A Very Disturbing Dream

  • I can't shake this. I had the worst dream this morning. I dreamt that I was in the village where my mom's family used to live. I was standing on a grassy hill (which isn't really there in real life, but I knew where I was "supposed" to be) overlooking an old house which was passed down through the family over time, most recently belonging to a great aunt, who died in the last year. I always loved that old house, such a curious, haunting old thing.

    There was a young woman lying in the grass, and coming up behind her I thought it was my aunt, who passed on from breast cancer years and years ago. No stranger to seeing dead people in my dreams, I cheerily said, "Hi, Becky!" Then I was close enough to see her clearly, and she opened her eyes, and it was my MOM, not Becky. She was young, and her pale blue eyes looked past me, off into the distance. She was expressionless, like she was sad or lost in thought. I don't remember if I even said anything in the dream. I was so surprised and disturbed that I tore myself out of the dream.

    My mom is alive and healthy.

    I think I can probably count on one hand the dreams I've had where I was really afraid or disturbed enough to not be able to "do something" in the dream. The one that comes to mind was a dream of a dog attacking my mother; I think it's probably the only other dream I've had of my mom. I was a young child at the time, and in the dream I hid as my mother was being attacked by the dog. The dream was so terrible that I swore I'd never let it happen again. When I woke up I couldn't believe that I'd been such a coward. After that, I worked very hard at controlling my dreams, and I used to be able to control myself and think quite well in dreams. My reasoning was, if I can control myself in my dreams, I will always be in control of myself when I'm awake. Or at least that was my hypothesis!

    Additionally, for the first half of my life, I had many, MANY dreams that "came true" in some way: people or animals that I dreamed about passed on, I ended up going to the place I dreamed about, events that I dreamed about happened, etc. It happened often enough that it seemed to be more than just coincidence. It wasn't always "bad" things, most were pretty mundane, but memorable nonetheless.

    I also had a boyfriend die years ago, and he came back to me in dreams (I treasure those dreams still) so I'm pretty comfortable with "seeing dead people" in my dreams.

    This dream was a total curveball though. Everyone dies, we all die eventually, and I've thought about important people (and my pets) in my life dying, I guess in a way to prepare myself for the inevitable. But Mom isn't one of those. My dogs are getting old, my dad is getting old, my husband has a dangerous job... but Mom? It's never even occurred to me. I'm SO not ready.

    To top it off, when my husband got up for work I was in that half-awake half-asleep state and I could hear him sigh. I suddenly had this wave of sadness come over me, sadness and despair.

    I guess I'm just getting this off my chest more than asking for help in any way. This is about the only place I can go and talk about this kind of stuff. Anyone else would think I'm looney. What a morning. 😞

  • Hi Goose Mama,

    You have very powerful dreams, some from past lives. Keep a book by your bedside to write down your dreams. In a couple weeks, go back through them and see what has happened in your dreams that pertained to the last few weeks. That will help you see the direction they are going in.

    Blessed Be

  • Thanks Soapmaker. I've had some real vivid dreams lately but they've mostly been good ones: two about SCUBA diving (water dreams are my FAVORITE dreams, despite my being a Gemini), one where I was competing in some kind of race in Hawaii, and one where I was in Germany... speaking German! I woke up trying to figure out if I was going to die, das, or der market. But I digress. I have been wrestling with the possibility of breast cancer lately as they found something on my mammogram; I don't "feel" like I have it, though. I wonder if that could have been the source of this morning's dream.

    I will go see my mom today and take note of other dreams as they occur.

    BTW, how does one figure out past lives?

  • When I do sleep, I also have strange dreams. Not sure if I am supposed to do this, but I have noticed similar things here and there.

    What I'm getting at is, there is a site I visit called dreammoods. It really has a lot of info. Check it out! Btw.. how weird is this,, 'bag' is Becky. I just had to let you know. 🙂

  • Oh hon That is a gift I can not truly explain. I accept it but I will try. It is a strong gift I have and when I look into the eyes and face, my third eye is in the universal flow and I recieve by visuals what the higher powers allow me to see and that is what I share. When you look into eyes, eyes are the mirrors of our souls.

    Blessed be!

  • Thanks ragbag, I'll take a look.

    As to the past lives, I was told once that I was Japanese in a past life -- a warrior, a Samurai! :-0 I'd submit a picture but I don't think I have any.

    Gotta get off the computer now, I can hear Gus calling, plus I have to go see my mom...

  • I really hope I'm wrong here Goosemama, but I feel your dream was a look inside your mother's head in which you saw the beginnings of dementia or Alzheimer's in her - but I also feel that it is in the very early stages and that it can be prevented by stopping her doing or ingesting something that is harmful in her daily routines.

  • For your mother, I am getting smoking or being around other people's smoke as a cause of this disease.

  • Hi Cap, she doesn't smoke and neither does my dad, but we suspect that HE has the beginnings of Alzheimer's. He's getting up there, he'll be 80 this year, but he also has a family history of that kind of stuff. I don't think she does but I'll have to check, her dad died at 86, I don't think he had dementia but he might have.

    I'll have to look at what they're exposed to up there. Mom's usually very well-read in health matters and usually takes very good care of herself, but you never know what kinds of things they might be exposed to.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Yes, there's something around her that is not good.

  • Hi GooseMama.

    You asked about how one can remember past lives. It is something that comes as a part of inner cleansing of the soul. By letting go of everything, by surrendering everything to the healing power inside of you.

    I have clear and unchangeble memories about my life before this one. Very clear memories. The reason I remember this, is because of a person whom I went to school with in my teens. We both felt a special connection with each other, but did not know why. Later, while going through strong healings, I rememberer where I had seen him before. He was my older brother in my previous life. Later a psychic told me that. And I had not spoken to anyone about those "memories" from the past life.

    So how did I get to remember my past life? It just came to me while going through strong cleansing of my soul. As the Healing Light washes the person, memories from the past might occur. Although it is not so very important to "try" to find out. It just comes to the person, it should not be remembered by force.

    To remember past lives should not be a goal in itself.

    There will never be any proof on wether they really are memories or just fantasies. Or, okay, it could be proved. If for example a person remembers a place or people from old photos or names clearly so that other people would certainly witness that it probably is coming from true memories and not imagination.

    The "proof" and most important one that a memory is truly from a past life, comes from your own inner feeling. Not from any other source. If you feel strongly that something you remember has happened in a past life, then that is the only "proof" of importance. If it helps the soul to heal, then that is probably the only thing of importance.

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