Need Tarot Interpretation on 7 Card Reading

  • I performed a 7 card reading and my reading came up like this:


    King of swords




    Nine of swords

    4.What to do

    The chariot

    5.External influences

    The hanged man

    6.Hopes and fears

    The star

    7.Final outcome

    The king of cups

    Can someone interpret this for me? I would appreciate it. I'm kind of new to tarot and just got my first set of cards...unfortunately, they are a set that never went into circulation, no creator name, and they are in Japanese. Lol If you could interpret this for me, I would like to know. I'm a seriously superstitious individual and my horoscopes and other readings are never wrong. Thanks guys!

  • If I am reading this right it could mean:

    Past: An unexpected event, tragedy

    Present: Held accountable for the past

    Future: Agony/Hardship

    What to do: Remain determined

    External Influences: To yield; Go with the flow so to speak

    Hopes and Fears: Promise and Fulfillment

    Final Outcome: Understand or to come out ahead

    You will be held accountable for an event and will face hardships. Remain determined and go with the flow of things. You will fulfill your promises and come out ahead.

    ??? What do you think?

  • 1. Past- you've been hurt- It's hard to see the good in people.

    2. Present - This pain can subside if you try not to take everything so seriously. Have a proper perspective on all the events in your life and see them as they really are

    3 Future- There will be a lot of changes- a new life

    4. What to do - Stop being so negative- expand your horizon- your thoughts are your life... if they are negative thoughts you will only attract negative experiences.

    5 External influences- Listen to your soul and go with the flow. Be thankful for what you have and you will always have.

    6. Hopes and fears- you fear getting stuck- cut all negative emotional ties... That's how you will obtain emotional security.

    7. Final outcome- you will have a new sense of purpose in life as long as you break up with old habits and forgive the past.

  • Wow...pretty darn accurate for most of it. That reading was about things with my ex-girlfriend who is trying to get my fired from my job. Lol

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