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  • Hello Captain

    I am so sorry for jumping into another's thread.

    I'm the girl who feels like the dam. I'm currently being pressured into marriage by my family.......there's no one I want to marry. Will there be the right someone soon? 28/01/75.

    PS: I love reading your advice on all the other threads.

    God Bless:)


  • Gamby, here is my answer from the other thread -

    Your family is making decisions for you based on what they think is right for you. But they don't know the real you. Only by getting away from/ignoring their influence will you be able to find true love. I feel romance lies with someone in the clothing industry for you.

  • Hello Captain

    Thank you so much!!! You are right and I am trying to ignore the influences but it is very difficult and frustrating. I don't know anyone in the clothing industry but I love "retail therapy"....It will be exciting meeting someone in that industry. Thank you again:)))

  • Hello Captain,

    I was wondering if you could help me as you've done before.

    I thought I was embarking on a new and exciting relationship. He is everything I could ask for in a man and more. It started off well but now it's becoming strained and I don't know why. We are still in the beginning stages of friendship and don't know if I missed a que or signal and offended him. Please help.

    my DOB: 01 Dec 69

    His : 1966 (Warren is his first name)

  • Hello Captain,

    I would so appreciate some help in this,,, I have recently met someone, and feel like we could have something good together, but I feel like he is holding back his feelings,,, or second guessing my responses... could you tell me if there is a possibility of a relationship? I am 09/14/64 he is June 6 /67, thank you for your work in advance .

  • Moni 69, what's Warren's birth date?

  • Virgogirl64, this relationship is best for friendship. You have an intellectual compatibility that may be mistaken for a deeper emotional connection. Together you are witty and funny but that can also turn into sarcasm and irony. Your friend dislikes any long term relationship planning and needs a lot of freedom which means he will not always be physically available to you. Also he finds it hard to trust and suffers from feelings of stress, inadequacy, and feeling misunderstood. He may be so obsessed with his job or career that his private life gets neglected.

  • hi captain a few of us here were wondering about your gender.are you male or female(if you want to keep that to yourself thats ok ) hope you dont find my asking to forward, just wondering , i have heard of you being referred to as her and as him so thats why the im asking the question! doesnt matter what you are!

  • I'm female but I think I give off male vibes.

  • well the vibes you give to me are very caring but strong, and selfassurred...its the captain name that throughs me off i,, and then i thought wow that man is surley one of the most sensitive, did think you were male but b ecause of the name only. so im happy your a woman but it wouldnt matter at all either way!! thanks for responding!!! xxx

  • WOW Captain ,,,,, you described him to a TEEE ! I think its time to move on.... thank you so much

  • I don't know his actual birthdate only the year....sorry

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    Can you tell me why I am always attracted to men who have birthdays in October? They are so hard and challenging to get a long with. My first love, Don is the 15th, my last husband Bob was the 28th and my current husband Ray is also the 28th. Ray and I dated in high school and went our separate ways, we met up again and we have been married 11 years. He is challenging, but I know he cares for me very much. At times I want to give up on him, but most of the time I support him. Do you think I am in this for ever lasting or am I just helping him for him to move on? Thank you

  • What's your birthdate, Sporty?

  • Moni 69, I feel you are going way faster than Warren wants to go - or not even in the same direction.

  • May 8 1960

    His is Oct 28 1959

  • Hi The Captain.

    How are you guuurrrrlll????

    I knwo you have done this before for me and i have it still BUT developements has occurred and thrown me a loop of happiness, yet i cant help but think more is behind it.

    Im a march 10 1972 at 11.20 PM dane and he is a june 25 1941 at 2.47 AM american.

    After a long time of no communicado in all ways snailmail email, phone etc he has opened it all, phone numbers, emails, snailmail and joined sites i am on as well asking to add him. i feel he kicked open the door i tried to shut , DUH ME !!!!

    its as if he and i STILL has soemthing that can become something solid but q is what. i hope you are able to enlighten this for me. so all n everything he has been through, the why silences and all, and what has changed if u get that and what he wants now with me.

    i know its a lot to ask but it nags me lol

    last it has NO RUSH at all, take ur time and do it when u wanna. Thanx guurrlll

    LOVE U!!!!

  • Captain - Hello, I am new to these forum talks and I have read alot about you on several different threads. I have been trying to figure out my current relationship and I just keep getting stumped. I get mixed messages from him all the time. We were friends first, but he let it be known he was attracted to me from the beginning, as I was him. We've been "seeing" each other intimately for about 10 months now; he's an artist (plays and teaches guitar, produces music, etc.) so he's very busy. I am confused, I want to let my feelings go and see where they lead, but I don't want to scare him away either. My DOB is 3/24/1960 5:22 am; his is 10/11/1971 time unknown. I don't want to open my heart too much if it's going to be broken, but I want to at the same time. HELP!

    Thank you, Blessings to you. Celestialmoon

  • Sporty48, you like Scorpios because they are the astrological opposite of your sign - Taurus - and as you know, opposites attract. And the Libra on the 15th was probably very good-looking and magnetic.

    The focus of your relationship with your husband is likely to be quick mental communication. Intelligence and the transmission of ideas are highly valued here, and there is also a shared interest in books, puzzles, games, and feats of memory and reasoning. There will also be a concern with social and moral codes, issues of justice and injustice, and rather forward-looking or visionary ideas. The connection between you two is often so close that each of you may know what the other is thinking without words being spoken.

    The determining factor in the success of both love and marriage here is whether your emotional communication is as good as the mental variety. Empathic bonds are somewhat rare in your combination since you Sporty do not live on the more emotional levels, and usually resist the kind of intense psychological scrutiny that is your husband's speciality. Even so, sympathy and understanding can become a trademark of this relationship as long as you both are determined to make them so. You Sporty will generally have an aversion to your husband's dark side, but may also be fascinated by it. Luckily it is the sunnier aspects of his personality that your relationship tends to encourage.

    ADVICE: Don't overemphasize logic. Acknowledge the value of feelings. Learn from each other.

  • CharmedWitchBente, the problem between you two I feel is that you want different things in a partner. You CWB want to find love, adoration, passion, and all the hoopla while your fireman friend is seeking someone to guide and 'rescue' him even as he rescues others. Basically he wants a mother and while you are a very compassionate person, I feel you want an equal, not a child, who can care for you as you care for them. This man follows you around like a little crying baby seeking attention, but when you in turn need some support or attention, he is unable to give it and runs away. He is just a man who has never grown up emotionally. Outwardly he might seem strong and vibrant but inside the needy little child cries out for his mama. He has always been like this but I feel getting older has only made him more insecure and more like a baby seeking a warm 'womb'. Also maybe you yourself CWB have become more independent and assured and more determined to get what you need.

    It all depends now on whether you want to raise a child or look elsewhere for an equal.

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