Can I get my pisces friend back???

  • I have had a male pisces friend for several years. It has been a LDR and we became closer than friends....very close and he said he loved me like he has never loved anyone before, said I was his soulmate. I felt the same way. Things happened and I couldn't go and he was very hurt by what he percieved was the problem and since then has become more distant. We have stayed in contact but has never been the same. I ended up saying goodbye because it was ripping my heart by he still would contact send a song or brief message. I ended up saying something hurtful but never meant it to come out that way and he started seeing someone......I know he had seen others...this is not the issue. Something happened in relation to his work and safety issues and i emailed him saying how sorry i was. He responded and said thanks and was very quiet for a while. I decided to give him space and didn't contact him for about 3 weeks. When i did try to reconnect he never responded. I sent an email saying if he wanted to say goodbye to please just let me know that he's ok because I was very worried about him....he never answered. I finally became angry and very hurt that he would just shut me out after years of us being so close and leave without a single word. I sent a very angry email that I shouldn't have and accused him of some things and said hateful words and now feel like dying....I wish i could take it back 😞 He did respond with "I've read it. You leave me alone and I will do the same. Take care..." Have I ruined my chance at us being friends?? I know the relationship is over even though I would give anything to have him back I would be happy just being friends. If I give hime time could i maybe apologize? His birthday is at the end of February and i thought I might send a brief email saying happy birday and wish him well. I was also thinking of just sending him a little something....this thing is something he cannot get where he lives and really only cost a couple of dollars but he thought was beyond cool.

  • I hate to sound mean, but I would not expect any sort of communication from him for a long time. I think for now you need to leave him alone. you can't be wishy washy with him and say "goodbye" then send angry messages, then want to reconnect with him. the pisces I know doesn't play that game at all, when he says he's done, he's done, especially if something or someone has really hurt him.

    if, after a while, he becomes open to talking to you, take it day by day, but for now I'd let him be. A hurt fish is not something to prod, they'll slap you with that tail!

    hope you feel better in time and things work out for you.

  • Thanks for your reply. Do you think waiting a month will be enough time to let pass before i try to apologize?? I want to take it all back so much. I was just so hurt that he shut me out without a word 😞

  • dunno. if you just feel like you need to get it off your chest, do it whenever you feel ready to, just don't expect an instant reply from him. he'll read what you write and think about it more than likely, but if he's like my fish he'll keep it to himself for a while to process and will snap at you if you try to push him to respond right away.

  • I agree with mtrimier. Read my response to your other post. The fact that you are getting so upset over a LDR is a problem. What is it that you really want? You want to be more than just his friend. Get out there and start dating guys who are geographically desirable. Put him out of your mind for awhile(you already apologized, no more groveling) Its been my experience with Pisces, that once you put him out of your mind, thats when he comes swimming back. Keep busy, time will pass, and before you know it, you will be happy again.

  • the one time i get on.. funny, k this sounds like me and my ex almost exactly exept she never apologized about the recent stuff.. like so close either your names april or this is 1 ****ing big coincidence. but anyway im a pisces man an since i know exactly what its like to be on the other end of all that ill go into some detail. im goin through all this now an yes thats exactly how ive been dealing with her... my end of things right now is like i still love her (always will), i mean i still think about her all the time an i miss her alot at times but it just feels like all this is for the best somehow... i dont know how much of it really has to do with all of the **** i went through over her but i bounce bacc and forth between wanting to continue some kind of relationship an not wanting anything to do with her. thats a hard one to explain. one part of me really wants to stay in contact an maybe picc things bacc up with her but more of me wants to just forget about all of it cuz it hurts more than what im willing to put myself through right now. there was a long time where i gave that relationship my all an one way or another it usually felt like i just wasnt getting what i deserve bacc. and it didnt help that i had some issues with trusting her completely if at all from the start an she continually lied to me (even if most of them are petty the small ones can destroy my trust in people, like if i cant trust you with a dime i wont trust you with a dollar) which gave me alot of sleepless nights and long days... and she had the habbit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. long story short im sure theres alot going through his mind about all this an his position on everything probably isnt as stable as it looks. as for me an maybe him im trying to pull my head out right now, im dealing with alot of **** in my own life and im planning on keeping myself in a more selfish groove for a while. maybe hes feeling jaded too??? anyway no i wouldnt say youve necissarily say you screwd your chances of being friends but that depends more on him an how you both handle things from here on out than anying i guess. ohh an if hes shutting you out like that it most likely means communicateing with you hurts more than helps sometimes if not most, at least for him that is. as for the waiting till he cools off thing a month sounds kinda long to me but good lucc hope this helps

  • are you a capricorn by the way??

  • I agree with souldier91. I am a female fish and once my trust is broken, you pay h--- getting it back. Trust is part of the foundation of a relationship, very important, whether it be friends or lovers. But, it is not impossible to regain and we fish are compassionate and forgiving. We hate confrontation and strife, so we really try to regain that friendship, that is so important to us and you. Do not give up, but no more groveling, we do not like it. I wish you loves speed.

  • By the way, a month is too long for a fish. Just ease into it though.

  • soldier91

    Thanks for your comments. my name is not April and I'm a scorpio.

    I have really screwed things up with this guy 😞 He was silent with me for a long time and I did something I know i shouldn't have....I sent him an email ranting about all the crap that pissed me off over the years. I know I said awful things and probably hurt him very much and really pissed him off.....I was feeling the same way at the time and now I am devastated. I ended up sending a little something to him.....nothing of real value but something he could not get down his way. Even though he was reading the emails i sent but didn't sending something to him pushed him over the edge 😞 He finally responded by asking me to leave him alone 😞 I am so upset but will not bother him at all. I will respect his wishes.

    My question...especially to you you think after several months....I was thinking maybe November.....I could send him an email and apologize once more and let him know I will not contact him again unless he says it's ok?? I really miss him and wonder if....when he cools down for a few months he may feel the same deep down or am i just deluding myself and he will just go ballistic if he hears from me again?? I know once a pisces is done they are usually done for good 😞

  • Beyondsad. It sounds like to me your Pisces friend is not as good of a friend as you think he is to you. He shouldn't be ignoring you. Pisces do a lot for their friends as long as their friends enter their dream world and pretend that everything they do or say is awesome. Their unforgiving nature is not a good quality in a friend. Friends make mistakes, friends argue and fight. It's normal. Your pisces friend is being far too harsh.

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