day-dreaming.

    2010 is a perfect year for career matters for you. It is a great year for goal setting and attainment. It is also a year for business, and material matters. Because it is a year of personal prosperity, you are in a position to manifest whatever it is that you want in life. It is also a year to reap the rewards of previous efforts, as well as a time to give some time, money, and energy to philanthropic pursuits. This year will find you dealing with important people, important decisions, and important methods of operating. If you do not put the time and effort into your career or have not developed an understanding of the universal laws that govern prosperity, it can be a time of financial challenge. Force, energy, and power are at your command during 2010, although you are asked to use it wisely and with the intention of achieving the highest good of all those around you. Set your own direction and participate fully in the process.

  • Captain,

    Thank you, he has been a freind although there was flirting, no physical contact. I guess I wanted more than it was, possibly because I just finished a divorce that took 5 night mare years and was married for 21 yrs. Do you think we can remain just freinds?

  • Wow Captain... I am speechless... your words give me a lot of hope and yet I wonder whther I really do have all these abilities you mentioned...I suppose I just have to have belief in myself, which I lack sometimes 🙂

    I am too scattered, yes, I can't seem to focus on anything for long, I have been disapointed in things that I have done so far... but yes I am looking for fullfillment in what I do with my life and that is probably the driving force behind all of this... I want to help others, to empower others to live a better life and that way feel fullfilled myself, that I am doing something worthwhile...

    I have to wait and see how I am going to incorporate all that you have told me into my life, I am not really businessminded, yet I have been told previously about business in my charts....hmmm...

    Well actually the person that I like, is my ex boss! He is still working in same company but different department.... you see he is not available, but I know that the person he is with is very controlling and agressive... he is unhappy...and gives me mixed signals...I wish I could just find someone else and be happy, yet I feel sometimes I just need to be patient and wait, because I need to give him time to clear his life off the fears and doubts and the person who has hurt him and then he will be ready to come to me...

    I hope the person you sensed appearing in my life is him 🙂

    thank you again Captain, you are unbelieveable!!! I am going to print your answer out and have it on my desk and read it often to remind myself that I have a path to follow and not to divert anymore.... thanks 🙂

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