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  • I feel it Captain, and I will follow that..YES I am happy. No need for a question, thank you, I have the answer.

    My Best to you..


  • Pilot, I see you still working with other people but in a new job where you have more authority.

  • TheCaptain, could you please elaborate on what my authority in my new career will entail?

    And what month will this occur as well?

    Thanks A Bunch!!

  • Also, will I be working with adults or children?

  • I see you in management around July. Both children and adults.

  • captain thank you for your very thorough reading for this year. I did however have a specific question about an upcoming promotional opportunity. I recently took a promotional exam and wanted to know if i would be promoted and when. dob 2/22/73

  • Thank you, I had a feeling that was coming, (smile).

  • Opalgem222, I feel you will not see real results or forward movement in your career until about June with the best results occurring in August, and a few ups and downs taking place between then and now.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am here for you, Shorty.

  • Hello TheCaptain, I am curious... this management job that I will have this Summer. Will I be involved in a partnership of some sort, and will it be with people I already know?

  • Good Morning Captain

    I wondering if you would be so kind as to shed a little light on my life here. I'm feeling a little lost these days and would like to know what's ahead for me? DOB 3/20/61 Time 1:56pm in the Western part of Massachusetts.

    Some facts: Single Mom with no love interests - two teenage sons (Great boys most of the time!) - In need of a job, have been for a little over a year, and not sure where to look anymore.

    Any help or advise you, or anyone else reading this, can send my way would greatly be appreciated. I feel like I'm going in circles . . .

    Thank you for all you do for others - Have a great day!!

  • Hello Captain,

    I'm a newbie here. Born in Boston,MA 4/28/1951, 10:32p. In need of some insight and guidance. The last year was filled with loss and lessons from the errors of my past. This year so far seems like more of the same in an even grander fashion. Can you help? Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Remember love,


  • Pilot, no and no.

  • Jacqueline2008, this is the best year for you for getting a job. But I would suggest you look into doing some studying or updating your skills. I'm feeling a complete change from what you have been looking for will be successful.

    Your life could do with more structure and practical planning. Your gifts of strength, persistence, and fortitude will take you where you want to go provided you are willing to go through a methodical step-by-step process to get there and don't skip any necessary details. Failure can be a signpost that you have missed a step. No challenge is too great if you break it down into small, manageable portions. You tend to be overwhelmed by large amounts of information. Stay calm! Just putting things in order can be of tremendous benefit. Over-analysis and worry can shut your mind down and then reactive emotions or impulsive action takes over. Making decisions is hard for you. Write down your ideas and then trust your instincts - your gut feeling - for final decisions. Ask your friends and family about your strengths and weaknesses and really listen to their feedback - you sometimes ignore other's opinions. You also tend to yearn for a more idealised situation when you should be dealing with things as they are. Take your head out of the clouds and be a bit more logical.

    Developing your innate practical organization and analytical skills will help you excel in many fields. You are compassionate and very spiritual and like to be of service to others, to help make the world a better place. You have psychic gifts that you can use to help yourself and others if you can just clear your mind of worry and stress. Communication of all kinds - but especially writing - is well suited to you.

    In love you tend to be overly romantic and idealise your partner, only to be disappointed once the love blinders come off and you find out they are only human. A more common sense approach to love is necessary for you to find the right person.

    Make sure you pay attention to your health - you can often neglect it. Exercise can help you better manage the connection between your body, mind and emotions. A physical fitness regime can clear your thinking and brings your emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment. Focus on the positive aspects of your life rather than the negative. A job working from home or away from noise and distraction (which interfere with your being grounded) and which provides you with some solitude, would be beneficial and satisfying.

  • Kwoo, if this year is the same as last year or worse, It's because you haven't changed your attitudes or way of doing and thinking. Situations change when WE change first. Try doing something different to the way you have always done it. Lose any rigid behaviours or inflexibility.

    This is your year for career success. Put the past behind you and begin again. Live in the present moment. February is an especially good month for starting over. You need to find a cause, person, principle or deity to devote yourself to. Put away your tendency towards self-pity and know the joy of following your heart. Find your passion. You are protective, nurturing and powerful but have issues of ego or a need to run the show. Your weaknesses are stubbornness, procrastination, and a resistance to change - your strengths of realism, good sense, and tenaciousness can lead you to success.

    You may need to find a quiet, peaceful place where you can meditate and contemplate your life and options. But don't withdraw too much - friendships and a job that brings you into contact with other human beings is necessary for your overall health and wellbeing. Don't let any guardedness or mistrust keep you from normal social interaction.

  • Hi Captain and thank you


  • Thanks Thecaptain.

  • TheCaptain I have another question regarding this new career opportunity. I want to make sure that I am ready when this opportunity comes.

    Also, you mentioned; I will be working with both adults and children. Will I be going back to school soon or will I be going through some type of extensive training of some sort?

    Also, will someone offer this self-employment opportunity to me, or will I find it myself?

    I am curious because, the economy is so bad now. You have to have the right people to network with, in order to find something.

    You insight please.

  • The foreign man I told you you would meet will ask you to manage an area in his company. You do not need any more training as anything you need you will get on the job abd you already have the skills required.

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