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  • Celestialmoon, I don't see this relationship as being very good for the longterm. A love affair may be passionate and exciting but the volatile nature of the relationship may ensure a rough ride, with quite a few emotional ups and downs. Perhaps the biggest problem is that you CM may not be tough enough to cope with the tremendous self-confident career drive of your friend, which may leave you feeling abandoned or neglected for long periods of time. Bringing out your insecure nervous side, such neglect may lead to recriminations, anger and resentment, which your friend will probably view with annoyance as an intrusion on his valuable time. The most immature aspects of your personality will emerge in such moments and your friend can come to feel he is dealing with a petulant child.

    Basically, CM, your friend is more interested in his career than he is in you. He loves being popular and will always want to be surrounded by admirers and other such people. He likes to be in charge of his life and that includes you - your relationship's timetable is run by him. He meets you only when he has the time. He bores easily, hates any form of restraint, and has great difficulty maintaining a steady relationship, since it is more artistic expression than human contact that he craves. Sudden, sharp and painful breaks in relationships are the norm for him.

  • Sidebar..........TheCaptain, if you do not mind, I would like to make a comment.

    I was VERY surprised when I found out that you were female. That explains why you put so much LOVE,TIME, and ENERGY into your readings. You do give off male vibes on this forum. I guess women who are enterprising, intelligent, and savvy like yourself would.

    I am going to continue to pray, that the Universe will bless you financially.

    YOU are like the Amelia Earhart and the Great Madame Curie of the Tarot Forum!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks Pilot, I am trying to balance both my male and female sides, yin and yang energies. So I don't mind being mistaken for a man.

    Didn't Amelia Earhart go missing? Hmmm....LOL

  • YEAH!!! LOL know you are right!!

    I heard that they found her plane not to long ago?

  • TheCaptain, Wow! Thank you. The Libra man is exactly as you call it and we are still very good friends and still talk to each other every so often. Interesting about my husband as some of what you said I knew and some I did not. What I did not know I will have to work with to see where we end up, either the best freind or the worst enemy! Thank you!

  • Wow thanx captain. yea ive become more independant in the last few years. thats for sure.

    i still have my libra writer buddy. oct 4 1937 at 1. 27 AM Wallace Idaho USA, currently residing in pa. how does it look there now n in shall we say imidiate future lol

    thanx again for ALL ur aide. i appreciate it so very much.

    cwb ;-X

  • Captain, WOW, I have had those very feelings. And, yes, it has always been when he's had time. I do understand that he is very busy, but sometimes, I just want to be first I guess. But, when he tells me I am his "angelic elf", that I'm an "exception to the rule (regarding women)" and "the only one", I do get weak in the knees. I just can't say no. I'm not really ready for something totally permanent right now, and it is alot of fun begin with him; he makes me laugh, and he's really good in other areas too!!! He does love being around admirers, he is so very talented, he definitely has the gift of gab going. But right now I can't see myself not spending what time I can with him. I have toughened up to the situation over the past few months though; but on the other hand, I don't see us getting married or anything either. I'm just going to go with the flow, keeping my eyes wide open and staying in control of my emotions as best as I can. Thank you so much, you really were "right on" the situation and I appreciate your response. If you ever get anything else come to you about my situation, I would love to hear from you! Again thanks so much, CM

  • CharmedWitchBente, I feel that your relationship with your Libran man works best as a friendship or as a student-teacher sort of thing. You seem to be a little 'it's these men or nothing' - I sense another man waiting on the sidelines to meet you but he can't enter until you have cleared a place for him in your attitudes or love agenda. Up till now, I feel deep down you have been seeking to learn and grow from your lovers, seeing them as mentors to guide you through life. But that's not an equal relationship - it's time to have one.

  • Celestialmoon, contact me when the situation changes.

  • Wow LOL

    Well i had a male buddy back in the day back in 1996, then i was gung ho and ready for a man n all. BUT he wasn´t. this ones is an aries. born april 7 1962 Lazio rome, italy, adopted to americans 7 to 14 days after he was born. raised in california, n from what i understand now cruising the world as business man. ive felt he kinda awaits for an opprotunity ????

  • CharmedWitchBente, this would be a fruitful if unusual matchup and excellent for the longterm. Your friend was correct that it wasn't the right time years ago for either of you (he actually felt a bit put off at the time by your outgoing personality) and you were a bit too immature. But the time is now!

  • Captain,

    Thank you for the quick response.


  • Thanx captain. Wow

    may i be bold to ask for a romantic compat from you on aries aoril 7 1962 at 3.37 Am Lazio Roma italy and i march 10 1972 at 11.20 PM Sønderborg denmark???


  • TheCaptain, I would like to say thank you for myself and the rest of us on the forum. Your contributions and support to us is amazing. You really give so much to everyone. My birthdate is 2/26/61 and I have been in an on and off relationship with 6/10/64. I know that we are connected and were together in a past life and so does he. As much as I think that I should just move on I still get drawn back. It is a very push, pull relationship. I feel we are meant to be together and that he puts up a wall when things are getting comfortable. He has never been married so I am sure he has a fear of being in a relationship. I have been seperated for a couple years and divorced over a year ago after a 30 year relationship. I am lonely and this guy is in my head and heart and when I meet other guys I have not interest. Is this going to work out or do you see anyone else. As an empath it makes it hard to not let others emotions and this makes it hard. I try to ground and protect myself but sometimes it does not work. The stress of the divorce and life has made them so strong in the last couple years. Intuition has also increased but hard to control/decifer what it all means so leaves me confused and stress. Trying to work on all of it and sort it out. Makes it difficult when I am personally involved and when my intuition and empathy are so strong and yet it seems to be all a big blob and confusion is the result. So anything you can give me would be great.

  • Hello Captain.

    I would appreciate a reading. DOB May 2, 1947, Kincardine, Ontario,Canada, now living in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

    Much has ocurred during the past few years, with me on a steady uphill climb.

    I am wondering what I can look forward to in general, spiritually, physically, financially, career wise, emotional. Romance -companionship, if there is to be one, as I have not been involved with anybody since the early 80's, when I left my son's father.

    Thank you for your generous offer for giving insight to those of us who are guided to you.


    Julianna, lovingsilverwings

  • CharmedWitchBente, this relationship centres around aesthetic experience, especially music, theatre, art and design. Sharing likes and dislikes and exploring questions of taste together are among this combination's greatest joys. Whether you two are mates or just friends, your Aries will crave your gift of intimacy after a hard day tilting at windmills. Outwardly directed, your friend rarely has the time or the talent to switch his mind off his principal activities - professional or domestic - and you CWB have the ability to lead your friend through intriguing byways of human experience, far removed from everyday concerns.

    This relationship can manifest as a very productive though unconventional marriage or permanent living situation. The world may be amazed that such different people can be successful together, but your capacity for profound thought, planning and evaluation, CWB, can prove a reassuring and directing influence on your friend's spontaneous and dynamic energies. Also, when you sink into depression, as you sometimes do, your friend's positive outlook will prove indispensable. Both of you will be able to learn to stand aside rather than intrude on the other's moods.

    At first, you CWB may not be attracted to your friend, whose loud outgoing and egotistical nature will often turn you off. And he may find your inwardness, although intriguing, still far too strange to get involved with. But as time goes by and you get to know one another better, you will both find yourselves strangely intrigued. This is a good match for the long term as long as the relationship does not become too self-centred and remembers to make itself available to others. Also moodiness must be carefully managed.

  • Olivebranch, this relationship fares better as a friendship than as an intimate relationship. It can be dramatic and emphasises critical thought and observation. Mental challenges of all kinds attract you both, from puzzles to chess to computer games. There is often a friendly rivalry as to who knows best and who knows more. The frequent winner is an I-told-you-so. Your vivid imagination and your friend's verbal skills mix together to produce a lively combination. You are happy to indulge your mental capabilities here, for so many of your relationships have had an emphasis on the emotional.

    A love affair can be unstable. Your chemistry tends to be volatile and expressive, with feelings flying every which way. You may find your friend irritating and undependable, while he may find you dreamy and unincisive. Romantic illusions abound and like balloons are easily punctured. Marriage often requires a great deal of effort in settling differences, becoming more realistic, and building a more stable foundation. Whereas a friendship, without the intensity of emotional intensity, can be both stimulating and fun. Your friend is easily bored and may seek excitement and entertainment elsewhere if you are not satisfying his needs.

  • Lovingsilverwings, this can be a terrific year for you. It will be full of new people and situations but you must be careful to slow down and steady your emotions and energies. Cultivate some patience so that you can work with all the information before you. Solid planning and an effort to avoid excess (particularly of the physical kind) will be a great help to you. You have a rare combination of stamina and versatility that should stand you in good stead this year. Nurture your inner need for harmony and back up from time to time to remind yourself of the bigger picture. Backtracking once you have taken a wrong turn will be difficult so plan carefully in advance.

    Sheer force of will will help you realise some of your biggest dreams and goals, but you must avoid confrontations and combativeness. You can be restless, always wanting more, and 2010 can provide it. This year, instead of your usual looking back to the past or looking into the future, you must focus on the here and now and work with what you have. You often miss what's right under your nose - like a romantic partner or an adventure. Your hunger for new experiences will be well fed this year if you centre yourself in the present. You might look at furthering your education in some way this year.

    You were born with a certain feistiness but as you grew older, you learnt to walk away from a fight and found yourself instead encouraging negotiations and compromise in the role of a moderator. You are able to bring harmony to situations and people. With your considerable charm and magnetism, commitment is really not your forte. 2010 is really all about you - about self-love and appreciation and doing what you want.

    Embrace courage and be open to initiating new ideas. A wave of new energy is supporting you, wanting to move you in new directions and bring you a greater sense of self-definition. It is a time of birthing new ideas. Define your nature and these ideas as you follow your dreams. You are learning to initiate what really motivates you. It is not a time to wait around, since you could miss out on what this year has to offer. You are laying down the blueprint and foundation that will set the pace for the next nine years.

    Set some realistic goals, ones that you know you are able to accomplish, and yet offer some challenge. By being realistic you will go beyond your comfort zone without setting yourself up to fail. Your goals can be in any areas of your life, especially those where you feel stagnant.

    Initiate new relationships by making new acquaintances and friends. Connect with others outside of your home. As you extend yourself look for events, classes, or groups that stimulate you and offer learning opportunities that align with your new goals. I feel mid year is a very good time for romance and meeting new people. Money affairs feel steady - neither moving up nor down too much. You will have as much as you need.

    Take a risk. Begin to dream more. If you hear yourself thinking about things you don't have, start thinking more about things you would like to have. And remember to express gratitude for what you do have. Turn your thoughts into an affirmative direction rather than a negating direction.

    This is the beginning of a new life for you. Make yourself over into a new person with a new attitude, too.

  • Hello the captain..

    I have a've done a reading for me before, my birthdate is 29th Jan 1982. Can you tell me how to maintain a friendship with a cancerian male but fall out of love with him at the same time?

    Hopeless and uneasy...

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