Past Lives

  • Me and two of my best friends remember one of our past lives. And not all of it was something good and happy. But what should I do with this information that I already have? Should I go deeper, try and remember more, and learn from it? Better my soul? I mean my twin brother was the yang and I was the yin. Light and dark. What should I do? If you need these, these were our names: Lucinda, Lucreio, Rosetta

  • Hmmn, all very good questions. Make a another list for yourself --- you will feel more "right" about one of the questions/answers. I always lean towards digging within first, then letting it go. The answers do come when your ready for them & you least expect it.

    Remember its a lesson and a moment in the past. What did you learn? What can be made better today? This post will move you up and maybe someone else will have more for you --- it is why you added names, right! : > ) Good luck in your journey!

  • Thank you so much 😄

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