Positive News and some other stuff. perhaps a little insight request too.

  • Some of you may be formilar with me and all that I have been dealing with. So this is an update for you all and a little more.

    I took the enciative and started going out and looking for places to buy or rent that I could afford. I have cut back to nearly nothing at home to try and save back some money. I have been talking with people in my community that deal with programs for those loosing their homes, I put my house up for sale to try and stall the sale at the sheriffs auction. (that one didn't work at all) I let some guy who's a dad to one of my daughters classmates talk me into that and yes, he's the realtor.

    Anyway, I was feeling better about things, when I got a phone call from my loan company yesterday afternoon, which may just turn everything around for me. I am leery about what they said, but I am faxing requested documents to them tomorrow and at least that will stop the house saling at this sheriff's sale on Feb 19.

    Ok, I am wondering if anyone can pick-up on, do a reading of, anything at all, as to if this thing with the mortgage company will follow through positively, or should I be looking else where.

    Then there is this I have added below, that I didn't mention all the things in other posts, that I am here in regards to the subject below.

    I have been dating a Gemini Man for at least a year, he tells me he loves me, he has even said we have a future together and he even talked about us moving in together. However, he backs off. He has done this a lot through out our relationship, but I have always given him his space and so in a couple of weeks, he'll call or text and say he is sorry for being distant and things will pickup between us again. I have been supportive, understanding to his needs and he will even say that I have.

    However this current time that he has chosen to do this, has been particularly hard for me, because I not only needed him to be there for me, but he had brought up a future with me, even us moving in together and he was feeling freer to say those three little words, without me saying them first.

    He keeps me confused all of the time. He has told me when he becomes distant it isn't because he doesn't love me. But I have noticed a pattern with him that counter acts things or confuses me with him and that is, he tends to have the need to talk to other females when he becomes distant with me and I won't go into how I know, but I know it as fact..

    He has told me he is extremely paranoid about women because of really bad past relationships and so its hard to get close to anyone and say I love you because of his paranoia. He says he knows its his problem and that it has nothing to do with me, or how he feels about me. He even told me that if he had met me before this last past extremely bad relationship he had, that with the way he feels about me, he would have had me move in with him so fast, my head would have spend.

    I don't know, I am confused and at times I feel like I am being played for a sucker.

    I wonder if he backs off even after he has said things like future and moving in together, because he is afraid if we take that step, that things will change between us, or go bad, because of us moving in together. The reason this crosses my mind is, because he has said, what if we move in together and I get in one of my shut down moods and you come in and ask me whats wrong and won't stop till you find out, then I go off on you?(He didn't mean physically, he meant yelling. I know for a fact he'd never hurt me physically.)

    Maybe someone else can help shed some light on this for me, that knows more about the Gemini Man.

    You all have been so supportive here and the good news is, because of that support, it has really helped me get through these really dark times. Perhaps there are more dark times to come, but I feel better ready to take them on now. Although I will admit, I am glad I can come here when or if they might come.

    Blessed Be To You Alll!!!

  • Geminis have trouble with long term commitments in general. I feel this man is making you promises he has no intention of keeping. But he does like you and so keeps stringing you along with lies (although he doesn't see them as lies). I feel he has other women he is treating similarly, like they are all backup plans - in case of losing one person's attention (which is what he really craves) he has others to fall back on. Strangely I don't feel he has much of a sexual relationship with the other women. He is a very elusive undependable person who does not like to be tied down or controlled.

    The thing with the mortgage company I feel will not turn out quite as expected but will still be helpful. The realtor has a good heart but I don't feel he is particularly effective.

  • PS I am seeing you getting a letter that holds both a surprise and a sadness.

  • As far as the mortgage company goes, do you not see them working with me to allow me to keep my home? Or do you see it will lead me to obtain a smaller more affordable home?

    Yes the realtor you are dead on about. He means well, but as you said, not very effective.

    I am a little worried about this letter you spoke of. Is it coming fairly soon?

    I think you are right about my gemini friend and although he can be very generous and big hearted, he can't handle stress very well. He continues to tell me if things don't work out with us, that he will still be there for me when he can and that he will still talk to me.
    (which is what he really craves)
    Do you man that he craves constant attention? or did I read that wrong?

  • Kay_Aries,

    Hi ! I've been following your posts, in particular the discussions with LibrasLair. So glad you have taken positive action as far as your home! You've traveled a long road and even if it doesn't work with the mortgage company think about how hard you tried. You gave it your best shot; be proud!

    Life is sending you in a new direction and all good will follow.

    As for the Gemini ..... sorry, sounds like the same old story. Step forward & meet this new chapter in your life, any man worthy of you will step up too. Without making you cuckoo : )

  • I talked to him yesterday for 40 minutes on the phone and I told him what my brother said about how he didn't feel like J, was serious enough about me and that he felt that J, was basically in this with me for only himself.

    Honestly, it seems like my brother is right. Of course J, denied it all and said he knew that he becomes distant, but that it didn't mean what my brother said it did.

    I guess I will just have to see where each day takes me with the house and him, with him I am ready to say the heck with it, if its real and its meant to be, it will be and really so goes to the huse as well. I am so tired of the worry and the stress of it all.

    Look I know I am a good person who deserves happiness and respect. Its high time I start demanding it From everyone around me. If I never have real loe again, it won't define me, but when I first approached this forum and created my first thread I had such positive response about J, its so strange how all that has completely changed.

  • Well, i feel that the mortgage company will work with you but it will be on their terms more than yours. You may feel uncomfortable with it but you don't have much choice - yet. I do feel if you can hang on a bit longer (within the next month or so), help is on the way in the form of a winged horse (not sure what that means).

    Yes I feel your friend dows crave attention - from anyone and everyone. He is very needy, like a child.

  • Kay Aries, I want to discuss the vibes you give off. They are very beautiful ones - angelic actually. I feel many wounded people are drawn to you because of your angelic aura. However it also means that those who are drawn to you are not capable of helping themselves, so they cannot help you. I feel you need to call on the help of a Higher power, other angels, and guides rather than the people around you. Your brother is also a helping angel.

  • So it is right for you to have good vibes about your Gemini - but as someone to help and heal, rather than someone who will be there for you in tough times.

  • Wow Captain,

    I think you just said a mouthful about that statement in regards to J.

    Hmmm wonder what the winged horse means? Well its still a positive thing with the house, even if in the long run, it doesn't mean I stay here. Thank you Captain for taking this time with me. I was already feelingbetter about things and the dust was clearing in my eyes and brain, but you doing this, really has lifted me up even more.

    I will be ok. It so helps to have someone to talk to about this stuff.

  • Its funny that you should say that Captain, because I have been calling on God a lot for help, guidance and to take this that weighs me down away from me, so that I can have my head clear and my strength back. I need my confidence in myself back and that is what I am striving for. It is working. I am getting better. Without help from the ones I thought would be there for me.

    You are also right about wounded people, my husband was an alcoholic and I dealt with it for 13 years, just when I stood up for myself and said no more, he took a gun to himself. That floored me and not only was I down to square one again, I was even lower then that. I still came out moving forward, until I just couldn't seem to get any where with the loan company and J came into my life and he did help me. However, the crazy thing is, he is the one hurting me now. Makes no sense.

    He even calls me an Angel and tells me I am just too nice for my own good.

  • Laie4

    Thank you so much for what you said. This is exactly why I love coming here, because so many are so willing to be kind and show love to someone they don't even know.

    You know, I am proud of myself, because I have been through a lot and I am still here and I did try and that is all any of us can do.

    Blessings to you

  • Kay, I feel like the winged horse is an emblem, brand, or company logo, like say a Pegasus company. It will be every instrumental in helping you.

    It also will make a difference to how you approach you life that you realise that those around you and those drawn to you in the future are there to be helped, not to help you (even your realtor - you are helping him feel useful, even if he isn't very). It may give you greater perspective and understanding of your purpose in life.

    It's hard but rewarding being an earth angel.

  • Now that doesn't mean being an earth angel you have to take it when someone is miss treating you, right? (smiles)

    Isn't there a song called "Earth Angel"?

    Ok I will keep an eye out for this type of symbol.

    You are right about knowing what your purpose is, so that you don't fight it, but embrace it.

  • Oh no, an earth angel stands up for everyone - including herself.

  • Np, Kay. I love what TheCaptain has given you above .... May blessings continue to flow your way. Peace & Joy!

  • awesome Captain, I like this earth angel thing. (BIG SMILES)

    Laie4, thanks for the good vibes, they are well recieved

  • Can anyone tell me what this all means...lol its suppose to be my chart accorrding to when i was born, time and place..





































    Aspect Key















  • I got the documents that was requested faxed out yesterday, I am now waiting for the loan company to get back with me and see what I do next. Blessings to all, I'll let you know what happens

  • Good luck! Will check back . Hope your day runs amoothly!

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