Newbie here, please help!

  • Hi all. I've heard of numerology, but all I know about it is that it involves numbers lol. Could someone help me understand what it is, and interpret these two birthdates please? Mine is 10-24-92 at 1:17 pm (EST) and my girlfriend's 9-22-93 at 2:22 PM. Does birthtime matter? And can numerology be used tom determine romantic compatibility? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Soscorpio. You are correct. Numerology can be used to compare compatibilities between numbers. It is not a true determiner of whether you will have success in the relationship or not (free will, karma tic lessons, etc...)

    There are a few techniques used to determine relationship compatibility but just to give you a brief overview we can look at the concord groups (taken from the day of birth). Your born on the 24th and she was born on the 22nd. This puts you in the 6 group and her in the 4 group.

    This can sometimes tell us how well we "vibe" together or how well the energies mix. Your group is the 3, 6 & 9s. Hers is the 1,4 & 7s. basically this puts you in the Inspirational, spiritual or Artistic circle. And she would be in the Business, Money or Management types. According to the number you'd do well to keep the lines of communication open and your numbers will balance out.

    Again, there are many other factors like difference numbers, life path numbers, personality numbers, etc, etc... has some great compatibility reports that break it down in detail. You can also google a few sites that will explain in more detail.

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