Just for kicks: Are you living up to your Life Path #?

  • Hello, I just wanted to start a little discussion encouraging anyone to post their life path number (the sum of the MM/DD/YYYY) along with their chosen profession or hobbies.

    I'm sure it would be interesting to see how the numbers influence our lives on a day to day basis.

    I suppose I'll start. My Life Path number is 5. I am in independent sales and travel frequently.

  • This sounds like fun, but I have no idea what my life path number is...my birthday is 08/23/1960, so...2? What does 2 mean?

  • Hey darkness, I'll look up life path 2 and let you know.

    I'm also a 5 and it fits me. Have lived in three different countries and have this urge to always be on the move. I get kind of bored in the same place if I'm there longer than 4 or 5 years. Rather problematic when it comes to relationships. I don't like that about myself.....sort of a committment phobe and my biggest fear is getting "stuck" in a situation. Main profession is a teacher but dabble in lots of other stuff on the side.

  • Ok Darkness Angel, this is what I found about life path 2....


    The keyword in your nature is peacemaker. You are extremely sensitive, perceptive and a bit shy. These qualities are both your strengths and your weaknesses, for while you posses enormous sensitivity to your feelings and those of others, the same sensitivity can cause you to hold back and repress your considerable talents. Sensitivity and perceptiveness are among your many fine qualities.

    Because you intuitively know what people want or feel, you can be extremely diplomatic and tactful. You are also patient and cooperative. You work well with groups, and somehow find a way of creating harmony among diverse opinions.

    You enjoy music and poetry, and require a harmonious environment.

    You have an eye for beauty, and a fine sense of balance and rhythm, you have healing capabilities, especially in such fields as massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and counseling. However, your sensitivity can also be your downfall. Your extremely delicate ego bruises easily, and you can make too much of someone else's thoughtless remarks or criticisms.

    Because you are easily hurt, you may tend to withhold your own thoughts and contributions to the matter at hand. This can cause you considerable resentment and anger. Too often, you run from confrontation to avoid a battle. When you employ your considerable inner strength, that will give you the courage to use your own personal power when it is needed.

    You are a sensitive and passionate lover; your perceptiveness makes you aware of your partners needs and desires, which you are able to fulfill with almost magical delicacy. However when you feel you have been mistreated or jilted you can react with devastating power, sometimes using personal criticisms vindictively.

    Your awareness, diplomatic skills and organizational talents give you the ability to bring off difficult tasks. You willingly step out of the limelight to facilitate the success of your endeavor. In truth, you are often the power behind the throne. However, you often do not receive the credit you deserve for the fine work you've done, or your role is underestimated, and your accomplishments overlooked. Rather than brood over your losses, you need to confront those who make less of your contributions, and stand up for your accomplishments.

    You need security and comfort, quiet settings, and the company of loved ones. You are a perfectionist when it comes to your home and work environment. You have excellent taste, which is obvious in your private surroundings. You are a fine companion and posses a good sense of humor. Friends seek you for calming and peaceful company. You are a safe haven or other sensitive people who recognize your compassion and understanding. When you have found your niche in life, you have all the talents and intelligence for great success. Seek out work that allows your sensitive nature to flourish. Be the glue that binds others together.

    Counseling, teaching and healing are the areas that offer you success and satisfaction. You are also uniquely suited for a career in music, architecture, advertising, agricultural design, fashion, repairing watches and other fine machinery. Politics and law allow using your considerable talents in negotiation and problem solving.

  • I am life path 5 I don't think I'm living it though I've been in the medical field for years (sterilization of surgical instruments)

  • sexygem, I'm curious to know of some of your general interests. Some people pour most of their energy into a hobby or past time.

  • Thank you, stonyeye, I appreciate that! Well, I guess I followed it so far. I've worked in the medical field and in retail. I've done a lot of rescue work, both with people and animals. I write poetry, stories, and am an artist. 🙂

  • hi, my birthday is in 14101990, therefore i guess my lifepath is 7. I am pursuing law, and am not sure if this is my cup of tea, so can anybody tell me if the choice of my profession clicks with my life path.... plz.....

  • I've always been curious about this, so I'll give it a go. My birthday is June 4, 1968. That makes me a 7, right? I have no idea what that means.

    I do know that I've lived about 7 lives in this one! I've done a lot of things, but I've been a nurse for about a decade now. It wasn't something I was drawn to; I became a nurse because it was a good, practical job. I do a good job but it really isn't my passion. I get frustrated with people.

    My hobbies include gardening, being with my animals (have done a little bit of rescue also), weightlifting, and SCUBA diving, although I don't get to do this much. I also like to shoot and camp but again, I don't get out as much as I'd like.

    I used to be much more creative and artistic as a kid, but that went away on my quest to be "practical." (Rolling my eyes here!) So one of my goals this year is to tap that part of my brain again...

  • shknath, most 'thinkers' are 7 Life paths. The number suggests someone who studies, specializes, can be a 'loner' or highly introspective and also makes for a successful business person through knowledge. You could do well in that or any field that lends requires the 'thinking types'.

    As far as non-career things most would say the 7 Life paths would have a more rewarding time in anything book related, analytical, mysterious, private or secretive.

  • This is a really cool topic. Just found out I have a life path 9 (dob 12-10-1958). Its really enlightening for me at this moment since I am so struggling with this business my husband and I own & operate together....I just can't get into it,, and really not sure why...it should be fun and all but!!?????? and I've had several other businesses and jobs and I do good and it just never seems to feel right, and then....I just start thinking I'm so flakey..what the heck is wrong with me..blah blah...so I read this "The number is less inclined to the competitive business environment and may find this a struggle." and it makes so much sense to me....I would just rather travel around helping people somehow. Well this has been very interesting.....I will have to ponder this awhile. Thank you so much for bringing up this topic!!

  • TheLearningTaurus,

    What would be your interruptation of:

    Name: 11

    Soul Urge: 7

    Destiny/Life: 22

    Some systems condense doubles, some don't. Also, for work, what would you suggest? I'm searching for ......... something, lol ! Just curious about what you have to say ~ Thanks!

  • Mine is 7. It is said that 7 is very spiritual number, and I am actually planning to take some spiritual courses/studies this year. I needed to get my debts down and I finally made it last year. This means I can start working on my spiritual goal this year, living up to my life path.

  • I think I am a 3 that's usually how my birthday adds up 14/02/1958, even sometimes if I add my name into it which has been recommended by some styles

    I've never had a particular career or job, being both in clerical(filing) and drawing room assistant where I used a dyeline printer and was responsible for photocopying and also making operating and maintainance manuals, some switchboard reception work, with hospital records and some dr's reception work too I've also done cleaning and washing up, all mostly short term, for one reason or another, and bar work, where I ended up doing almost bar manager level, but I must admit I prefer to work making and designing jewellery or art-based work but realistically here in the UK that doesn't pay the bills, and I don't like that as I have many to clear, from when I was replacing the money I took out of my business for household expenses (when hubby was v v low paid) instead of buying tools and stock, which silly me I did with overdrafts and credit cards thinking I would get lots of stalls and pay it in no time but it never happened and I ended up taking a chunk out of them with two jobs completely unrelated to my dream, till they were credit crunched, now I'm back with the jewellery and struggling

  • I forgot to say, I am a messenger in the indigo book I read one of either the care and feeding of indigo children, or indigo children the new kids on the block I don't remember

    With my business, I do actually make my jewellery from scratch either in silver (I did a 4 year course at a local college) or in wire, silver and plated, or even beadweaving if it fits into my design using both semiprecious and glass beads of all kinds

  • thanks the Learning Taurus, really appreciate the insight into my life path, and yeah i guess u r right to a very good extent, but if its not too much of a pain, i would like to share that i am a little kind of loner, secretive and mysterious kinda person. but there is a catch when i don't get the privacy that i demand, i get unhappy (pissed). As if its a part of my demeanor. But if i completely dissociate i kinda feel bad and it suddenly does not feel good any more. does it have anything to do with the people of the same life path and i do think i have the kind of nag to get into a more business oriented field. once again thanx for the help.......

  • Im An 8 explain that plz

  • anyone got any feedback ?

  • I am an 11.....I work as an independent auto damage appraiser

    My hobby is reading and anything outdoors...plus I am a clean freak 🙂

    I dont think I am living up to my life path.

  • chrissicat -lol! i was wondering the same thing.

    gailjar - 2 of my children are 11's and i wonder the same about them. I'm starting to think that maybe its not so much about "job" but more of what you bring to the lives around you. ?? The kids definitely aren't clean freaks, lol ! (sorry, they're in their 20's, not kids exactly)

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