What vibes do you give out?

  • Hey Captain I know you haven't heard from me in a while (been doing pretty well), I do wonder what vibes do I give out to you?

  • I am curious on what type of vibes I give out. How many posts do I have to make in order to obtain a reading?

  • Asia118X, you have very empathic vibes, you are highly intuitive and psychic. This may get you into trouble until you learn to tell the difference bwteen your own feelings and what you are picking up from others. Sometimes you may not even recognise what you are feeling becasue you think they are your emotions but they really belong to someone else. When you feel confused, you need to move away from anyone you are near to see if the feelings vanish. Then you will know they were not yours. Once you learn to tell the difference, you can help people by picking up their moods and diffilculties and seeing if you can support them in some way. Your spiritual connection to the earth and to spirit is very strong - you may be drawn to expressing yourself through physical activities and arts such as dance, athletics, and especially music. You must however avoid a tendency to retreat into self-indulgence or fantasy and stay grounded in reality.

  • Taurus513, I feel that pride, stubborness and inflexibility can be your downfall at times. Of course that is what they say about Taureans in general but I do feel it applies very much in your case. You are conscious of your image and want to come across to people in a very good light. But you don't shine that same light on others and can often be fooled by them. You need to hold others up to your own high standards, but don't be unrealistic. I feel you often feel lonely for companionship and tend to try too hard to impress others. Just focus on being yourself and you will then attract genuine partners instead iof the usual fakes and pretenders.

  • You are very accurate.

  • I must say Captain you are pretty accurate. What does this say about the kind of people I attract?

  • Asia, you attract needy people because of your empathic vibes, people who feel your healing ability and want your help. They are not the sort of strong independent nice people you need as friends and lovers. These needy people are your life work but must not be connected to your personal life at all.

  • I understand I do have a tendency to attract needy people but I hardly include them in my personal life. Usually I attract strongminded people or down to earth people like me. Do you consider my ex a needy person, what was he attracted to in me?

  • Asis, your ex was very needy and wanted you to support him and cosset him but not lean on him. You have a motherly quality that attracts 'little boys and girls'.

  • Woww you are very very right. My mother says I have motherly tendencies even when I was young do you consider that a gift or a curse because I know it can drive people away from what I hear? And also did I drive him away with those qualities?

  • Asis, every ability can be either a curse or a benefit depending on how aware we are of it and how we use it. It's fine to mother people but you can't let them depend on you too much. You have to let your little birds fly once their wings are mended. Then more little birds can come to you for help. You can either use your gift selfishly to bring partners to you and keep them with you or you can help them find their freedom. If they want to stay once they are healed - fine, but you mustn't force dependence on them. Your motherly tendencies can become so fiercely protective and possessive that you do drive your chicks away. Learn how to heal and let go.

  • And you can't be both the mother and child in a relationship. You have to choose to be one or the other, not both at once. You do have your own needs for love and attention but there is no point asking for them from wounded people. Heal them first and then if they want to stay, you can get your needs attended to - but only then.

  • I'd love to know my vibes Thank-you

  • Hmmm I honestly say I have nothing else to say at this point-thank you so much Captain! Everything completely makes sense to me especially about the mother and child thing-really it does. Now I really get what you were trying to say about needy people in my life. And this is really helping get my understanding of the situation with my ex. As much as he possibly wanted my help,(he did have alot of problems) he could never give me the love and attention I wanted with (i.e the child) him being so wounded. In other words I can help people but I don't necessarily need them in my personal relationships because they're not able to keep up a stable healthy relationship with problems of thier own. So I basically need someone with thier lives together. Did I figure it out Captain?

  • Yes, Asia, you can still help those in need but you need to keep them separate from those you make friends and lovers with. It's like your professional life vs. your personal life - healing is your work and the type of people you work with are not to be confused with those you have love relationships with. The trouble is you have a very compassionate heart and when you feel sympathy for someone who is troubled, you feel your whole heart should be involved. But it doesn't have to be - love for a partner and love for those in need must be kept separate in your heart. That way your healing work will not be troubled by your emotions and your love life will not messed up by mistaking 'patients' for lovers.

  • Spunkylu, I can see into your very generous, innocent, and warm heart. So why do people get the wrong impression of you? You tend to come across as rather sassy, cocky, or cheeky at times which is really at odds with your good heart. It's a form of self-protection that you practise when you feel threatened or insecure. Try being more authentic with others and see what a big difference it makes.

  • Thank you so much Captain, honestly you've really opened my eyes especially to my situation-woww thank you so much. Well I have all the guidance and wisdom I need for any future relationships. Im getting better with my situation just in the process of compeletely letting go and being carefree about the situation. Ive learned to forgive and never forget because what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. Im proud of myself for going through this alone, I must be a pretty strong person and thank everyone including you Captain for your support. Even though I think that was wrong how my ex handled me in the breakup. I wish him the best and I hope he gets better because I know I am. Thank you Captain. God bless 😉

  • Hi Capital, Will tonite's get together be positive for my relationship? Tks

  • LostLeo, this thread is for vibe reading, not prediction. I don't like to do prediction anyway. I prefer to help people deal with the present to ensure a great future, rather than predict a future that may not even happen if they were to change their ways or attitude beforehand. All you can do is be honest about yourself and be willing to put yourself out there with others.

    And I suggest your change your forum name unless you want to think of yourself as 'lost' forever. 🙂

  • Point taken, will change my name for positive energy, Tks 😃

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