The Captain

  • thank you Captain, that is a very good answer. Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

  • TheCaptain, my life is boring right you see any Good or Surprising news coming my way within the next 30-60 days??

  • I appreciate you answer. Thank you.

    When i posted question i did not know which one sort of reading you are performing.

    It looks like numerology since i made on my own and got something like this you posted here.

    Anyway you are more experienced so you gave a little better picture regarding my personal year.

    For him i got the same.

    i guess i am going to split with anything and anyone which suppose to be burden, does not matter what it is and what i am doing right now is exactly what you said, trying to improve and educate myself. I would really like to pass those complicated tests and get job done. It is technical job related to aviation but does not matter if something else but similar pops up for me. Just to make change and move finally. You were precise about his personal year. Things regarding career already made place.

    For other more personal things i am more about to collapse whatever does not work anymore.

    Thank you again for your time and good consultation.

    greets from europe

  • Just to add you were right about control issues as well lack of fun lately and relationship hardship about sharing responsibility.

    That is the source of my exhaustion and lately lack of motivation to keep going.

    Our combo somehow does not work well regarding practical side of life or pain or decisions.


  • Thank you very much... You do wonderful things. Keep up the good work!

  • Pilot007, there will be no change in your life until ALL of you wants it. At the moment, you are about 30% wanting change and adventure - 70% afraid of things changing from the safe, if dull routine you have now into the scary unknown. When you are 100% in favour of change, you will get it. What you give out is what you get.

  • hi, The Captain, is my life the same as Pilot007's? 🙂

  • Therearemanyreasons, everyone's life is different. But you do hesitate to really live life, don't you? You hold back from experiencing it fully because you fear making a mistake or getting hurt if you put yourself right out there. But a life half-lived is not that much fun. The most successful people are not those who hang back in the shadows but who live in the light and -sure - fall down a lot, but they just get back up again much stronger and wiser than before.

  • Captain I feel like running away from home, should I go? (just kidding).

  • Wow do give strong male vibes! mabye in another life? My question dear one is this; Where is the relationship with my current man going? would appreciate it much!

    thank you.

  • Virgotarot, if you are not already in it, I feel you are about to hit a rough patch in your relationship. How your partner reacts and how you react to him will make or break the relationship. I feel he can be a bit immature at times and likes to escape.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Alenabrz, I do feel a lot of positive vibes coming from that CV you sent out. It is sure to garner some interest.

  • hmmm... well Captain first of all thank you for your response. Second, when we met it was a worry for him, that is, appearing immature as we have an age difference of 22 years, him being the younger. And yes we have hit sort of a rough patch for that reason, thus the question. I feel he is an old soul.

  • Virgotarot, his soul is indeed old but sometimes his more human side can find it difficult to cope with responsibility.

  • Very true! But he does step up to the plate when he absolutely has to.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Alenabrz, I really feel you need to discuss this more with your husband. You have chosen to share your life with another and so must share your life choices too. I feel your husband is holding back expressing his real wishes in the situation.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes I believe study will prove fruitful for you because it is what intiates change in your life.

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