Positive News and some other stuff. perhaps a little insight request too.

  • OK, well I got the documents out as I said on Monday, on Thursday they said they got a bunch of blank pages, so I had the bank fax them all for me this time. I am calling them on Monday to confirming them recieving that fax and possibly talking to them further about stopping the sale and working something out with me about the loan. I am thinking that I am going to go a head and try and sell the house after all is said and done.

    Something else has happened to me this week, that may change my life forever. It is positive I think, as long as I am not dreaming, however, I am proceeding with caution and I do not want to rush head on into anything, after all that has been happening in my life in the last two years.

    I will also say, I broke up with J on Thursday, it felt good.

    In the same week, my high school sweetheart found me online, he said he has been looking for me off and on for 23 years, in some form of search or other.

    Ok we were kids when we broke up and it was because his dad sent him to another state to separate us. It's a long story, but because of him contacting me, some things that were not clear in my mind, became clear to me, about myself and what I wanted from what is left of my time here on this planet.

    I still haven't seen anything come in the mail with a winged horse, but I am still watching for it.

    Ok, I'll give an update as soon as I can get back a hold of the loan company.

  • Way to go, Kay! I am (again,lol!) so happy that you aren't spinning your wheels and instead making positive steps forward! You made a difficult decision with J, but long term, for the best. Wild, that you let him go and an "oldie, but a goodie" : > ) came along!

    Maintain contact with the one from the past, it'll help with confidence and esteem, but don't rush into it. You know( more than any of us, lol! ) -- the living situation is first on your list. Keep going --- I read : )) there are angels behind you! Peace & Joy, Kay Aries!

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