Aries female and Virgo Male, Is this a good idea

  • Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the subject...or past history that they would want to share so maybe i could see what i'm getting into...

  • i am in the same place as you i am now dating a virgo man and i am an Aries so i am wondering if it can work out too, but i have a gut feeling it will cause you know we Aries have a sixth sense and Virgo men are so cool and humble so relax and enjoy the ride it will be great

  • I would agree...its odd cause there doesn't seem to be many people in this situation...i did get a compatibility reading on here and it said that i could turn out better than people thought it would....but i'm loving my time with a virgo man and i cannot imagine anyone else much less a different sign...but we will have to see where it will lead

  • This post is deleted!

  • thanks for letting me know about your situation is always interesting to see how it worked with others

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