What vibes do you give out?

  • Hi, Captain. 🙂 Today I was stopped in the mall while visiting with my friend and was told by a "Spiritual Life Coach" that I gave off a positive aura, that she liked my aura. She said she could see good things happening in my future and in business. She gave me her card, and I'm not quite sure if her thoughts on my aura are correct and would like to double check with you. She gave me her card, shall I call it? She told me she'd do half price for a reading for me. I would just like to know your intake on this, and if possible, I'd like to ask your opinion on my aura- or my "vibes". Thank you so much, Captain. 🙂

  • hey again captain 🙂

    i love your pic btw. you are gorgeous 🙂

    just curious what you're picking up from me lately. i have no idea what vibes i am giving this world.

  • Danielleissmiling, don't get sucked in by a sales pitch - the woman tells everyone that same thing to get them as clients. Everyone gives off positive or negative vibes depending on their mood at the time.

  • MELinSc, you feel very 'up' to me at the moment, full of positivity and good feelings. You feel very confident about your life direction.

  • Heyyy Captain lovin life at the moment!!! Excited abouty acceptance to the Miami school but a still getting my financial aid in order but Im sure I know the turnout I was wondering could you get vibes from a picture because I was wondering if you could see a picture of me to read any other vibes?

  • Asia, if you have a photo, post it in the 'Photo Readings' thread and I will look at it there.

  • Ok will do 🙂

  • yes. it has been an excellent day in my world. i got my official transfer college acceptance letter 🙂 sooooo much to do, but i am very excited to say the least

  • Hello Captain! 🙂

    I just had a soul check- up or in other words I had my

    Akashic Records read to me from an online website. I

    wasn't sure about it but I was tired of some things In my

    life so I decided to give it a shot. I had nothing to lose

    but much to gain. I don't trust online psychic websites but

    something kept pushing me to do it. What I learned has been very eye

    openning. Things I never imagined that were happening

    to me. I'm just wodering what vibes do you get from this?

    Please do this whenever you want and have time.

    Thank you

  • SunCappyGirl, I'm not sure if you want me to read the vibes of the psychic website, what they said to you, or how you feel now? You would have to tell me what they said for me to read the psychic reading vibes.

  • Oh sorry for not explaning myself lol

    I'll just post my whole reading here 🙂

    What vibes do you get from it?

    Here it is:

    You’ve had a history of soul shifts.  Usually, we have one soul for the entirety of the whole lifetime.  More accurately, a soul chooses the physical setting to incarnate and stay in the same body until death.  In your case, however, there have been three souls involved.

    When a soul is ready to incarnate, it chooses the birth setting, comes down to this physical plane, nurtures the egg and the baby, and at the moment of birth, gets in the body.  In your case, however, there was another soul that pushed your originally intended soul aside and got in at that critical moment of birth. In the chronological order, this soul that hijacked your body at birth is your first soul.

    There are many discarnate souls looking for a nice house -- a physical body -- to live in, so this happens occasionally.  Because a body can house only one soul at any given time, your true soul had to wait outside for an opportunity to get in.

    When you were about 7 years old, your originally intended soul had this chance to get in your body.  Your first soul, however, was earthbound and has been sucking up your energy to this day.

    When you were about 14 years old, another soul (let’s call it #3 soul) came around, and this time, your second soul (your originally intended soul) and the third soul started to shift back and forth on the ongoing basis. At the time of the reading, the shift of these two souls were happening on about weekly basis.

    This soul shifting probably has caused you to feel agitated, anxious, and even depressed.  It has been confusing to yourself and for the people around you because your mood and interests change all so often.  It may have affected you physically, too – some people report having allergy or chronic pain that is associated with one soul and therefore the symptoms appear only periodically.

    You may be wondering which soul is the real you.  Well, that is a tough question because the soul is our true self, so whichever soul that was in your body at the time was the “real” you.

    I would like to bind and clear all the additional souls so your originally intended soul can stay in your body full-time.

    So from hereon, it's about one soul.  It has been in your body only part-time, so you may identify its characteristics only to some extent, but let me share anyway.

    This soul has been using a few facade devices that obscured the true status of the soul.  First there was light power imaging.  It was like your soul was wearing an armor made of mirrors. You were reflecting other people's light instead of emitting your own light. When someone looks to you to get to know you better, they see their own reflection in the mirror rather than your true self, and they would assume you must be someone just like themselves. And because most people basically like themselves, they would like you based on this misperception.

    So light power imagers can go into various social settings and mingle pretty well.  In a sense, this device may have been useful to you to some extent, but in the long run, this kind of device confuses you about your true identity.

    Further, your soul has been using shells. It’s like you’ve been wearing someone else’s costumes.  A shell is someone else's emotional body.  When we pass, we leave our physical body, then we leave our emotional body that is very attached to the physical body.  Usually this emotional body just dissipates, but another soul can grab it before it dissipates and wear it.  When this happens, I call the old emotional body a shell.  It's a way to pretend to be someone else.  This has further confused you to understand yourself. People with shells typically feel lonely and disconnected.

    You may have tried various self improvement methods, only to be further confused. The process of getting to know yourself, which is really a simple and natural process, has been unreasonably difficult for you. Clearing the shells and the light power imaging would help you to make this process easier and clearer.

    You are having difficulty receiving the vital life energy from the Source, and so you have been relying on people around you for your energy supply. This puts you in an unstable energetic condition. When you look back your life, you would notice there were good times and bad times, but never really a stable time.

    You are like someone who is always looking outside the window. Your attention is directed to others rather than to yourself. You probably compare yourself with others habitually (perhaps to the point that this is the way of life for you and you may have never thought it may be something unusual). It’s practically impossible for you to maintain a healthy and appropriate distance with others -- sometimes you want their attention, feedback, etc very much, and sometimes you withdraw from others, pretending to be okay all by yourself.

    When your attention is directed to others like this (analogous to looking outside the windows all the time, rather than really living in the house), you leave your backdoor open, so to say. This is part of the reason you have had soul shifts.

    It is really your choice, but my suggestion is you learn how to build your life with your own power.  Getting to know and understand yourself is the first step for this. This is not about energetic clearing but about the way you want to live your life.

    You might also want to simplify your life -- don’t try to make yourself “special” by being a loaner or seeking certain qualities or possessions that you value as special.  This includes what you might call your “spiritual” practices.  Often, these are disguises to avoid facing the real you.

    When you do this, you will realize your true potential more clearly. Your soul has the blueprint of an Earth soul. Earth souls are literally down to earth, practical, and has good determination. You don’t ignore the material aspect of life. These are all good points -- you don’t need to try to become someone you are not.

    Regarding the clearing: You may have read about the 21 day clearing homework in the testimonials on my website, but yours is different. Basically, I will do your clearing, with your permission, of course.

    If I may suggest what you may be wanting to do going forward, self knowledge is essential. Releasing the devices such as the light power imaging and the shells will help in this process, making things clearer than before.

  • SunCappyGirl, I feel there is truth mixed with lies here. Firstly, let's not get confused between the soul and the spirit here. We are all spirit beings, we live in a body and we possess a soul. The real person inside of us is our spirit. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. Our bodies are obviously what we live in while we are here on earth. What has been called 'possession' in past times is what they are speaking of here in your reading. Once called demonic spirits (but really just ignorant or selfish spirits) can take control of unguarded people through their souls (minds, as in mental illness and insanity or innocent youth), and/or their bodies. Even though our spirits are immortal and pure, our minds (souls) still need to be purified, that is, cleansed. This is done through reconnecting with the Universal Source - through meditation, prayer, introspection, contemplation, taking showers rather than baths to cleanse your energy, the use of crystals, and getting out into nature and being around animals. You don't have to pay anyone to do it for you. I do feel you were influenced when you were young by these malicious/mischievous souls but that their influence waned as you grew older. Just being aware of their influence on you in the past can banish them completely. I repeat - do not pay for anyone to cleanse you or whatever - that is a scam.

  • Yes, I understand 🙂

    Thank you Captain for taking your time with me!

    Sorry for making you read so much.

    I really appreciate it.

    I AM Grateful 😄

    Take care!

    Lot's of Love!

  • Hi Captain,

    Are you still doing vibe readings, would like to have one done.

    thanks 🙂

  • Mymissymoo, I am getting impatience and a lot of pent-up energy from you - impatience for your life or your plans to get moving in the direction you want it to, if you even know what that is. Even for your loved ones to get moving. It feels like you are in a state of stasis where nothing you want is happening, like life is standing still. But if you want things to change, you must be prepared to change yourself and your ways and attitude. Can you see how you might be holding yourself back?

  • Hi Captain,

    Would love a vibe reading if you're doing still them. No hurry - thank you 🙂

  • Danceur, it feels to me like your heart area is very active, like it is pumping very hard. Something has got you going emotionally. You need to take a long deep breath and calm down beofe considering what to do next. Don't make a decision while you are emotional or it could go all wrong for you. You need to act from your gut, not your feelings.

  • Thank you so much, as always your spot on. I have felt like this for ages now, it's very frustrating whenever i feel like i'm getting somewhere i always seem to hit a road block. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I'm trying to understand myself better, so i can identify with my attitudes that are holding me back, but i'm struggling. i guess i can't fix what i don't know is broken.

  • Mymissymoo, I feel your problem is you get too impulsive and don't consider all angles of a situation or think things through before you act. If you need to, get advice from someone in the know or ask family and friends for advice. You need to be more practical.

  • wow, i thought i was practical, i usually do ask ppl for advise when i'm unsure of something.

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