The Captain

  • Oh WOW who and the Hell is this Guy!!!!!!

    Must be my CHARMING personality that knocks his socks off!! LOLLOL

    Okay....I take it then that I will not be living in Wisconsin soon??

    Your insight please?

  • Dear TheCaptain,

    I was wondering if you could tell me more about the job I will be getting in March? Will it be one I apply for in person, by e-mail, with the State or Feds, or through someone I know? Will it be something I already know how to do or will it be a different field and will it be here locally or will I be moving? Will the boss be a man or a woman? I know I am asking a lot and I am sorry, I am just stressing as you already know. I also need a some help with regards to my health, mainly the lack of going to sleep and staying asleep. I also am mixed up in a huge fued with my two daughters and I have tried to stay neutral, can you tell me if this is going to end soon or if they will drag us into it more with officials involved? On another note we got moved into the new house after losing our old house and I don't know how to explain this, but the feeling of the house is clear, positive and like it is a good thing for us, instead of sad as I was feeling. It makes me feel as if God helped us with this as I would have never left my small run down place I called my home, and he knew this so he helped me get into something better, We are just renting right now, but have an option to buy. It is funny how some things in life seem so bad, but end up for the better. Just thought it would be nice to share something instead of always asking from you. Thank you for your help.

  • Nice to meet you Captain. I heard some good recommendation about your readings, so i am here to ask.

    I am interested in near future about job potential and this current relationship.

    Recently I have done some tests regarding pure demanding technical job which i prefer but i do not know what will happen. Can you see what i will work or where to look for affirmation and who is my real match? I feel compulsive need for changes and feeling if i do not act right now i will be late in this lifetime.

    Thank You in advance,

    24th July 1969 21:05 Belgrade, Serbia

  • To Pilot and Sporty, relax and trust the Universe to bring you what you need. You prepare for the future by asking spirit to send you a sign of what to do and then you remain alert for any messages that come. And make sure you ask spirit to make the messages loud and clear. 😉

  • PS to Pilot and Sporty, It's far better to seek and listen for your own inner guidance than rely too much on others to tell you your life's future. If you don't trust your own inner wisdom, it will 'wither' from lack of use.

  • Uhura, what's your current partners' birthdate?

  • Hello Captain,

    Life has been steadily kicking my a** for several years. I've fallen ill; lost my job, then a child; now our home is in forclosure with a sheriff sale nearing. We have no resources, family or friends... and I fear that we (my partner and our children) will be homeless- unless something miraculous happens. The morgage company keeps telling my partner that they are reviewing the application for a loan modification- but I feel that they are jerking him around. Meanwhile he wants to believe that they will grant the modification and stop the sale- while doing nothing to prepare for the worst. I am quite literally at the end of my rope... I feel utterly helpless and lost. Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. ❤

    Me: 7/5/75

    Partner: 8/30/67

  • His data 23th September 1972 23:20 Sombor, Serbia.

    Our kids data:

    boy 1th March 2007 Belgrade, Serbia,

    girl 23th April 2008, Belgrade, Serbia.

    There are some major issues really bothering me but i am unsure is it my really, really bad perception /or there is really something because i feel remorse sometimes for entering this how to call it...hardship. Almost i feel reluctant about relationships and felt i need recovery after any of them due to complete energy know 3 years near seaside staring in waves, contemplating and taking kilos back.


    But still wondering who is my real match if any smile.

    Ah...human nature.

    Even though, job issue and affirmation makes me think more than anything at this moment.

    I know somehow solution for me is there...

    Whatever you catch even in general overview i am satisfied. Tnx.

  • MorphingAs, did you want a compatibility reading or future reading or what?

  • Uhura, I feel you have a problem with control issues - you like to be in control of your life and of others but hate anyone attempting to control or dominate you, to the point where you may find it hard to be really close to anyone. You're a tireless worker, practical, efficient, a perfectionist, dynamic, and very disciplined. You can be too scared of stopping or relaxing for fear of not having enough money to stay out of debt. Maybe you don't take enough time out for fun.

    Your fears can stop you from depending on anyone else, financially or emotionally. You need to let go more and trust that things will turn out even if you don't direct them. Unbend a little. Losing control terrifies you but it's the path to fulfillment. Mystery, passion, sharing your resources with others, and even financial dependence on someone are all things you might have to accept in this lifetime. Trust in the generosity of others and the integrity of your own powerful creative imagination. Overcome any negativity to develop a positive outlook. Release your compulsive need for order. Channel risk-taking into greater initiative and transcend the limitations of your moods and depressions. Lose the fear of your wilder side and become more comfortable with who you are. The barriers you need to break through are those in your mind. The changes you feel compelled to make must be made in yourself.

    There are some difficulties in your relationship with your partner. The more you both try to hide your relationship's less favourable side, the more it tends to come to light. Together you have a problem handling misfortune, pain, and loss. When things are going well, all is rosy and sweet but when difficulties surface, you two may be unprepared to handle them. There is a tendency to ignore painful issues and to stuff them in a well of repression. The challenge is to meet problems head-on, acknowledging that life has a dark side but it can be dealt with, and solutions found.

    The relationship can be exciting but unstable - you both have a hunger for sensation that drives you in the direction of ever more new and stimualting exeprieinces. These impossibly high threshholds cannot be maintained however and the relationship can slip into deep depression. Learn not to use the world of experience as an escape and to get the most out of a situation before dashing off to the next one. Marriage will only work if you can build a stable base and even out your life together - and stick to it. Responsible actions can be fun too. Pain is often necessary for progress.

    This year for you Uhura is is all about going within for, exploring the depths of your personality and confronting the inner areas and thoughts that are holding you back from living a completely satisfied and fulfilled life. It may require some retreat or isolation. But in changing your self and your outlook, you will change your whole life.

    This is a year of introspection and reflection, a time to analyze your thoughts and actions, and pursue studies of an intellectual or metaphysical nature that interest you. During this year you will want to explore life's deeper truths, either looking into philosophical matters or studying natural sciences. You will find yourself better able to solve problems, and come to a greater awareness of your full potential. Let things come to you in 2010, as this is a year when thoughts and ideas materialize. It is a good year to carry out plans that don't require involvement from others, and a year to guard your personal "alone" time, so as to avoid feeling irritable. A time to get "centered", you may find that at times during this year you feel lonely and left out. The main lesson this year is to learn to be alone without being lonely. By the end of this year you will likely be in a position to handle life with greater insight and efficiency.

    For your partner it is a year of strength and action, especially career-wise. It is a great year for goal setting and attainment. It is also a year for business, and material matters. Because it is a year of personal prosperity, he is in a position to manifest whatever it is that he wants in life. It is also a year to reap the rewards of previous efforts, as well as a time to give some time, money, and energy to philanthropic pursuits. 2010 will find him dealing with important people, important decisions, and important methods of operating, rather than being bogged down in petty details. If he hasn't put the time and effort into his business/career, or has not developed an understanding of the universal laws that govern prosperity, it can be a time of financial challenge. Force, energy, and power are at his command during this year, although he is asked to use it wisely and with the intention of achieving the highest good of all those around you. He must set his own direction and participate fully in the process.

  • MorphingAS, I'll go ahead and do a numerology reading for you and your husband.

    For you, MorphingAS, 2010 is a 6 persomal year. This vibration is one of protection and benevolence. This year home and family are highlighted. It is a time to counsel, console, guide, and give assistance to family members and friends. Some sacrifice will be asked of you in this area. The focus this year is on relationships. You are likely to find your relationship with those near and dear to you growing ever closer and stronger this year, while any relationship that is no longer of mutual benefit will come under the microscope and may actually terminate, (if it hasn’t already ended during the 5 year). It is a time when you may be concerned with taking care of your home, perhaps decorating, buying furniture, or even finding a new home. It is also worthwhile in your 6 year to personalize your environment with family photographs, fresh flowers, or treasured objects and artifacts. Consider taking courses that focus on your own well being and balance. If you have ever wanted to paint, sing, act, or play a musical instrument for pleasure, this is also favoured in a 6 year. You may find yourself "spread thin" this year, as you will be needed in many areas. Usually the 6 year is free of occupational and financial problems.

    For your husband, 2010 is a 5 personal year. This can be a time of upheaval in your life and it is possible that more than one crisis will unfold for you at this time. But know that the Chinese alphabet characters for crisis are actually change+opportunity. Not all change needs to bring distress, and it is also just as likely that there may be very pleasant surprises and opportunities in store for you at this time. To reap the benefit of these opportunities, you will need to remain positive and optimistic in your outlook. Read about the Law of Attraction as this, of all years, is a time when it can work very well for you. This is the number of freedom and expansiveness, and it is possible that you will find yourself driven by a desire to break free from your usual routine, delve into unknown areas, and reconstruct your life in a way that feels more authentic to you. This is a time for taking action, expressing yourself (particularly through writing, as 5 is the number of the scribe), and finding new people, new places and new situations. (I feel this involves the mortgage company - either switching - or threatening to switch if they don't move forward - and also looking into getting some outside financial advice.)

    The two of you can be rather unconventional but you must try and stick to conventional methods to help you out now. Watch any addictions or obsessions and be practical and purposeful. . The two of you must be more hard-driving and determined in your efforts to pull yourself out of your difficulties - don't relax your efforts at all and don't let other people intimidate you. You are so close to victory. MorphingAS, use all your considerable powers of persuasion with the mortgage company people. Your husband must stand up for himself more.

  • Hi The Captain

    Just wanted to let you how awesome i think of what u do here on threads at tarot dot com. How cool calm n collected u is in face of requestees turning on ya being total bitches. Im in awe n I just needed to tell ya how respectful i am of u.

    I wish at times i had ur cool LOL but i dont, prolly bc im a hobscotch of all kinds of abilities. LOL

    ok catch u soon captain.


  • Hi Captain

    If possible could you help me out with a relationship question.

    I was involved with a guy a year and a half ago and we abruptly stopped seeing each other due to some issues that came up. About 8 months later he started to pursue me again and I chose to blow him off cause my emotions for the situation hadn't quite been handled. 3 months ago I decided to give him a chance cause I felt that I had resolved my hurt and pain that I was feeling. We have had tons of fun and I feel we are connecting wonderfully I just don't know where I stand with him cause anytime I ask he gets defensive. I am falling in love with him and I don't want to get hurt again. I feel like I still have my guard up and was wondering if you could lend me any advice on wether this may work out or I should just keep him as a friend and move on. His b-day 6/30/70. Mine 1/17/77. Thank you for any advice you could give. You are truly a blessing...

  • Thanks CharmedWitchBente, I just try to keep in mind that everyone is God and spirit and as such deserves my respect and civility.

  • GRSunShine, this relationship has imagination, fantasy, and flair - and more. If you haven't discovered these aspects of your relationship, you don't know what you're missing. Your friend's self-image could change drastically here and almost overnight. Any vision he had of himself as a stick-in-the-mud stay-at-home type is liable to go right out the window, for you won't see him that way at all. You can feel very comfortable in this relationship, and will usually take the lead in showing some of the steps to your friend. A love affair tends to be romantic and flamboyant. Letting it all hang out may be a whole new experience to your friend and one he should eventually thoroughly enjoy. Just the relief over not feeling embarrassed or inhibited by public displays of affection is a reward in itself for this private personality. Marriage tends to be less exciting and more prosaic. The relationship does have a more thoughtful side that will emerge here, but ultimately it may not be fated for you two to take on more demanding responsibilities. Furthermore, the emotional depth needed for a longer-lasting commitment such as marriage is generally lacking here.

    GRSunShine, you can be prone to neglect your health and push too hard and too fast sometimes. Blessed with great strength and charisma, you can nevertheless suffer from burnout or develop chronic physical problems. You were born with a powerful nature that needs to assert itself and control or manipulate most situations. This can be somewhat off-putting and overwhelming for those around you. Try and regulate your behaviour. You also have a tendency to externalise your problems, ending up wasting your energies in paranoia or trick wars and false crusades. You can become addicted to the search for the ultimate highs and lows of experience, pushing the limits of what you can endure beyond all good sense and into the realms of active self-destruction. If you can learn how to express your creative power and control your anger, your path will be much smoother. Your fulfillment lies in finding out that you are not as alone as you believed yourself to be.

    Your friend has a fear of what he can't control so this runs bang smack into your need for control in most things. He struggles with the demons of personal insecurity and chronic - even neurotic - self-protection. If he finds himself with a person or in a situation that seems out of his control, he will run away and retreat into his safe and cosy shell. Being extremely sensitive, shy, or just having generally unmanageable and unstable emotions, it is crucial for him to avoid codependent, needy, or unhealthy relationships and to cling to those who would see him open up, rather than close down, his mind and heart. He needs to learn to combine critical analysis with his empathic ability. His partner will need to understand that he needs a certain amount of alone time in which to recharge and reflect. Mental orientation is important for him to be able to deal with his emotional nature.

    The relationship will take a lot of care and effort to make it workable. But it can be done if both parties are willing to work on the parts of themselves that are contributing to problems within the relationship..

  • captain (or ms captain)

    widowed a few months. Prior to that cared for very sick spouse, (no intimacy for many many months) I seem to be waking up . . . . . is the person I' m considering the right one (dont want a 'relationship' but am very 'hungry' ) would it work if explained and discussed ahead of time? Am I correct about him?

    I am getting used to being 'me by myself', dont want another relationship. Do younger men like older women? I think I'm getting this from him? Is he clean in body, mind, spirit? Is this wrong to do? ('hungry' woman asking)

    Some day I will want a typical relationship; right now must get used to doing for myself, dont want to be a couple yet. Just want reciprocal respectful passionate fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am I correct about him?

  • Luckymermaid, do you know his birthdate?

  • And i think people should always discuss what they want before they begin a relationship - it saves any problems or heartache afterwards. As to the age thing, I think society makes a big deal of it but really it all comes down to compatibility.

  • I agree. No dont know his b/d. I just realized he has gone out of his way to get my attention in last few months . . . . . have always said 'thanks' when those things happened; didn't realize til recently that I think he likes me . . . . . Or maybe it's just my crazy perspective.

    No, haven't had any chats or discussion, but sure am thinking about it. If I dare.

    (no fool like an old fool)

  • Luckymermaid, you can always start off with a friendship and see how you feel from there.

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