Help I need somebody!

  • Hello out there I've never done this before not even blogged before but I just feel that the time is right and that someone out there has a message that can help me through a rather lonely and confused period in my life there are so many uncertainties at the moment I don't know what to do please help

  • Whats your problem exactly? Mines is I got screwed over by a gem-man, and I'm desperate to be loved and to have romance or something in life.

  • i am a woman from belgium and have not find the man of my dreams

    i choose always the wrong

    3 man the first one cheapt me

    the second one who beats me and the 3 one that lies and dont onderstand my feelings

    i feel me so olone in my house

    and now i dont trust nowone anymore

    but i keep the hoop in me there will be someday for me and also you will find the right won

    keep feat even it is difficult

    i here the birds singing nowe

    a new day will begin and maybee i new start

    keep hoping is all i got

  • Scorpiored, I don't know what it means but I see you standing shivering in an alley in rags with rats biting at your feet, but you are not shooing them away - just letting them bit you. Are there human 'rats' in your life that you should be driving off? I also detect a glint of gold in the alleyway behind you. Hope, perhaps?

  • Christy64, the fourth man is the charm!

  • Hi there yes there are definately human rats in my life The alley is interesting because I would like a new path, a new direction right now but I feel very restricted and don't feel that I have any options at the moment. Do you see this getting any better at all

  • That could be me

  • You do have an option (the glint of gold) but it is behind you and you cannot see it. I feel you need help from someone else to unearth this 'gold' (your talents and abilities) and give you direction. I feel there is a man in authority like a priest or businessman or someone you trust who will show you the way. Are you working because I feel like talking to someone who is in charge or a boss will help?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Captain thankyou for the ray of hope really needed it at the moment. I work but cannot place an authority figure who I could trust or talk to maybe this is someone who has not yet entered my life.

  • He is someone who gives off a very priest-like or counsellor feel. You may have to seek him out.

  • Hi Captain thanks for your helpful insight I will certainly try to keep positive and focus on the possibility of a brighter future and hope that the counsellor you see becomes apparent to me too some time soon you are so kind thankyou x

  • This is also a fatherly figure - your own or someone else's?

  • unfortunately not my own as he passed two years ago this week or could it be his aura?

  • You r in the right place for help! Good Luck! bump

  • Thanks poetic555 the support means alot x

  • No this father figure is alive.

  • Well I'm not sure who this person is but your other comments feel very accurate so I am confident that this is too it is so nice to know that there is someone out there who can point me in the right direction I will keep on trying to seek out the father figure in your vision and hope to find him soon

    Bless you for helping me x

  • I am getting the words - he is the father of your children.

  • Hmm thats interesting certainly not the person I would have thought of

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