How long is downhill?

  • My life began going downhill (or so it feels step forward and two steps back) 14 years ago when I filed for divorce..........and has moved very little ever since. I am probably two unemployment checks away from living in my car several states away from the place I once considered my home.

    I came here to Vegas four years ago simply to help out a long time friend when her husband died.........and at her urging/begging, ended up staying and being offered a wonderful job which I was laid off from 15 months ago just two weeks before the closing of a home I had in escrow. My friend was in the process of allowing her home to go into foreclosure and moving in with her boyfriend which she has done and seems to be living a carefree life now.

    I have literally no savings left and honestly do not know how I will even live when my unemployment runs out in the next two months. My son and his wife in Washington State have given away many of my belongings without advising me and made it impossible for me to even see anything or take anything back here with me when I visited at Christmas when my daughter sent me a ticket. They've informed me the rest is in storage.

    I've prayed over and over to 'forgive and forget', but I always feel so scared. I once lived a beautiful life always trying to help others with no thought of any return. I find it so hard now and long to just be happy and not have this great shadow looming over me. Is that even possible anymore at my age? It would be much less painful if I could only just give up.

    July 2, 1944

    Fresno, CA

    11:20 PM

    Please tell me the tunnel ends soon and there is light..........

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