My New Taurus Love

  • I have been seeing a Taurus man born 4-23-71 and I born 6-15-67, for 3 months now and it has really taken off for us both... We both profess love for each other and talk about a future together to include a baby. Only thing is he lives in another state but comes to visit often as I am 6 hours away. I truly love this man, want to be with him more than anything, he cooks me special meals, takes me out weekends, he is just sweet and wonderful, we laugh and have the best time and he takes me to travel with him. We still talk on the phone for hours on end. I don't like the fact that he rarely, if ever answers the phone when I call, but when he calls, I had best answer or he gets irritated. He calls me every evening.....He owns a house here and has an ex that has been staying there just to keep an eye on his home rather than leave it empty to predators. He says the relationship has long been over for a year now, she even drives his vehicle because she doesn't have one. He spoke about unhappy he'd been with her, she doesn't keep a job, doesn't clean house, doesn't cook. I do not like this situation and have told him so, he doesn't just want to kick her out without having anywhere to go and she seems to keep coming up with excuses. I am sure she doesn't even know about me. It's like he feels sorry for her in some way and I feel she is just using him and I told him so. He was in this situation when we met and I just don't know what to feel about it........He is going to have a hard time seems breaking this girl away completely. I just hope he's not living some kind of lie to me, I don't feel like he is. I want him to move back here, to be together, jobs are hard to come by here, that is why he works in another state even though he's not happy there. I just want this man by my side, I love him so!!!!!!

  • Mpastsy,

    I could be wrong, this is just my own feeling.....but be very careful, I don't think it is completely over with this man and his ex. I feel like he has you both on the go, he hasn't made up his mind one way or the other with both of you.

    I think for a Taurus man (and I'm a Taurus female and I have been seeing a Taurus male and know a couple) if it is really over then it is over. It is not over between them, so be very careful because you will end up getting hurt.

    Good luck and I really hope it works out, but be wary.

  • Ugh, I get a totally horrible feeling from this man - he is selfish, vain, mercenary, and inconsiderate of other people's feelings. I don't even think he's separated from his wife. I think he is still married and using you as his bit on the side. He uses everybody. Get away from this awful person as quickly as you can!

  • Snap Wenchie!

  • Good to know I was on the right track! I always worry about saying the wrong thing.

  • HI ,im a taurus female also, and honest i am dont know how else to be! if i were in love with a man the last thing i would want is an ex living with me, i would be with the man i loved and only him , no messes to clean up or feel quilty about.sorry to say dear but i think hes lying to you about his real situation. be direct and ask him that in person so you can see his eyes and reaction then you will know for sure before you get more involved and heartbroken, dont let it linger any more with doubts in your mind , as this will make you ill and stressed, Jusy my thoughts of course but think of yourself , protect yourself and love yourself to do this with courage if you chose to take the direct approach. best of luck to you!!!!!!! ,

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