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  • Aquagrrl82, it's all about focus and perspective. When we're in that blind state of love/lust, we tend to idealise our partners and not notice their faults. Making a conscious effort to see your Cancer friend's faults - that he is only human - will help you to become more realistic in your dealings with him. This will help shift your perspective into balance. Finding other things to occupy your time so as not to be mooning over him constantly is also good.

    When we're in love, all we think about is that person and how wonderful they are and how good for us they are, etc.. A reality check can jolt us out of our 'blindness'.

  • Shorty1028, I can see that last year especially was a time of hard work and knuckling down for you. 2010 however will bring changes to your situation - it's time to take a new direction with the things that aren't working for you. This is a year of freedom and expansiveness, and you will find yourself driven by a desire to break free from your usual routine, delve into unknown areas, and reconstruct your life in a way that feels more authentic to you. This is a time for taking action, expressing yourself (particularly through writing), and finding new people, new places and new situations. 2010 gives you an opportunity to reap the rewards and realize the progress you've made during the last four years. Therefore, opportunities come your way to advance in various directions. The year asks for flexibility, since the universe often brings rewards in unexpected ways. In the event that you hold resistance, changes can come that will catapult you forward. There may be some amount of risk in the year, but rewards are what the year wishes to bring. Relationships at a distance and travel are highlighted.

    Take time to acknowledge how hard you have worked the last four years. Acknowledge your perseverance, attitudes, belief changes, hard work, practice of self-love, and focus on your hopes and dreams. One way to do this could be to create a picture album of the last four years, telling the story of your life. Or you can simply make a list of events, activities, accomplishments, and realizations as you reflect on your journey.

    It may be time to plan a little trip for yourself this year too. It could be a simple small outing, a series of outings, or even a more extensive trip. You have earned it!

    Improve a room in your home so that it is more suitable for new projects that you may want to begin. Changes are evident right now. By creating a way to be more flexibility in your home and workspace, it will help you attract more opportunities.

    It might be time to take up a new form of movement or exercise. Find something that you feel is fun and stimulating. You might buy some new music to listen. Movement therapy and breath therapy can really help move energy and help you create the flexibility that this year calls for. Take advantage of the many benefits the year wishes to bring.

    This is a wonderful time for reunions with family and friends in other areas. It's also a great time for making new friends, locally or across the globe. You could create a pen-pal, or perhaps you may find that long distant relationships with loved ones highlight the year. This is a year to expand your sense of what is possible. Often by sharing and connecting with people in other areas, or even other cultures, you expand your sense of possibility.

    Take a risk! Submit an idea or something you've worked on--perhaps a creative project that you've enjoyed--to a publication or a community based project. You are expanding your horizons to include yourself in more opportunities!

    Reflect on the connectedness of all things. It is said that we are only six people removed from any person on earth. Each person on our planet shares many of the same needs. Notice what connects us, and what we have all have in common. This is a wonderful way to fuel your hopes and dreams because it expands away any sense of limitation. By becoming more conscious of the inner-connection of all things, you become more open to receive.

    Assess your current goals and life mission. Acknowledge what you accomplished during the last four years, and what you are still working toward. Recreate your goals, reflect on how they fit in your life now, and recommit yourself to what you want to create. Next, define baby steps that may help you get there. Ask yourself where you can take some calculated risks that can open new doors. Remember to allow for miracles, and not to be too attached to each step. Allow the universe to bring you wonderful surprises.

    Having said that, along with all of this excitement and new opportunities often comes feelings of restlessness. You may feel pulled in too many different directions and hop from idea to idea before you complete anything. You do need to be willing to take calculated risks in order to take giant steps forward, even before all of the facts are in, but at the same time you have to be careful not to run too quickly from unfinished business or you will find yourself right back where you started.

    This is the time to get out of destructive interpersonal relationships as well as business relationships that offer no chance for progression. Sticking with old models or stagnant ways of doing or being is like sealing the coffin for you. You must surround yourself with people who are living life and are looking for opportunities to stretch themselves both personally and professionally.

    You will feel a pull to indulge your senses. It may be the case that this year you will be constantly seeking new ways to excite your senses. You literally want to take a bite out of life. Be careful not to overindulge in anything whether it be sex, food, training, drugs, or anything that leads to addiction. This will take you off your path and while seemingly pleasurable at the time, will have long term consequences.

    The overall lesson for this year is that with discipline comes freedom.

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  • Shorty, you just don't trust life not to kick you in the butt, do you? Bu things are very different this year to all the previous ones for all of us. This time around we can all have and do the things we really want to. The saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" applies here. Yes, you can go and crawl into a hole in New Mexico - where you will be safe and stagnant, and eventually bored out of your mind and unsatisfied. Is that really life? It's a well-know fact that the most successful people have failed more times than normal folk - they just keep getting up again and again until they achieve their goals.

    Become the person you used to be.

  • HI Captain: I posted this on the wrong thread. Just copied and pasted it here so you wouldn't get confused. Sorry about the mess.

    I am back with a differnt question for you concerning my divorce because I just had a harrowing meeting with my attorney on Friday. I think my husband (exhusband) might have a **** loose somewhere (his BD is 6.12/1961 4:09 PM Oakland CA). He bought a condominum and left me in the house. Because of the market, we can't sell the house so I have to stay here and pay the mortgage. He is refusing to give me enough of a monthly payment to meet my and the kids living expenses. I am having to rent out my oldest daughter's room since she lives mostly with her dad (so when she come over here she sleep with me or her sister - or I sleep with her sister and she sleeps in the bedroom) - no big deal. Anyway, my husband first wanted to move out. Then he had to buy this condominium (he used out home equity loan to pay cash for the condo) Now he is taking out a loan on the condo to pay down the loan on the house I live in - supposedly so I can afford the mortgage, but now he will also have a payment on the condo. He wants to be sole owner of the condo plus be on the deed to the house I live in He says he can't pay me more than he is offering so that I can make the mortgage.

    This man is historically very money conscious and does not do anything rash with funds or property, yet in the last year, he has literally lost his mind. I am beside myself wondering what is going to happen to me and the kids after this divorce. It seems like we are on a downward spiral and I am desperately trying not to hit the bottom. We are supposed to be in a collaborative divorce but so far it has only been collaborative if he gets what he wants. He keeps trying to circumvent attorneys "to save money" but it winds up costing more money because I feel he is manipulating me and I have to call my attorney for every move he makes.

    I myself am being driven crazy. Are we going to wind up in foreclosure and living out of our cars? Is he going to be able to pay enough support for us to meet the mortgage and pay all of our expenses? Its very important that we don't move because my little girl is developmentally delayed and any shift in routine, schooling, life cause her to regress.

    She is a sweet little girl and doesn't deserve the stress that has been forced on her in the last year. I am not too worried about the older one because she is stronger. This is a lot. I have been trying to think about strategic budgets and positive outcomes but he will do something that will throw me for a loop that comes out of nowhere and which makes no sense in relation to other things hes done. Its just bad weirdness. Thanks a ton. At least for letting me dump on yon 🙂 (My BD BTW is March 14,1958 if you need it) Take you time. I have to go somewhere and scream really loud.

  • Turtledust, what is your attorney doing for you? I feel like this should be much easier to sort out than it has been. If you need a more ruthless and aggressive attorney, do it. Your husband is behaving like a kid so all bets are off. Push back. I'm sure a court would be very sympathetic to you and your children. I think your husband is pinning his hopes on you being passive about taking action. He must be forced to sell the condo and pay you and your girls what you all need. Then he can do what he wants. Stand up and be forceful - with the attorney and with your husband.

    Your husband is in a 3 personal year where losing your head and foolishness with money are characteristic. So you need to do something very quickly before he can do any worse. It's your separation that has done both of you in. Together you were able to be practical and get results (your marriage grounded you both0 - apart you turn into dreamers and fantasy-seekers.

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  • Hi Captain

    A certain someone requests your reading skills. I advice u strongly NOT to do it. She is not worth it at all. Many on here has tried to help her and all we got was it thrown back in our faces. Even today she cannot move on and let it go.

    I know you know her and seen it happen.

    I feel pity and sadness for her that for months after having been given all n more on her questions issues and what else, she still has not taken it in and await results.

    For your own sanity and sake dont spend time on her.

    Many of us lived to regret it, sadly!


  • Thank you Captain - you are right. Together there was some discipline. Apart there is chaos.

    We should all have little lights that come on prior to 3 personal years (is that what you call it) so everyone will know to watch out for uncharacteristic behaviours. The attorneys should have put a stay on everything from the beginning and they didn't. That would have kept him from being able to bully me into his schemes.

  • Ahoy Captain! I too thought you were a male, maybe in another life? We never know, but you probably do! Can I get a general reading about the near future whatever you feel needs to be said? Birthday 11/20/65, I was meditating but I'm getting confused not sure if it's working. I have issues girl! Thanks so much! And I pray your kindness is returned to you in many many blessings. Thanks 🙂

  • Poetic555, 2010 is a year of going within for you, of spending time examining your life and what you want (or think you want.) It is a time for spiritual growth and evolution. You may even feel like physically retreating or withdrawing. It's time to sort out your muddles and get straight - this will involve a lot of careful thought and inner probing. Negative thinking patterns and attitudes must be turned around into positive ones. You are excitable by nature and somewhat volatile, so meditation and quiet conttemplation may be difficult for you but it is precisely what you need this year. You seek to free yourself (and others) from the world's limitations and authorities, not realising that it is yourself and your old outmoded ways of thinking and being that are really holding you back. Put aside your cynicism or autocracy and learn to temper your passion with simple common sense.

    I feel like your biggest problem is that you have so much energy and desire to change things that you run around like a chook with its head cut off without doing the sort of preparation and planning that allows you to create a workable method for achieving what you want. This year, slow down and then you will conversely move ahead faster and better.

  • CharmedWitchBente, thanks for the heads up, but I can only follow my own Higher Self and my guides' wishes as to who I help and what information I give out.

  • TheCaptain,

    At one time in my life I was told I would be doing spontaneous writings from guides and I tried but was never sure I was doing it right. Can you tell me what I should be focusing on now? I have been trying to pray and heal myself as well as others, it seems to be working, but I am not sure. Lately I also feel like I am being drawn to a crystal, which I do not have, nor do I know where to get one. One that is gifted by the spirits and I do not know why I am drawn to this. If you could give me some insight regarding this I would appreciate your help.

  • Ahoy Captain! Thanks again. I think i have adult ADD! (smile). Very Impulsive sometimes. You are right. I can't open my Chakra's someone told me I never will. I'm not sure of what my mission is in this life. alas, I wait and maybe it will be revealed to me soon. Sometimes I think I want to be a missionary in some fashion. You are very accurate, I Thank You so much for your wisdom Shaman! Many, many blessings to you for your good works! May the Universe repay you several times over! It Will! Light n Love. C.C.

  • I feel that material concerns may be interfering with your ability to hear your guides'advice and your inner wisdom. The writing is just expressing in concrete form what you are being told. If you want to get a crystal, look for a local New Age shop or search the internet for sellers of crystals. Onve you get a crystal, cleanse and energise it in sunlit or moonlit water or soak it in sea salt.

  • Poetic555, never believe someone who says never to you. 🙂 Of course you can open your chakras (you would be dead if they were ALL closed) - meditation and visualisation will help you clear any blockages you may have. The one in your third eye I feel is the biggest blockage - it cuts off your psychic flow.

  • Hey CAP it is me again! I hope that your week is going perfect.

    I have a question regarding my exboyfriend. As you know, I use to work for him and I had warned him about certain employees being deceitfu.l It has been a year now and he is FULLY aware- I think- of all of the deception that has been going on in his business.

    NOW that he sees that I was absolutely right, will he give me backpay of some sort, as a way of apoligizing to me?

    If No, then how will he do it?

  • I think it is going to be very hard for him to admit he was wrong. I don't feel him considering giving you any money or even apologising. That would mena he was wrong. He just doesn't want to think about much to do with business at the moment. He is putting things off as much as he can, unrealistically hoping they will sort themselves out on their own. I think you'll have to broach the subject yourself although it probably won't go down well.

  • Okay, do you see us talking at all this year about what happened in regard to the lawsuits or the business?

  • TheCaptain, howcan I get past the material items to listen to my guides? Also is there a certain ritual for blessing the crystals? I have never heard of this and so now you have me courious as the process and I would want to make sure I do it right. Thank you for your help.

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