How many of my chakras are opened?

  • I have twice experienced that people have become healed by God through the healing power that is within me.

    Once a woman became healed from a muscle decease. A few weeks later the doctor said that it was a miracle, because all the tests show only that she never had the disease even. Any traces of them were gone completely. This happened between her and I and the holy Spirit, an agreement between us and God. She said to me after the prayer:" When you pray, the whole army of angels in Heaven act upon it." She did immediately feel the affects of the prayer, and immediately after the prayer she said she could feel that she had become healed from the disease. And this was a disease that the doctors had said she would have to suffer from her entire life.

    The other time I experienced that God healed a person through the healing spirit that I have inside of me, it happened through a phone call. I was working voluntarily in a free phone-service for people with suicidal thoughts, mental illnesses or simply just with need to share everyday-worries to a kind and listening stranger.

    A man called and said he had been depressed for oh so long (I dont know how long he had been in that state). I did not talk so much, I was listening to him mostly. Then suddenly he said with a trembelling voice as if he was freesing cold: "Eeehh - what is this? What is happening? This I never have experienced before." I could feel that he was receiving the healing Spirit (God) and did not do anything but be quiet. He then asked me: "What is this?" I answered that this is Love. That he was receiving Love.

    He said: I am trembelling in my whole body. I am afraid - why am I afraid? This is so good - but why do I fear it at the same time?

    I said: You are afraid because your thoughts are afraid. Your thoughts are afraid because they know that they are on their way out of your body, and then they panick. And because you have been used to trust these thoughts, then you feel afraid aswell.

    He then answered: Yes! You are right! That is excactly why I feel afraid of this good feeling! It is so wonderful, but at the same time so scary. What do I do? What should I do?

    I answered: Receive!

    He said: Oh!! When you say receive, I receive it! I dont want to hang up the phone, because I am afraid of loosing this receiving.

    We kept the line open between us for one entire hour, whereas he the whole hour were trembling in his voice and saying that he was trembling in his body. The experience was wonderful for both of us. Since I could, too, feel the Spirit,

    After one hour I had to hang up the phone, because of rules of how long I could stay on phone per caller. Before we hung up, he exclaimed: "I am happy!! I am happy!! I am happy!!!!" I answered: "I am happy too."

    When I came home I went to bed, since I had not slept of eaten or drinken for 38 hours. It had spontaneously fasted and been working all the time, night and day and forgot about the food and drink and sleep.

    I was not tired, strangely enough. But I decided to close my eyes to sleep anyway. When I did, I fell asleep immediately, like a switch had been pushed to turn me off.

    But before I closed my eyes, I held my hands over my chest, I felt a light come out from my chest, and I was "washing" my hands in that light that came out of there.

    Because of these two experiences, I do believe that at least my chest chakra is opened. And I do also believe that my throat chakra is opened too, because of how prayers easily become answered when I truly pray for something.

    A few weeks ago, two different psychics told me that my 3rd and 7th chakra will open soon. In that case I will have four chakras opened before I turn 33.

    This is kind of incredible.

    But really: I have a mission. And in order to complete my mission, the Healer of Healers, God, must equip me. If I am not equipped, it will not be possible for God to use me.

    I would like to read what other psychics say about this. Are there any psychics here who can read my chakras?

    Thank you for your interest and for reading.

    The hanged woman.

  • WoW lucky you. Peace & Blessings

  • The Hanged Woman, good luck with that, but don't you have to have them open in order ? what about the lower chakras? and how would do you know if they're blocked ?

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Well, I dont really know much about the chakras. I just experienced that out of my chest came a strong flow of light that flowed out of my chest after I had fasted from sleep, water and food for 38 hours and a man received a healing from the energy that came out from me while I was in that state. So I reckon my chest is opened.

    I dont think that it has to follow a certain order - from the 1st to the 7th.

    You asked about how I can know if a chakra is not yet opened or not. Well, there is a difference between light and darkness. When light enters, it is clear that it is light and not darkness. As easy as that.

  • thankyou

  • I was thinking perhaps someone could read my chakras. Anyone? I probably could read my own chakras, but that would be less trustworthy actually. It would be easier to do it together with someone. But since that is not possible, I was hoping someone could read my chakras and from that tell me wich one are opened and not.

    Oh, well, it was worth a try. If anyone can read chakras, I would appreciate it if you could. Although that would be less certain than when in the same room or doing it together "overseas".

    But I am pretty sure that my forehead chakra is not opened. Not yet.

    But really, the reason I dont know much about chakras is really because if they open they open without using the thinking. So it would not help to think about it. But still I do. Since two psychics have told me the same thing. But I will not think about it for so long. When it happens it happens without my thinking. Yepp.

    I have a boring accounting job that I am working with now. So I am distracting myself from it using this forum. Wonder if I will get a chakra reading.

  • Why do I ask this question? Because I am waiting for something wonderful to happen in my life. I am waiting for the healing in my self and my life excel som much that I will be able to fulfil my mission. Before I can complete my mission, I must become fully equipped for it. And the opening of the chakras is a way of equipping me to become a tool for Heaven and the Light. A tool for healing in this world. A healing that spreads from me to other people - from other people to more people.

    I have gotten a feedback from a psychic today that that my heart chakra is opened a lot and that my throat chakra is partially opened. She said that my kundalini will awaken so that chakras will open simultanously. And she said that all of my chakras will open. Wow. Wow-wow, It is wonderful. And I am ready for it. I have been going through an intence healing process from early 2003. It is wonderful.

    I used to be afraid to lose my track those days, since I went through strong cricises due to the strong cleansing. I am not afraid of that anymore. Last year all the psychics I spoke with said that I will "make it". That I will manage to complete my mission. Wow. I agree. There is nothing that can stop me now.

    I must continue working now - I am still working with that boring accounting job for my business. But listening to Vangelis music, though. Wonderful music, that is.

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