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  • Pilot, I feel it will be about mid-year before your friend can bear to discuss his situation rationally with you. Deep down he feels chargrined because you were right and he did not heed your good advice.

  • Sporty, you need to be able to quieten your mind and emotions to hear your guides. Something like meditation will help or breathing exercises. As to cleansing your crystals, you can bless them yourself by saying a prayer over them or imaging them bathed in white light - then periodically cleanse them to remove any stale energies.(Like you should do for yourself or a new residence or secondhand jewellery, clothing, etc.) You'll find plenty of info if you do an internet search for cleansing and care of crystals.

    This is one example from -

    Before hanging, placing, or using your crystal, there are two processes of cleansing it to prepare it for use.

    The first is just to remove any traces of dust or fingerprints. Simply run your crystal under running water. Of course, if your crystal item is delicate or has a protective felted bottom side, you may cleanse by gently wiping your crystal with a soft moist towel.

    The second cleanse -and the more important one - is energetic. Our intention is to purify the crystal to remove any energies or imbalances it may have picked up in handling by others on its way to you. Of course, crystals will also rebalance and cleanse themselves over time if left unused and not handled. The following methods will allow you to help your crystal back to its balanced state right away.


    If you have a large enough clustered crystal in your home, using it is the easiest way to cleanse and attune your new crystals: To do so, simply place your new crystal on top of a crystal cluster and leave it there until the next day.


    You can smudge your crystal with incense or smudge sticks. If you choose incense, any scent that enchants you will do; but those based upon sandalwood, sage, cedar, and frankincense have a long tradition of use as purifying agents. Simply hold your crystal in the smoke of the incense or smudge stick and let the smoke carry away any unwanted energies. You only need to do this until your crystal feels cleansed.


    Dry sea salt is wonderful for removing negative energies, and since it is itself a crystal, it resonates well with crystal items. Simply fill a bowl with sea salt and bury your crystal in it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, remove your crystal and wipe clean. Disgard the salt, as it now carries the imbalanced energies.


    Place your crystals either outside or on a window ledge in the sun or moonlight. Many people have their preference between sun and moonlight, and you may choose one or the other: sun for a crystal that you intend to use in outgoing, yang areas, and moon for inner workings and yin areas. Some people prefer to use both sun and moon. (For the energy of both sun and moon, simply allow the crystal to absorb light from both of them by letting them bask in the same area for 24 hours.)


    The vibrations of sound are wonderful for a quick refresh and cleanse of your crystal. A very personal way to cleanse your crystal is to sing or chant to it, using any beautiful melody that inspires you. Alternatively, you can use a bell, gong, wind chimes, singing bowl, or tuning fork. (Singing bells are especially wonderful for this!) Simply sing, and/or ring your bell close to the crystal until you feel the crystal is completely cleansed.

    Once your crystal is cleansed, you may wish to "charge" or "program" it.

  • Thanks TheCaptain, you have been a good help to me.

  • One more question Captain, and I will go night night.

    So then I take it that my exboyfriend will have someone else; or, other people run his business for him in the next 3 months or so then. The reason as to why I ask is because I live very close to his business, and it would be VERY hard to avoid me. I do not see how he would be able to dodge me??

    Also ,I think that one of the lawsuits court date ( the sexual harrassment one) is either this month or in March.....I am not sure.

    So I am wondering as to when do you see him taking this serious!! This woman has some hard evidence - against him for sexual harrassment. He really is backed up against the wall!!!

    Does he not understand that this Evil Woman IS determined to take him DOWN!!

    Your Insight please.

  • Good Morning Captian,

    I've been reading the other posts and I would love a reading of any kind if you have the time.... my life has been a rollercoaster the last few yrs,,, but have never given up !!! my birthdate is July 23,1963 was born in Montreal,Quebec,Canada... If you can light up my way. I would be so ever greatfull...

    Thanks a million Giulia

  • Captain I know you are sick of me, but I feel that you are very kind and wise and may know these answers. I wresting with how everything works together as far as the following. "The Christed Energy" (Christ, Jeshua or Jesus), The God Head, (God). I've been on sites where people say they channel Jeshua and they write about the Acension thats going on, the role we are to play in it etc, Extremely different from the teachings in the King James Bible, both Old and New Testiment. I'm getting confused sometimes. I'm wondering how it all comes together. Intuitiive folks such as yourself have gifts and are blessed to have knowledge beyond what the average person has, I wish I could see the things you guys see. Just your thoughts on these subjects when you have time. If I can do anything for you let me know! Love n Light. P.S. I won't be offended and have an open mind.

  • Dear TheCaptain,

    Thank you for all the information on cleansing, it is wonderful to learn something that will be beneficial and useful. I now will put it out in the universe that I am in need of a crystal and see what comes to me. You are really helpful and I am sure others will enjoy this information as well. God Bless and have a great day.

  • Pilot, your ex won't exactly avoid you but he doesn't want to be reminded of his mistakes so he won't be very talkative with you and may brush you off. He will want to get the troubles with his business out of the way quickly and I see him giving money to the woman involved. You are a reminder to him that he could have avoided trouble if he'd only listened to advice.

  • Ambercle, 2010 is a year that calls for you to be responsible and to care for others. You devote a lot of time to understanding yourself which is good, but this year you must bring all your compassion and nurturing to bear for other people. You have been through many changes in 2009 which have prepared you for the work you will do now. This is your year of service and if you can live it for others, you will receive much satisfaction. Everyone is your family in 2010. Thinking of others instead of yourself will bring you out of the anxiety that often plagues you and give you relief from worrying about your own problems. This is a good year and money and longterm love relationships.

  • Poetic555, I am not at all sick of you. 🙂

    When it comes to understanding how life works, I believe that no one has all the answers. All you can do is find a belief that works for you. My own faith is simple - I believe I have a God side and a human side and I am learning how to listen to and allow my God side direct me through life, rather than following my human side. I believe we are guided through life with many signs and messages which we often are unaware of, but are all capable of receiving.

    I also believe God is in everyone so I must respect everyone. I believe the entity called God, Buddha, Spirit, Christhead, the Universe etc. wanted to expand its knowledge by having a human experience so it split into all of us many beings. None of us are meant to be the same or share the same beliefs or lifestyle. Everyone is right in their own way. We each must develop our own unique way of looking at things and no one can teach us this. We can now all be our own gurus. Religion for me is just something between me and my God side.

    Don't adopt what I've told you as your belief. Find your own way. Listen to what your God/Higher Self/heart inside is telling you. Find what really feels right for you and follow that path, while respecting everyone else's right to believe something different to you.

  • TheCaptain

    I am trying to specify which direction the universe whats me to go in. I have my healing work, tarot work and the artistic gifts I have been given. The only direction I have bee given is to use my hands.

    Hoping for a little feedback.

    Thanks for you insight.

  • Rainbowsong, I see you working with natural elements like wood, flower, and leaves, and being inspired by nature. You make people happy with this work.

  • Thank you

    Sounds like the art work

  • Hello TheCaptain Thank God it's FridaY

    I would like your insight on something else please.

    I know that you said that my Friend is waiting and hoping that things will change, in regard to the chaos among the employees. I asked myself as to why would he be so timid in this situation....WHAT is he so afraid of.....Why does he lack leadership skills in this situation?

    Then I remembered what a reader told me about 3months ago

    I had a reading back in November/December and I was told that Gary's Programe Director is holding a "Trump" card over his head; and this is what he is afraid of.

    Also the reading stated that is what is causing the wall of distance between us. This 'Trump Card that she is holding over his .

    This program director by the way is the one who is suing him for (sexual harassment by the way).

    He has told her back in Summer of 2009 to find employment elsewhere; however, she refuses to leave. She has spread some AWFUL and embarressing rumors about him also-which is why he is mad as hell!!!!!

    I would like to know: WHAT is this 'Trump Card that she is holding over his head, that is making him so afraid to finally give her the boot-to-scoot???

    Will it cause a lot of problems for him?

    Will it completely change my opinion about him??

  • 5-25-52 9:38 p.m. Cincinnati Oh

    I strongly feel myself moving towards the love in my life. It's been a long journey and I have patiently allowed it to unfold slowly. I feel as though I have waited all my life for this person and he for me.

    TY Captain for taking the time

  • Thank you Captian for shedding alot of light on my path for this year.. I know now where and what I should do to move forward with my life !!!!! ...

    You are truly a child of LIGHT and LOVE !!!!!

    Thanks Giulia

  • Pilot, I recommend you stop obsessing over your ex and start preparing the way for the new man to come into your life. Thinking about your ex so much really pushes the other guy further away. Let the business with your ex be in the past - start living in the present and look forward to the future.

  • GemTwins52, you sound happy. Did you have a question?

  • Ambercle, it was my pleasure.

  • TheCaptain, I was wondering if you can tell me whenther or not I will be selfemployed this year?

    I am starting to get bored with working for other people.

    If yes,then what will I be doing?

    Thanks In Advance,

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