Any special connection to a past life and my sons birth date?

  • Since the time I was around 8 and even up till the age I am now which is 30, I have a had a strange fascination with the titantic. I read everything about it and watched all sorts of films about it. I have had reoccuring dreams of sinking cruise boats and being on them all my life, and I am afraid to go on one ever bc I think it is a premonition. Any way, sometimes the sinking boat would actually be the titantic. When I was on it , their was a little blond hair boy that is hanging down off the side needing help for the titanic was sinking and he was hanging down in between part of it. I try to rescue him and he holds on to my hands dangling. I remember being flashed to new york. Anyway, I had this dream a couple of times. My son who is going to be 3 was born on april 15, 2007. He had to be induced on the 14, but was born on the 15 at 8:47 in the morning. April 15 is when the titanic sank. Did I dream of it and the fascination bc it, was going to be his date of birth, or were we on the boat in our past lives together, or am I really not ever suppose to go on a cruise and nothing is relevant to him at all. I just have always wondered about my sinking boat dreams. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

  • I don't feel this is a premonition, rather something that happened to you in this life. I feel it was a much smaller vessel however or even a bath tub where water was involved. Over the years it has blown up in your mind because it was a very significant event to you at the time. There was a boy involved with it but not your own child. Your little boy was indeed on the Titanic - a crew member I believe who was rescued. You may be picking up his fear of cruise ships because you are so close.

  • Hmmm.... Interesting, I hope the memory comes back that has caused this for years. I'm wondering if it is on a smaller scale if it is a pool? I can't remember but that is interesting to know. Maybe when it is time it will be revealed to me. The cruise fear happened for years prior to my sons birth, sometimes it is the same dream but on a smaller scale in a rubber raft with a circleing shark. But it is very interesting to note that if I am having it now, it is related to my son's fear. That would also explain why he doesnt like being in his raft that I pull him around in our pool. And he likes bulstrode the boat on thomas and friends who is struck and is sinking and likes watching it over and over again. lol thank you for responding again!

  • Yes it could be a pool. It's also possible you were connected with your son's soul for many years before he came down to the earth plane. You probably have had several other lives together as it's normal for family members to have many shared lives.

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